Monarch butterfly

The Monarch butterfly (or milkweed) is a symbol used in trauma based mind control, used to create sex slaves to be used in the media, music industry, porn industry and Hollywood film industry.  They are also called Danaus after a Greek mythological figure (Tribe of Dan, related to Zeus). In Greece the butterfly was a symbol of the psyche (concept of psychology).

The Monarch butterfly mainly lives in North America. It was named after king William III of the House of Orange (color orange is masonic orange=33=sodomy symbolism). In mind control childlike alters can be triggered through dissociation and hypnotic triggers. The butterfly is a symbol of the end stage of metamorphosis, a programmed sex slave, a Moonchild (witchcraft=worship of the moon). Aleister Crowley wrote the novel Moonchild (or the Butterfly Net).

Monarch programming was developed through CIA mind control MK Ultra by elite families Saxe-Coburgs (Monarchs of Britain), Disney, Hearst and Kennedy. Disney produced Wings of Life (of Louie Schwartzberg, narrated by Melanie Laurent and Meryl Streep), Flight of the Monarch butterfly and keeps Monarch butterflies at Disney World and through the Disney Conservation Team Wildlife.

Cathy O'Brien (CIA agent Mark Philips as handler) and Ron Patton spread disinfo about Project Monarch.

Obvious Monarch butterfly symbolism: Iron Butterfly (linked to Michael Monarch, recorded at Ultra-Sonic Studios=MK Ultra), Harper's Bazaar, Elektra Records, Mia Farrow at the Truman Capote ball, Papillion, Taxi Driver, Butterfly with Orson Welles, Mariah Carey (label Monarc), Chrysalis Records, Fox series Monarch with Susan Sarandon, Shania Twain, Martina McBride and Beth Ditto,..