Moloch is an epiteth meaning 'king', used by the Saturn cult in Canaan for the God program, mentioned in the Book of Leviticus in the Bible. It was worshipped as a bull headed god through sacrifice with fire. Its cult, similar to the cult of Baal-Hadad, continued through obelisks (phallus of Baal) in Egyptian religion, paganism, Christianity, Satanism, freemasonry and modern pop culture.

The worship of Baal is a inversion of sun worship, the Divine Masculine, the ball in the sky, represented by a masculine bull and worship of the world axis, the sacred pole with constellation Draco on top (one eye-ball).

Children were sacrificed in the valley of Gehenna, where perpetual fire was lit (later the concept of Hell in Christianity, eternal flame or torch symbol) and in Carthage, founded by Phoenician colonists. The smoke from sacrifice=holy smoke Shekina. In the Book of Kings Solomon is described as having introduced sacrifice to Moloch. In Greece Saturn was Chronos eating his own children.

Hebrew letter shin (three pronged fork symbol): fire, Tarot card Judgement-Aeon, regeneration.

The bull of Taurus is worshiped on May Day and the 13 days leading up to 1 may. The Saturn cult is a cult of pedophilia, it uses children as energy source.

1730 During the Atlantic slave trade, King George II (House of Hannover) creates a slave market at Wall Street (wall=also symbol of Saturn, planet of restriction and control) as modern bull worship.

1629 John Milton On the Morning of Christ's Nativity, illustrated by William Blake.

1667 John Milton Paradise Lost.

1872 owl at Bohemian Grove of the Bohemian Club in California.

1896 mason Aleksandr Krupin Moloch.

1914 italian film Cabiria, screenplay by Gabriele D'Annunzio, grandmaster of Scottish Rite Grand Lodge of Italy.

1927 Fritz Lang Metropolis capitalist industry as modern sacrifice to Moloch.

1933 King Kong as the Beast.

Winston Churchill called Adolf Hitler a priest of Moloch in The Gathering Storm. Auschwitz, camps in pentagram, initiation death-rebirth through fire.

There is an owl located at the center of the Pentagon (pentagram, the war industry).

1963 Martin Luther King (MLK, in Greek version Moloch is translated as king) ritual at the obelisk in Washington. the JFK ritual with eternal flame symbolism.

Moloch is mentioned by propaganda writers Isaac Asimov's The Dead Past, Robert Heinlein's Job: A Comedy of justice, Allen Ginsberg's poem Howl (sound of wolves, associated with solar god Apollo), Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.

1980 Minotaur and labyrinth symbolism in The Shining.

2000s Alex Jones publicity stunt at the Bohemian Grove.

2013 Sleepy Hollow Fox.

2016 Supernatural season 12 character Moloch. Moloch character in Stargate SG-1. Alan Cumming (EWS with Tom Cruise with owl mask) played Moloch in Reefer Madness. Great Moloch is a song by Great 93 (nr of Thelema).