Modernism is a trend in the art scene (literature, visual and conceptual art, architecture) and philosophy, created during the 20th century (the Aeon of Horus, the age of the child) as a cultural marxist program of the Left Wing Church. The social engineers/slavemasters recreated a Greek cult of Dionysus in Montmartre and Montparnasse in Paris (Gertrude Stein, student of William James).

The end of the Thirty Years' War is often seen as beginning of the modern era. The rationalism of jesuits René Descartes and Voltaire, Enlightenment trend and Heskalah (the jewish Enlightenment) paved the way for 'the permissive society'.

Modern art was created as a Sabbataen ritual of redemption through sin/destruction (the Abyss of Revelation 911).

1844 Club des Hashishiens (experiments with hashish) in Paris is founded with Jacques-Joseph Moreau (Hashish and Mental Illness) and artists Arthur Rimbaud, Honoré de Balzac, Gérard de Nerval (Romanticism), Alexandre Dumas, Théophile Gautier (theory of modernism with mason John Ruskin), Paul Verlaine, Victor Hugo, jesuit Eugène Delacroix, jesuit Charles Baudelaire (Decadance movement). Baudelaire wrote Les Paradis Artificiels (the God matrix).

1871 San Francisco Art Association with members of the Bohemian Club.

Friedrich Nietzsche announced the death of God, end of Christianity.

1885 Chicago School of architecture. Art Nouveau (Gustav Klimt) and Art Deco.

1888 Jesuit rosicrucian Joséphin Péladan and Papus found the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose Cross and promote the Symbolist movement (Paul Verlaine, Stephane Mallarmé, Paul Valéry, Maurice Maeterlinck, Félicien Rops, Stefan George).

1893 Edvard Munch the Scream. 

1903 Gertrude Stein moves to Paris to promote Pablo Picasso, Ezra Pound, Ernest Hemingway, Paul Cézanne, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Francis Picabia, Henri Matisse, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ambroise Vollard, Bernard Berenson  in Montmartre and Montparnasse (Bohemian culture, Greek cult of Dionysus).

1905 Die Brücke expressionist movement with Erich Haeckel, Ernst Kirchner in Dresden Germany. Primitivism of Paul Gauguin (friend of Van Gogh).

1907 Pablo Picasso Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. Georgia O'Keefe (trained by Dominicans) is trained at Art Students League in NY.

Nihilist art movements were created like Dada (Hugo Ball, links to OTO center Monte Verita in Switzerland), Fauvism (Henri Matisse), Cubism, Expressionism,  Futurism (jesuit trained fascist Filippo Marinetti),...

Hugo Ball and his wife Emmy Hennings published in leftist publication Die Aktion, which also published George Grosz, Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin. Albert Gleizes who invented cubism was influenced by Henri Bergson (SPR, links to HOGD) and was promoted by Léonce Rosenberg. His last work was a fresco for a jesuit chapel. Paul Klee published in Horizons of Stephen Spender.

1913 The New Age magazine (start of the New Age Church) of Alfred Orage (friend of George Gurdjeff, Aleister Crowley and Bertrand Russell) with fascist modernists Filippo Marinetti and Ezra Pound, Florence Farr (HOGD), Dimitri Mitrinovic (mentor of Alan Watts, friend of Kandinsky, Young Bosnia movement associated with masonic organization Black Hand who started WW1), Theosophist Beatrice Hastings (relationship with Amadeo Modigliani), Fabians HG Wells, and GB Shaw. Orage was married to Jean Walker of the Theosophical Society. The magazine introduced the ideas of Sigmund Freud.

Gurdjieff is also the teacher of Jane Heap (Greenwich Village, The Little Review with Ezra Pound, TS Eliot, Emma Goldman, Marcel Duchamp, Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, André Breton, Gertrude Stein).

Ezra Pound marries Dorothy Shakespear, the daughter of Olivia Shakespear, who funds James Joyce and TS Eliot and has a relationship with WB Yeats (HOGD).

1914 Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg and Dadaist George Grosz found the marxist Spartacus League. Karl Liebknecht was the son of Wilhelm Liebknecht, friend of Karl Marx and founder of the Socialist Democratic Party (SPD) of Germany. They publish Die Rote Fahne with Julian Gomperz (later Frankfurt School).

1916 Hugo Ball writes the Dada Manifesto and founds Cabaret Voltaire to perform performance art and sound poetry in Zurich with Tristan Tzara (Romanian Samuel Rosenstock) and Jean Arp (Der Blaue Reiter of Kandinsky), in collaboration with Guillaume Apollinaire, Giorgio de Chirico, Carl Einstein (cubism) and Julius Evola. Tzara was the lover of Maja Kruscek, a student of Rudolf Laban (modern dance, OTO center Monte Verità).

Founding of the Society of Independent Artists with Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, John Sloan,..

1919 El Lissitzky works with Marc Chagall, Issachar ber Ryback and Kazemir Malevich (avant-garde Yiddish culture, Russian supremacism).

Opening of Bauhaus (modernist architecture, worship of the Saturnian black box) with mason Walter Gropius, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky (Theosophical Society) and Mies Van Der Rohe in Weimar, influenced by the Russian supremacists. Constructivism as propaganda of the Russian communists.

1920 expressionist movie Das Cabinet des Dr Caligari with Conrad Veidt. Igor Stravinsky's Rite of Spring with designs of Nicholas Roerich.

1922 James Joyce Ulysses. TS Eliot The Wasteland.

1924 André Breton publishes the Surrealist Manifesto (influenced by Sigmund Freud) to create a movement with Max Ernst, Yves Tanguy (both relationship with Peggy Guggenheim), Juan Miro and Salvador Dali.

1925 architect Le Corbusier designs a pavillion at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris.
Marcel Duchamp, Piet Mondrian, Kazemir Malevich (Saturnian black square), Mark Rothko, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud... stream of consciousness technique (term coined by William James) in literature with jesuit James Joyce, Virginia Woolf,..

Nelson Rockefeller serves as patron of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo (lesbian relationship with Georgia O'Keefe). The pop culture of Hollywood consumerism leads to alienation.
The Russian Ballets work with Leon Bakst Rosenberg (teacher of Marc Chagall), Igor Stravinsky, Tristan Zara and the marketing techniques of Edward Bernays (shock value and controversy as marketing trick). The communist Soviet Union uses social realism in propaganda.

Modernism in classical music: Arnold Schoenberg, Igor Stravinsky, Philip Glass, John Cage, Pierre Boulez (worked with Frank Zappa),...

1928 Black Sun Press (Harry and Caresse Crosby of Boston elite, related to JP Morgan, friends of Buckminster Fuller and Salvador Dali) publishes DH Lawrence, Ernest Hemingway, Archibald MacLeish (S&B), James Joyce, Ezra Pound, Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carroll, Pablo Picasso, Henry Miller, Anais Nin, George Grosz.

1931 Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney founds the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, after visiting Montmartre and Montparnasse and funds the Society of Independent Artists.

1932 George Grosz teaches at the Art Students League of New York (Max Weber, Ai Weiwei, Man Ray, Frank Stella, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, Roy Liechtenstein, Saul Bass, Mark Rothko, Lee Krasner, Jackson Pollock) and eventually emigrates to the US.

Solomon Guggenheim (married to Irene Rothschild) collects the works of Rudolf Bauer and Wassily Kandinsky.

1933 Adolf Hitler's nazi party (Alfred Rosenberg) as controlled opposition against modernism, closing of the Bauhaus. Josef Albers and Walter Gropius start teaching at the Black Mountain College (start of avant-garde scene of John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Robert Rauschenberg, Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning, Buckminster Fuller). Alfred Barr promotes the Bauhaus at the Modern Museum of Art in NY. John Cage and Merce Cummingham work at the dance school of Franziska Boas, daughter of Franz Boas.
Clement Greenberg's essay Avant Garde and Kitsch. playwrights Samuel Beckett, Eugene Ionesco, Harold Pinter.

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney (S&B), Paul and Harold Orsini-Rosenbergs promote modern art in Paris (patron of Pablo Picasso) and New York (Bohemian culture of Greenwich Village, the Rosenbergs are from Bohemia).

Edward James (S&B family Forbes) fund Salvador Dali, Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht.

Eranos conferences in Switzerland.

1936 London International Surrealist Exhibition of Herbert Read (Eranos), André Breton, Man Ray and Roland Penrose in London, with Hans Arp, Salvador Dali, Giorgio de Chirico, Juan Miro, Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia, Pablo Picasso.

1937 Entartete Kunst exhibition in Munich with works of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Max Beckmann, Erich Heckel, Emil Nolde, Marc Chagall, Max Ernst, George Grosz, Piet Mondrian, Raoul Hausmann, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Oskar Kokoshka, Rudolf Bauer, James Ensor, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso. Peggy Guggenheim helps Max Ernst emigrate to the US.

Solomon Guggenheim founds the Solomon Guggenheim Museum on 5th Avenue in NY, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

1945 after the planned fall of fascist regime, modernism and Left Wing 'progressive' idea's become the official state doctrine. Modern design with jews Paul Frankl, Saul Bass, RM Schindler, Frank Neutra, Julius Schulman, Henry Dreyfuss, Josef Albers (Institute of Modern Design in Chicago),..

1950s The CIA create the NY Intellectuals scene of art critics Harold Rosenberg (coined the term 'action painting') and Leo Steinberg (son of Leninist, The New School).

Jackson Pollock was a member of CIA front American Committee on Cultural Freedom of marxist Sidney Hook, was made famous by Clement Greenberg (Commentary, also ACCF), who introduced other Abstract Expressionists Willem de Kooning, Barnett Newman, Clyfford Still. His patron was Peggy Guggenheim (Montparnasse scene in Paris, married to Max Ernst, relationship with Samuel Beckett).

Cultural marxists invented the concept of Conceptual Art: Andy Warhol made mind controlled slave Marilyn Monroe and Disney's Mickey Mouse pop art icons. John Cage, student of Arnold Schoenberg, taught at The New School.

Beatnik movement in Greenwich Village with William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg. Fluxus movement with Yoko Ono, Viennese Actionism in Austria.

1955 Arnold Bode founds Documenta in Kassel.

The Colonna's (The New School institute of the Left Wing Church) also trained Shigeko Kubota (friend Yoko Ono, feminist avant garde), Ai Weiwei, George Maciunas (Fluxus),..

Modernism was use to push the gay-transgender agenda with Genesis P-Orridge, Robert Mapplethorpe, ... Conceptual Art, Land Art, Installation Art, Performance art of Marina Abramovich.

1960's building of modern buildings in suburbs (Projects), to create multicultural ghetto's.

1963 happenings of Joseph Beuys (Hitler Youth, Fluxus, art as shamanism).

1970 Art Basel in Switzerland.

1977 Centre Pompidou in Paris (idea of André Malraux, minister of cultural affairs under jesuit Charles de Gaulle).

1990's Rise of Postmodernism (Hitler Youth member Gerhard Richter, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst) in the capitalist art scene.

2000 Tate Modern is established in the UK.

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