Minor Arcana

The zodiac of 12 signs is divided into 3 fixed , 3 mutable and 3 cardinal signs. There are 4 elements, 4 kabbalistic worlds so 4 suits of Minor Arcana. The fourletter-word for God YHVH has 2 male and 2 female components: Y (King/ Knight, Chokmah Uranus) H (Queen, binah Saturn) V (Prince, combination of both, Tiferet sun) H (Princess or paige, earth), the so called Court cards, which is still part of modern card games.

Each of the 10 sepiroth is also subdivided into 4 elements, for instance fifth sphere Geburah is the five of wands, five of cups, five of swords and five of disks, and so on.
-3 fire signs: Aries (Queen of Wands), Sagittarius (King of wands) and Leo (Prince of wands), 2 of wands (Mars in Aries - Dominion), 3 of wands (Sun in Aries - Virtue), 4 of wands ( Venus in Aries - Completion), 5 of wands (Saturn in Leo - Strife), 6 of wands (Jupiter in Leo - Victory), 7 of wands (Mars in Leo - Valour), 8 of wands (Mercury in Sagittarius - Strife), 9 of wands (Moon in Sagittarius - Strength), 10 of wands (Saturn in Sagittarius - Oppression).
-3 water signs: Pisces (Knight of Cups), Cancer (Queen of Cups) and Scorpio (Prince of Cups), 2 of cups (Venus in Cancer - Love), 3 of cups (Mercury in Cancer- Abundance), 4 of cups (Moon in Cancer -Luxury), 5 of cups (Mars in Scorpio - Disappointment), 6 of cups (Sun in Scorpio - Pleasure), 7 of cups (Venus in Scorpio - Debauch), 8 of cups (Saturn in Pisces - Indolence), 9 of cups (Jupiter in Pisces - Happiness), 10 of cups (Mars in Pisces - Satiety).
-3 air signs: Gemini (Knight of Swords), Libra (Queen of Swords) and Aquarius (Prince of Swords), 2 of swords (Moon in Libra- Peace), 3 of swords (Saturn in Libra), 4 of swords (Jupiter in Libra - Truce), 5 of swords (Venus in Aquarius -Defeat), 6 of swords (Mercury in Aquarius -Science), 7 of swords (Moon in Aquarius -Futility), 8 of swords (Jupiter in Gemini -Interference), 9 of swords (Mars in Gemini - Cruelty), 10 of swords (Sun in Gemini -Ruin)
-3 earth signs: Virgo (Knight of Disks), Capricorn (Queen of Disks) and Taurus (Prince of Disks), 2 of disks (Jupiter in Capricorn -Change), 3 of disks ( Mars in Capricorn -Works), 4 of disks ( Sun in Capricorn- Power), 5 of disks ( Mercury in Taurus -Worry), 6 of disks (Moon in Taurus- Success), 7 of disks (Saturn in Taurus -Failure),8 of disks (Sun in Virgo -Prudence), 9 of disks (Venus in Virgo - Gain), 10 of Disks (Mercury in Virgo -Wealth).
In Thelema Daath is the child of Nuit (Binah, Saturn) and Hadit (Chokma, Uranus).