Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos is a British media actor, used as a provocateur agent in the Right Wing Church, to push the gay-pedophilia agenda, used as controlled opposition against the Feminist Church and Multiculti Agenda, to promote jesuit Donald Trump as saviour and to normalise Twitter and Facebook censorship. From 2014 he wrote for Breitbart News of Andrew Breitbart and jesuit Steve Bannon. He worked with Pamela Geller, Lauren Southern (Rebel News), Gavin McInnes, Richard Spencer and Ann Coulter. He played a role in the Gamergate controverse and the Orlando shooting ritual (creating the alt right monster of sexism, racism, islamophobia, neonazism and antisemitism).

In 2016 he was used to push the pedophilia agenda on Drunken Peasants of TJ Kirk (guest on The Joe Rogan Experience). He endorsed political puppet Bernie Sanders.

born 10/18/1984.

the Right Wing Church

Breitbart News