Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams (mw=33) is a mind controlled actress, used in the Hollywood film industry to play the Dark Feminine Marilyn Monroe archetype, push the gay-transgender agenda and to announce the wedding of King William V. She had a relationship with Heath Ledger and was part of the Joker James Holmes ritual (Diana reborn as Catherine phoenix) in 2012. Her daughter with Ledger, Mathilda Rose was born 10/28/2005 (date Joker Joaquin Phoenix, Bill Gates).

After Heath Ledger, she married Phil Elverum, a Kurt Cobain type musician.

She is now married to director Thomas Kail, who directed musical the Wiz (Wizard of Oz programming) and the filmed version of 2015 Broadway musical Hamilton, produced by Disney.

Hamilton (Alhim formula) had the black star logo like Diana's memorial at the Alma tunnel (Michelle Williams played Alma) and David Bowie's last album, with music of Lin-Manuel Mirando (name The Tempest, also in The Dark Knight Rises) about Alexander Hamilton and jesuit Marquis de Lafayette.

Astrological chart

born 9/9/1980 date John Lennon's Imagine, Adam Sandler, d Mao Zedong, Howard Robard Hughes Sr (died 1924, year of Sherlock jr), Otis Redding, Virgo the hermit, year 10 Wheel of fortune, year of death John Lennon, year of book Michelle Remembers (Satanic Panic of the 80's) in Montana (1980 movie The Shining set in Montana), name of Michelle Williams, singer of Destiny's Child with Beyoncé.

Asc: Aquarius (the star), mc: Sagittarius. Dominants: Virgo (the Hermit), Scorpio (Death), Aquarius (the Star)- Uranus, Venus, Mercury.

1: Aquarius, Gemini, 7: Venus in Leo, Sun, Moon and Jupiter in Virgo, 8: Saturn, Mercury in Virgo, Lilith and Pluto in Libra, 9: Mars, Uranus in Scorpio, 12: Capricorn.


1994 Lassie April Porter Daniel Petrie
1995 Timemaster Annie James Glickenhaus
1995 Species Young Sil Dennis Feldman Ben Kingsley
1997 A Thousand Acres Pammy Jocelyn Moorhouse
1998 Halloween H20: 20 Years Later Molly Cartwell Steve Miner Jamie Lee Curtis Josh Hartnett Janet Lee Joseph Gordon-Levitt LL Cool J
1998 Dawson's Creek with Katie Holmes (Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins)
1999 Dick (Uranus: Chokmah, phallus) Arlene Lorenzo Andrew Fleming Kirsten Dunst Harry Shearer Dan Hedaya as Richard Nixon Will Ferrell

1999 But I'm a Cheerleader Kimberly Jamie Babbit
2000 If These Walls Could Talk Vanessa Redgrave Chloé Sevigny Ellen DeGeneres Sharon Stone
2001 Perfume Halley Hunter (Diana the huntress, hh=88 mercury) Carson Michael Rymer Carmen Electra Estella Warren Omar Epps Peter Gallagher Michelle Monaghan Kyle MacLachlin Leslie Mann Mariska Hargitay (daughter Jayne Mansfield)
2001 Me Without You Holly Sandra Goldbacher
2001 Prozac Nation Ruby (ruby slippers Wizard of Oz) Erik Skjoldbjærg Lou Reed Christina Ricci
2003 The United States of Leland Julie Pollard Matthew Ryan Hoge Don Cheadle Jena Malone Ryan Gosling Kevin Spacey Jena Malone Sherilyn Fenn
2003 The Station Agent Emily Tom McCarthy
2004 Land of Plenty Lana Wim Wenders
2004 Imaginary Heroes (John Lennon Imagine) Penny Travis Dan Harris
2004 A Hole in One Anna Watson Richard Ledes
2005 The Baxter Justin Theroux
2005 Brokeback Mountain Alma Beers (Alma tunnel of Diana virgo) del Mar Ang Lee (gay agenda) Heath Ledger Jake Gyllenhaal (as Jack Twist=Twister of Oz before sodomy ritual) Anne Hathaway David Harbour
2006 The Hawk Is Dying (Horus) Betty Julian Goldberger Paul Giamatti
2006 The Hottest State Samantha Ethan Hawke (Horus) Laura Linney
2007 I'm Not There (Nuit infinite possibilities) Coco Rivington Todd Haynes Christian Bale Heath Ledger Cate Blanchett Julianne Moore Richard Gere
2008 Deception S Marcel Langenegger Hugh Jackman Ewan McGregor
2008 Incendiary Young Mother Sharon Maguire
2008 Synecdoche, New York (Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, The Truman Show) Claire Charlie Kaufman Philip Seymour Hoffman (Truman Capote) Catherine Keener
2008 Wendy and Lucy Wendy Carrol Kelly Reichardt
2009 Mammoth Ellen Vidales Lukas Moodysson

commercial with Roman Polanski and Natalie Portman
2010 Blue Valentine (Valentine day Frederick V and Elizabeth wedding) Cindy Derek Cianfrance Ryan Gosling
2010 Shutter Island Dolores Chanal (sodomy channel) Martin Scorsese, dead wife of Leonardo di Caprio, red shoes Wizard of Oz Mark Ruffalo Ben Kingsley Patricia Clarkson John Carroll Lynch
2010 Meek's Cutoff Emily Tetherow Kelly Reichardt
2011 My Week with Marilyn (mwwm=33) Marilyn Monroe, Simon Curtis (harpo) Eddie Redmayne (Steven Hawking=Horus) Kenneth Branagh Dominic Cooper Judi Dench Emma Watson
2011 Take This Waltz Margot Sarah Polley
2013 Oz the Great and Powerful Annie / Glinda (Wizard of Oz programming) James Franco Mila Kunis Rachel Weisz Sam Raimi

2015 Suite Française Lucille Angellier Saul Dibb Margot Robbie (as Sharon Tate in OUATIH with di Caprio)
2016 Manchester by the Sea Randi Kenneth Lonergan, Casey Affleck Kyle Chandler
2016 Certain Women Gina Lewis Kelly Reichardt
2017 Wonderstruck (Alice in Wonderland) Elaine Todd Haynes Julianne Moore
2017 The Greatest Showman Hugh Jackman oct 12 like Crowley, the Imaginarium) Charity Barnum Michael Gracey
2017 All the Money in the World Gail Harris Ridley Scott Christopher Plummer Mark Wahlberg
2018 I Feel Pretty Avery LeClaire Abby Kohn Marc Silverstein
2018 Venom Anne Weying Ruben Fleischer
2019 After the Wedding Isabel Bart Freundlich Julianne Moore Billy Crudup


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