Michael Salla

Michael Salla is a disinfo agent used as controlled opposition and in the New Age Church to spread disinfo on UFOs, the JFK ritual (JFK as hero narrative), extraterrestrials, Annunaki, secret programs of NASA, Rosswell crash, Antarctica, the moon landing, Operation Paperclip and other government projects in a false hope narrative of a coming Disclosure with help from a Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters (program Ascension). He was promoted by Ancient Aliens, FreemanTV, Coast to Coast AM, Project Camelot and Gaia. He wrote JFK's Last Stand, Galactic Federation Councils, Space Force Our Star Trek Future, Rise of the Red Dragon and US Army Insider Missions. He participated in Contact in the Desert. He is used in the Qanon psyop.

He worked with David Wilcock, jesuit Dan Winter (IBM, worked with Andrija Puharich), Cobra, Jean Charles Moyen, Avi Loeb, Alex Collier, Andrew Basiago, Randy Cramer, Laura Eisenhower, JJ Hurtak, John DeSouza (ex-FBI), Erick Hecker (Raytheon), Stewart Swerdlov (Montauk Project hoax), Elena Danaan, Corey Goode,...


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