Michael Harrington

Michael Harrington was a jesuit trained marxist and political puppet of the Left Wing Church. He wrote for Partisan Review, Commentary, Dissent, The New Republic, The Nation. He was educated at jesuit school College of the Holy Cross, University of Chicago and Yale.

He was editor of New America with contributors Bayard Rustin (Civil Rights Movement, Committee for the Present Danger), Norman Thomas, Seymour Martin Lipset (Columbia, NY Intellectuals, American Enterprise Institute), David McReynolds (gay agenda), Irwin Suall (Anti-Defamation League), James Baldwin (The New School, book with Margaret Mead), Upton Sinclair, Jules Feiffer (Greenwich Village scene of Village Voice), ..

He was a member of the Independant Socialist League (ISL), wich merged with the Socialist Party of Norman Thomas (mentor of Sidney Hook CCF).

In 1962 he co-founded the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the organization behind the New Left. It was a branch of the League for Industrial Democracy, which originated in the Intercollegiate Society of Walter Lippmann, Upton Sinclair, Clarence Darrow (American Civil Liberties Union) and Jack London. It collaborated with the NAACP and Congress of Racial Equality.

He published The Other America: Poverty in the United States, promoted by Dwight McDonald (NY Intellectuals), as propaganda for JFK and jesuit Lyndon Johnson's 'War on Poverty' (Poverty Bill in 1964) and the Great Society. The Office of Economic Poverty was led by Robert Sargent Kennedy, jesuit Donald Rumsfeld and Knight of Malta Frank Carlucci.

The CIA provocateur agents of the Weather Underground Organisation were a Greenwich Village offshoot of the Students for a Democratic Society (Bernardine Dohrn, Susan Rosenberg) and worked with the Black Panther Party and CIA agent Timothy Leary. They applauded the Sharon Tate murders of Charles Manson in a speech.

He played the antagonist of Milton Friedman, Jack Kemp (George HW Bush cabinet) and William F Buckley.

He married Stephanie Gervis, writer of The Village Voice, The New Republic, The Nation, Cosmopolitan of Hearst, The NY Times.

Tom Hayden, also a member of the SDS, played a role in the fake Chicago 7 trial with Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and married Jane Fonda in 1973.

Harrington coined the term neoconservatism for Irving Kristol, after his conversion to the Right Wing Church.

In 1982 he co-founded the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

In 1989 he wrote Socialism: Past and Future, with an introduction of Irving Howe (CCNY with Irving Kristol and Daniel Bell).

In 1999 the propaganda documentary Michael Harrington and Today's Other America was released with William F Buckley, Gloria Steinem, JK Galbraith, Charles Murray (AEI, author of The Bell Curve).

DSA member Cori Bush participated in the fake Black Lives Matter movement.

DSA member John Feffer is also a member of the Institute for Policy Studies, Open Society Foundations and writes for The Huffington Post, The NY Times.

born 2/24/1928.

died 7/31/1989.

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the Jesuits