Mercury is the ruler of the twins of Gemini and Virgo. It has an orbit of 88 days, is the fastest planet closest to the sun, in mythology Thoth and Hermes, the messenger of the gods. In kabbalism Mercury is associated with the 8th sphere Hod, splendour, the intellect.

Mercury is the translator, the lens that shapes reality, the Fool and the Magician (Wizard of Oz, Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland). Movies with 88 symbolism are a reference to mercury as a dimensional portal.

- The element Mercury (Hg)
- Mercury programs
- History and mythology of mercury
- Mercury as dominant

The element Mercury (Hg)

Mercury is a heavy metal with a strong electromagnetic field. It attracts minerals like calcium, gases like methyl groups like oxygen, acids and alkaline bases, other metals, live tissue, bacteria, fungus and also neurons, thoughts (Mercury=Thoth), feelings and spiritual energy.

Like lead (worship of heavy metals in program Metal), the chemical element Mercury (fi methyl mercury) can damage the rest of the nervous system and cause mutations in DNA (64 RNA codons=8x8). It is used by elite families as a weapon to contaminate the environment and undermine the spiritual faculties of the population (tune them into the God matrix).

It is and has been used as a poison to cause neurological disturbances as dementia (Alzheimer's), autism, mood swings, memory loss, schizophrenia, split mind, hallucinations and delusions.

It is nicknamed quicksilver because it expands and acts upon its environment very quickly.

Mercury can be used it to separate and undo certain mixtures which seem solid at first. It was used to break apart gold from lesser minerals and stones.

It can be used to inhibit growth of bacteria, and therefore is used as a preservative in vaccines. It can be used to stir up destruction and decomposition, so also in laboratory dish trays to facilitate the growth of fungus and certain strands of bacteria.
Because it is so poisonous and destructive, it can be used to effect processes in human life, which require destructive force.

Mercury can be used in high doses to sanitize surfaces and tinctures, disrupt and kill biological life through poisons, gunpowder, ammunition, bombs and other explosives of the war industry.

It can and has been used in medications for its volatile, almost explosive qualities can inhibit or stimulate metabolic functions (its volatile nature and destructive abilities, make it into a powerful agent of change).

The mercury sufferer, the one who has been exposed to amalgam fillings (=feelings) at an early age, or to vaccinations, or both, develops a sensitivity, and vulnerability to all things toxic. This sensitivity shall remain with him for his entire life time and it is not necessarily a bad thing.
Because once a lethal poison is intentionally introduced to the human body, a medical paradox is created. It is a new reality with it's own set of rules.

Mercury has no place in the biological environment as it belongs to the depths and the core of the earth, on the earth's surface and in the human body, it fuels its internal heat, like most other heavy metals.

The more a mercury victim tries to detoxify, the worse the symptoms get (the more you engage with a lethal poison, the worse the effects).
Because mercury sitting inside the human body is a paradox, mercury victims who take out their amalgam fillings, usually feel worse.

Mercury is a powerful drug. It was used by the mainstream medicine industry to subdue and suppress every possible illness, including digestive problems, skin illnesses, sexual dysfunctions, mental and nervous disorders and immunological plagues like syphilis and psora.

Refined sugar is used to cause tooth decay and mercury is used to attack people's nerves (Thoth=teeth, connected to the nerves) and eventually their spiritual faculties.

 It is a good preservative, and can withstand difficult climate conditions. It is a stimulant, but is used as a suppressor.

When mercury is added to the body, trauma is created. Mercury is an active, volatile, and explosive entity which moves faster than normal biology.  Like alcohol or other powerful stimulants, it adds too much information, more than the human body and brain can take, leading to a complete shut down of the entire nervous system. The initial boost of energy is soon followed by a melt down and slumber.

Mercury attacks the nerves because it can use their electrical conductivity to travel around the body and because they are rich in minerals like magnesium and calcium. Mercury feels chemically drawn to mineral salts, and often likes to replace them, although at other times, it binds to them, creating the infamous and lethal mercury salts.

Mercury is used to contaminate oceans and fish. Through bio-accumulation (fi by consuming sea food), methyl mercury works its way up the food web.

Mercury programs

The mercury has a split mind: it attracts and repels, loves and hates, joins in, but then destroys (archetype of the Fool, idiot savant, mad scientist, Mad Hatter, Gollum from Lord of the Rings, Lucifer as unity of opposites, duality of black and white programming). Its destructiveness comes from its instability.
Once mercury enters the nerves, it travels through the blood brain barrier, reaches the inner brain, shocks the system and takes over. It then begins to run its own programs.

Mercury programs are repetitive, circular quality (endless loop like 8), like stuttering, compulsive repetitive behavior (autism, OCD), dissociative fantasy worlds, delusions of grandeur, false logic creating so called inventions and breakthroughs (archetype of the gnostic Demiurg creating a false reality and False Eve, Mad Scientist, Lucifer as playing with forbidden knowledge).

These fantasies then are reintroduced as new, over and over again, through the course of illness.
The mercury must run these repetitive patterns to expand its control. Any substance, whether dead or alive, must, by the law of atrophy, expand itself.

Eventually these repetitive loops and illusions enter the brain center in charge of the spiritual life to cause the classic mercury response happens: an initial boost, too much info, major shut down, resulting in suppression and annihilation of the spiritual, takeover of the soul.

Mercury is promoted as a mental stimulant, supposedly inducing super natural abilities, while it is a weapon to suppress these powers.

The media, social media and its psyops and rituals, serving social engineering agenda's, represent the powers of Mercury to communicate and stimulate the intellect but eventually lead to confusion, endless distraction and the eclipse of reason. Programs that push the transhumanist agenda announce a more powerful mutant cyborg race with super abilities to separate humans from nature, their community and spiritual force.

Sources: Why Do We Not Heal, Mercury Paradox, Mercury Weapon, Treatment Survey, Cold Therapy and Mercury Issyes Keidar

History and mythology of mercury

Mercury became a symbol of the shapeshifting interdimensional 'Gods' of the God matrix and the priest class of elite families who had knowledge, arts and writing. Mercury became associated with communication and commerce and also a psycho-pomp, one foot in physical and one foot in spiritual, the guide of souls in afterlife.

Alchemists (AL/EL=Saturn) made it their life goal to find agents that can transform the environment in dramatic ways. They found substances with such a high atomic weight and such electrical conductivity that they effected everything they touched, without being effected themselves.
The substances were called heavy metals (silver, mercury, lead,..). The main metal they focused on was gold, which was considered the most powerful. Second to it, in its ability to enforce change was mercury.
Mercury could sterilize and isolate anything it came in contact with, including oxygen and gold.

The quest for gold was closely linked to the search for mercury. Mercury residue in high amounts became a byproduct of the gold digging of the gold industry. 
The surrounding area's became saturated with mercury, washed off during the act of gold separation.

In alchemy quicksilver is androgynous liquid and solid, male and female in one (symbol of Venus with horns). Mercury represents The Fool and the Magician with 8, symbol of infinity above his head. The Arab alchemists often died of experimenting with mercury.

Aryan-Ireland: Ogmah
Sumeria: Anunnaki god Enki, who created man through knowledge of DNA
Babylon: Nabu
Egypt: ibis headed Thoth (associated with monkeys), recorder at the weighing of the heart ceremony (also trickster god Set). Egyptian tombs contained Mercury and Egyptian cosmetics contained cinnabar.
Norse: trickster Loki
Greece: Hermes (from Hermae, stone phallus like pillars placed at crossroads), patron of thieves, with winged sandals and caduceus, staff with intertwined serpents, the spine with kundalini energy, the DNA ladder. He was the son of Zeus and Maya, the youngest of the seven Pleiades. Roman Empire: Mercury. The Romans used mercury mines as penal institutions for criminals.

In China and Mexico (under pyramids of Teotihuacan) emperors were buried in tombs with mercury. Qin Shuhuang drank mercury daily. The Mayans used red cinnabar-based products to paint their bodies, on their walls and monuments and had pools of mercury under their ball-courts. A high percentage of Mercury was found in sites like Tikal. Mercury can cause obesity (fi Tikal ruler Dark Sun depicted as obese).

From 500 bc mercury was used to make amalgams (alloys of mercury).

In Judaism Mount Nebo (mountain of mercury) was worshiped as the place where Moses (pharao Akhenaten) had a vision of the Promised Land. The divine messenger Moses was depicted with horns like the alchemical symbol of Mercury.

Dhwtj became David (=Divider, mercury divides an individual). According to the Book of Enoch the Falling Angels landed on Mount hermon (=Hermes).

In Kabbalism the hidden sphere Da'ath is associated with the Star of David and throat chakra (Adam's apple), on the line of the Abyss. The Hermit represents Virgo ruled by Mercury/Hermes.

In the qlippoth demon Adrammelech is pictured as mule head with peacock tail. The peacock is the failure of the alchemical process, the conscious enters unconscious but is distracted by visions, can not tell real from fake, leading to dischord of the mind.

The symbolism of Jesus Christ (wearing blue and red, male and female) represents Mercury, not mixable with water.

The serpent knowledge of Thoth and Hermes with their serpent staff became personified by Ophiuchus, seen as a womb for rebirth.

The de Medici's developed a cult of Hermes as Hermeticism (School of Athens with Plato in As above So Below pose), using the serpent symbol for the medical profession and created the piano with 88 keys.

John Dee wrote Monas Hieroglyphica with Mercury symbol as the Magician, Mercury ruling Gemini (the Frederick V and Elizabeth wedding).

The Cecils created the New Learning trend and later the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Alchemist Charles II Stuart (rosicrucian Order of the Garter, grandson of Marie de Medici and cousin of Louis XIV Boutrbon) died of mercury. John Wilkins, founder of the Royal Society wrote Mercury or the Secret and Swift Messenger on cryptography.

Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible consumed mercury, became possessed, was responsible for massacres and eventually killed his own son. He was in contact with the Cecils and Elizabeth I. His wife Anastasia Romanovna also died of poisoning.

In 1793 the Dominicans and jesuits caused the Haitian Revolution and spread yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia through their slaves fleeing from Saint-Domingue (now Haiti). Benjamin Rush (APS) was in charge of the government response (bloodletting and mercury poisoning through calomel).

In 1800 Edward Charles Howard (Royal Society of House of Hanover) discovered mercury fulminate, to be used in bullets, bombs and explosives of the war industry.

Amalgams were used by the Chinese Tang and Ming dynasty and introduced in 1830 in Europe.

In 1837 luxury design house Hermes was founded in France.

Mercury was used to treat syphilis and as laxative. When amalgam fillings became a wide spread phenomena in the late 19th century it caused a wave of schizophrenic illnesses (era of Spiritualism and séances), the symptoms of a split mind. Hats made in Danbury Connecticut contained mercury, causing the Mad Hatter syndrome.

Abraham Lincoln took Blue mass medicine with mercury.

Polish jewish kabbalist Max Théon founded the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, with Edouard Schuré (friend of Richard Wagner).

In the art scene the cult of Mercury became the program of Modernism (nihilism, decadence, art brut, outsider art, anti-art, ..)

California (cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco seen as the Golden Gate) became the home of gold diggers with mercury residue as byproduct, and of the emerging Hollywood film industry (camera lens as symbol of mercury, film director as Mercury the Magician).

In 1906 Alois Alzheimer and  Emil Kraepelin described the symptoms of dementia as Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer was educated at the University of Tübingen, where the rosicrucian manifesto's were written. Kraepelin was part of the eugenics agenda, funded by James Loeb and Rockefeller Foundation) and the teacher of nazi Ernst Rüdin (related to nazi Alfred Ploetz).

Alzheimer's student Gaetano Perusini worked at a hospital in Milan where the son of fascist Benito Mussolini was treated with insulin, with Scottish Rite freemason Ugo Cerletti. Cerletti introduced the use of electroshocks at the papal Sapienza University of Rome, later used in MK Ultra. In mind control (Alice in Wonderland programming, History of Mind Control) the handler creates amnesia barriers.

In 1930 Sanford Rosenthal (American Academy of Arts and Sciences) 'discovered' an antidote for mercury poisoning at the National Institute of Health. Teeth are associated with mercury (in Egypt god Thoth) so mercury was spread through dental fillings.

Film director-engineer Howard Hughes (HH=88) with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder played the role of modern Mercury/Hermes.

In 1945 Mercury Records was founded in Chicago.

In the 50's CIA experimented with methods like hypnosis, drugs and electroshocks in projects Artichoke and MK Ultra to induce memory loss and brain damage. The shock and shutdown effect of mercury is used in rituals of abuse and to create dependency and control.

In 1956 mercury in sea food caused the Minamata disease in Japan. Another large scale mercury poisoning happened in Nigata Japan. The British created cypher machine Mercury.

In 1958 NASA started Project Mercury with Gordon Cooper, who was a Scottish Rite mason, member of the BSA and Order of Jesters, trained at Edwards Air Force Base (Mercury associated with element air) and later worked for Epcot center of Disney. It was followed by Project Gemini (Gemini is ruled by Mercury).

In 1966 Jack Kirby of Marvel Comics (X-men) created character Mercury and the Silver Surfer. Comic book heroes like Superman, Batman and the Joker, Wonder Woman, Silver Surfer (=quicksilver) were used to create superhero fantasy-delusions.

The CIA created the hippie counterculture (concept of mainstream and 'underground' undercurrent of visionaries, Mercury is mined underground).

Ayurveda teachings that promote the use of mercury were popularized by Maharishi Yogi in Western Europe and US.

In the 70's grain treated with methylmercury was spread in Iraq.

Androgynous Freddie Mercury and trickster Andy Kaufman played the role of Hermes/Mercury in modern pop culture. Mercury Records introduced androgynous David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Little Richard, Jimmy Page. While they made state propaganda they were perceived by their audience as outsiders, avant-garde innovators and visionaries. The flood of mind controlled self obsessed pop stars with split mind and image of living on the edge of the real and unreal became a weapon to undermine culture and civilization (Postmodernism).

The modern information technology industry of Silicon Valley is worship of the moon (silica) and mercury (communication). Communication technology was spread the opposition of communication: detachment of others and reality.

Famous cases of Alzheimer's are: Rita Hayworth (husband Orson Welles played magician in the Mercury Wonder Show=Wonderland), Estelle Getty, Perry Como, Aaron Copeland, Charles Bronson (movie with John Cassavetes), Charlton Heston (NRA, friend of MK Ultra doctor Jolyon West), Norman Rockwell, James Doohan (Star Trek), James Stewart, Malcolm Young (AC/DC), EB White (Charlotte's Web), Burgess Meredith (Rocky with Sylvester Stallone), Rosa Parks (Civil Rights Movement), Sugar Ray Robinson (Sgt Pepper's cover), Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Willem DeKooning, Robin Williams, Aaron Spelling, Tony Benett, Vincente Minelli (married to Judy Garland of Wizard of Oz), Harold Wilson, Barry Goldwater, Iris Murdoch, Otto Preminger, Emil Cioran, Cyrus Vance, Shirley Clarke, Veronica Wedgwood, Billy James Hargis, Suhaila Siddiq, ..

In Terminator 2: Judgement Day Robert Patrick plays a shapeshifting T-1000 cyborg composed of liquid metal.

In Contact (1997) Jodie Foster played the archetype of Hermes.

In The Matrix (1999) of the transgender Wachovskys Keanu Reeves as Neo is initiated in Hermetic knowledge through a mirror of mercury.

The owl in Harry Potter (the Magician) is called Hermes, Emma Watson as Hermione=Hermes.

In 2007 20th Century Fox released Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

In 2009 mercury fillings banned were in Sweden and Norway.

In 2014 Axel Dumas (fortune of 30 billion) became CEO of Hermes.

Thiomersal, a compound of mercury is used in vaccinations, defended by National Institute of Health (jesuit Anthony Fauci). Jesuit Robert F Kennedy Jr and David Kirby (The NY Times, the Huffington Post), Andrew Wakefield and Playboy model Jennie McCarthy (relationships with Donnie Wahlberg and Jim Carrey) are used as fake opposition.

Wakefield published in The Lancet published by Elsevier (RELX) about the connection between MMR vaccines and autism. Editor Richard Horton worked for the WHO and UN. Wakefield and Del Bigtree directed Vaxxed in 2016. Bigtree worked with Sacha Stone and Dr Phil (Oprah Winfrey Network) on The Doctors. Wakefield was married to Australian model Elle Macpherson (also married to Arpad Busson, educated at Le Rosey and later married to Uma Thurman who played in Kill Bill).

Vaxxed was promoted by Robert De Niro and James Randi Educational Foundation and The Guardian were used as debunker. Kennedy Jr produced Vaxxed II. The movie was used in the media to create an 'antivaxxer' stereotype during the Covid19-ritual (Corona=crown chakra). The Lancet published a letter of Linda Saif (WHO) to debunk conspiracy theories.

Julianne Moore played in Alice with references to Alice in Wonderland about an Alzheimer's Disease patient. Alice Munro also wrote famous stories about Alzheimer's. Rachel McAdams played dementia patient Allison (=Alice) in The Notebook with Ryan Gosling (MMC).

James Franco played monkey god Thoth in Rise of Planet of the Apes, the mad scientist with his father suffering from Alzheimer's, playing with forbidden knowledge, after which a virus spreads globally (predictive programming of the Covid19-ritual).

Hal Huggins was used as controlled opposition against amalgam fillings in 60 Minutes.

TV Talk shows (David Letterman, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien) and comedy shows (verbal wit) are also associated with Mercury.

Superhero movies (X-men, Sense8, Heroes) announce a new androgynous mutant race with mental super powers (the transhumanist agenda and gay and transgender agenda, worship of androgynous gender fluid Mercury).

Associations: advertising, authors, bargaining, books, camera's, clerks, clothing, commerce, computers, connections, contracts, dealing, documents, editors, history, hygiene, intellect, language, lectures, logic, mental processes, messages, nerves, planes, post, reporters, respiration, signals, talking, telephones, trade, travel (especially air travel), transport, transportation, typewriters, Wednesday, wind, verbal wit, writing, youth.

Mercury as dominant

50 Cent, Abigail Breslin, Adam Sandler, Amy Winehouse, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arthur Balfour, Arthur Conan Doyle, Audrey Tautou, Barbara Bush, Bill Murray, Bob Dylan, Brian Cox, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Cranston, Bryan Singer, Burt Reynolds, Charles Gray, Charles Manson, Charlie Sheen, Charlize Theron, Christian Slater, Christina Ricci, Claus von Stauffenberg, Courtney Cox, Dave Chapelle, David Beckham, David Fincher, Denzel Washington, Don Johnson, Donald Sutherland, Donyale Luna, Doris Day, Drake, Edward Norton, Edward Snowden, Emma Watson, Faye Dunaway, Francois Hollande, Freddie Mercury, Fritz Lang, George W Bush, George Soros, Gena Rowlands, Harrison Ford, Harry Dean Stanton, Heidi Klum, Helen Hunt, Henry Fonda, Henry Kissinger, Hilary Clinton, Hugh Grant, Hugh Hefner, Ignatius of Loyola, Jamie Foxx, Janet Jackson, Jay-z, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Joan Rivers, Joaquin Phoenix, John Cleese, John Goodman, Josh Holloway, Julie Andrews, JRR Tolkien, Katharine Graham, Kelly Osbourne, Kevin Costner, Kim Basinger, Kirk Kerkorian, Kris Jenner, Keanu Reeves, Leslie Van Houten, Liam Neeson, Lyndon Johnson, Macaulay Culkin, Machine Gun Kelly, Madonna, Malcolm Young, Marion Cotillard, Mary queen of Scots, Matt Dillon, Matthew McConaughey, Michael Keaton, Michael Madsen, Mick Jagger, Mohammed Atta, Morrissey, Napoleon, Nicolas Sarkozy, Nicolas Winding Refn, Patty Duke, Paul McCartney, Paul Walker, Penelope Cruz, Ray Wise, Renée Zellweger, Richard Nixon, Rose McGowan, Saddam Hussein, Salma Hayek, Samuel Jackson, Silvio Berlusconi, Snoop Dogg, Stan Laurel, Stephen King, Steve Carell, Sue Lyon, Ted Kaczynski, Terry GilliamTerry Melcher, Tila Tequila, Tim Burton, Tommy Lee Jones, Uma Thurman, Steve Jobs, Tom Hardy, Tom Waits, Tupac Shakur, Tyler Perry, Virginia Madsen, Whitney Houston, Will Smith, Winston Churchill, Wolfgang Mozart.