Mena Suvari

Mena Alexandra Suvari is a mind controlled sex slave, used in the media industry and Hollywood film industry to play the archetype of the Whore of Babylon (Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Nicole Kidman, Carmen Electra), to promote incest and pedophilia, push the gay agenda and to announce the James Holmes Phoenix ritual.

She moved to Charleston South carolina, home of the first US lodge, close to the 33d parallel.

She is used in campaigns for Orange (orange=33=sodomy), Coach, LancĂ´me and Rice-a-Roni and appeared in Seventeen, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Lucky.

Astrological chart

born 2/13/1979, date Robbie Williams (=Margot Robbie), Anders Breivik, Peter Gabriel, Henry Rollins, Jerry Springer, in Newport Rhode Island, month of overdose Sid Vicious, 2 days after Brandy, 2 months before Heath Ledger.

Asc: Pisces, mc: Sagittarius. Dom: Aquarius (the Star), Virgo, Sagittarius - Neptune (dreams, illusion, addiction), Mercury, Moon.

Houses 12, 7, 10. 12: Sun, Mars, Mercury in Aquarius, 7: Pluto in Libra, Saturn and Moon in Virgo (Moon in Virgo like Andy Kaufman, moon trine Venus like Nicole Kidman), 10: Mc and Neptune in Sagittarius (era of Polanski's rape in bathroom of Jack Nicholson). 6: Jupiter and Lilith in Leo, 8: Uranus in Scorpio.


1997 Kiss the Girls Ashley Judd Morgan Freeman produced by Harvey Weinstein
1997 Snide and Prejudice Adolf Hitler (movie about Olympics called Beauty)
1997 Nowhere Gregg Araki Rachel True Chiara Mastroanni (daughter of Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni) Kathleen Robertson as Lucifer Ryan Philippe (Reese Witherspoon) Denise Richards Christina Applegate Heather Graham Rose McGowan (Marilyn Manson) Scott Caan Guillermo Diaz (gay agenda)
1998 Slums of Beverly Hills Alan Arkin

(from 1998 Neptune, Suvari's dominant moved into Aquarius)
1999 American Pie (virginity virgo) as Heather Gardner, sirius pi in the sky Jason Biggs Tara Reid Chris Klein as Chris 'Oz" (Wizard of Oz) Sean William Scott Eugene Levy Jennifer Coolidge (kitten programming) Allison Hannigan (Alice)

1999 The Rage: Carrie 2 Emily Bergl as Rachel Suvari as friend Lisa Parker who commits suicide Jason London Eddie Kay Thomas story of Stephen King, sequel to movie with Sissy Spacek
1999 Atomic Train Rob Lowe Kristin Davis (Sex and the City)
1999 American Beauty as Angela Hayes (letter Hei the Star) Sam Mendes (Kate Winslet) Kevin Spacey Anette Benning (played wife of Bugsey Siegel, nightclub on Sunset Strip) Peter Gallagher Wes Bentley Thora Birch (year of Star Wars the Phantom MENAce with eyes like Rosemary's Baby) Aquarius the Star

2000 Loser as Dora Diamond Jason Biggs Greg Kinnear (played JFK) Dan Aykroyd Andy Dick Alan Cumming
2000 American Virgin (virgo) as Katrina (Catherine) Robert Loggia Bob Hoskins porn actor Ron Jeremy
2000 The Musketeer (Disney MK Ultra MouseKeteers) Peter Hyams Catherine Deneuve (Catherine) Tim Roth as the Man in Black Stephen Rea (rose symbolism in V for Vendetta)
2000 American Pie 2 Shannon Elizabeth (Scary Movie with Carmen Electra) Casey Affleck
2001 Sugar and Spice cheerleader like American Beauty name Kansas=Wizard of Oz Melissa George (Mulholland Drive) James Marsden Sean Young (Blade Runner) Kurt Loder (Mtv) Jerry Springer
2002 Spun (spinning used in mind control, Neptune: escapism, drug addiction, born in month of overdose Sid Vicious, boyfriend of Nancy Spungen) Jonas Akerlund (music video of Christina Aguilera Beautiful) Brittany Murphy (died in bath) Jason Schwartzman John Leguizamo Peter Stormare (porn actor in The Big Lebowski with Tara Reed) Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight with Heath Ledger) Mickey Rourke Alewis Arquette (transgender agenda, in bathroom scene of Pulp Fiction and Tuna Wasabi with Anna Nicole Smith) Debbie Harry
2002 Sonny as prostitute Carol (Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland) Nicolas Cage James Franco Harry Dean Stanton
2004 Trauma (broken mirror= split mind) Colin Firth Naomie Harris Sean Harris
2004 Six Feet Under Michael C Hall
2005 Standing Still Amy Adams Jon Abrahams Colin Hanks
2005 Edmond (one eye) William H Macy Julia Stiles (the Omen) Denise Richards
2005 Rumor Has It Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) Mark Ruffalo Kevin Costner Christopher McDonald
2005 Domino as Kimmie Keira Knightley as Domino daughter of Laurence Harvey (The Manchurian Candidate which announced the Harvey Lee-JFK ritual) and Paulene Stone (Swinging London scene, school of Jean Shrimpton) Lucy Liu Christopher Walken Keira Knightley
2005 Beauty Shop (Tiferet: Beauty) Queen Latifah Ice Cube Alicia Silverstone (Clueless with Brittany Murphy) Andie MacDowell Djimon Hounsou Kevin Bacon Wilmer Valderrama (cocain addict Lindsay Lohan, also Neptune as dominant)
2006 Factory Girl Guy Pierce as Andy Warhol Jimmy Fallon Hayden Christensen Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgewick Mary-Kate Olsen (friend of Heath Ledger) Mary Elizabeth Winstead
2006 Caffeine (red shoes=ruby slippers Wizard of Oz) Marsha Tomason as Rachel Katherine Heigl (Suits with Meghan Rachel Markle) Mark Pellegrino (waitress scene in Mulholland Drive)

2006 The Dog Problem (dog star Sirius) Scientologist Giovanni Ribisi Joanna Krupa (in Max Havoc with Carmen Electra) Tito Ortiz (Ultimate Fighting of Endeavor Group of Ari Emanuel)
2007 Brooklyn Rules (one eye) Alec Baldwin Scott Caan
2007 Stuck Stephen Rea
2008 Day of the Dead virus outbreak Nick Cannon (Mariah Carey) Ving Rhames
2008 The Mysteries of Pittsburgh Peters Sarsgaard Jon Foster Sienna Miller Nick Nolte
2008 The Garden of Eden (the Lovers) as Catherine (Catherine) Caterina Mureno Jack Huston Joker Matthew Modine gay-lesbian agenda
2008 Sex and Lies in Sin City as Sandy Murphy (=Brittany Murphy who died year later) Matthew Modine Marcia Gay Harden
2010 Psych Allison Cowley (=Aleister Crowley)
2011 American Horror Story as Elizabeth Short the Black Dahlia Glasgow smile like the Joker, 22y before the Sharon Tate ritual (Spacey in LA Confidential investigating the Black Dahlia mystery)

2011 You May Not Kiss the Bride as Tonya (Margot Robbie in I,Tonya) Tia Carrere Kathy Bates Rob Schneider Katharine McPhee red shoes, kitten programming
2012 American Reunion
2014 Don't Blink (training procedure in Scientology) Brian Austin Green as Jack
2014 The Opposite Sex as Jane Eric Roberts Kenan Thompson
2015 Badge of Honor Martin Sheen Jesse Bradford
2015 South of Hell exorcism of demon named Abigail jesuit Lydia Hearst (played Abigail Folger in the Haunting of Sharon Tate, in the year of OUATIH with Margot Robbie as Tate)
2017 Becks (gay-lesbian agenda)
2018 American Horror Story apocalypse (rev 911)
2018 American Woman Alicia Silverstone based on life of Kyle Richards half sister of Paris Hilton
2019 The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson (=Anna Nicole Smith in movie with OJ Simpson) murdered on 6/12 date of Rosemary's Baby
2020 Don't Tell A Soul (rabbit hole)
2020 What Lies Below
2021 Grace and Grit
2022 Reagan Dennis Quaid as Ronald Reagan Penelope Ann Miller as Nancy Reagan Suvari as Jane Wyman (Reagan's 1st wife) Kevin Dillon as Jack Warner



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