Mélanie Laurent

Melanie Laurent is a jewish, French mind controlled actress, used in the Hollywood film industry to push the gay agenda, to announce the James Holmes Phoenix ritual and Stephen Paddock shooting and to play the archetype of Whore of Babylon (lady in red Marjorie Cameron, Marilyn Monroe, Melania Trump). She married Julien Boisselier. She is used in the Climate Church.


Astrological chart

born 2/21/1983, date of Elliott Page, d John G Trump, Gary Lockwood, Chuck Palahniuk, Alan Rickman (who died after David Bowie), pisces ruled by neptune, knight of cups, year 13.

Asc: Cancer (the chariot, queen of cups), mc: Pisces. Dom: Pisces (the Moon), Sagittarius (art), Gemini (the lovers) - Moon (inner child, in gemini), Neptune (cinema illusion, in sagitt), Venus (in pisces).

Houses 6, 10, 1. 5: Pluto in Libra, Saturn in Scorpio, 6: Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius. 8 (shadow): Mercury in Aquarius, 9: Sun in Pisces, 10: Venus and Mars in Pisces, 12: Moon in Gemini.


1999 The Bridge Gérard Depardieu
2002 Summer Things Clotilde Coureau (married to Knight of Malta Emanuele Filiberte of Savoy, educated at Le Rosey) Charlotte Rampling
2006 Dikkenek Marion Cotillard Jérémy Renier
2006 Don't Worry, I'm Fine Aissa Maiga
2009 Inglourious Basterds Quentin Tarantino Michael Fassbender Brad Pitt Christoph Waltz Diane Kruger Mike Myers
2009 Le Concert (moon: audience)
2009 Jasqu'à toi
2010 La Rafle Jean Reno Gad Elmaleh the round up mass arrest of '42 (nr of rabbit hole)
2010 Beginners (gay agenda) Ewan McGregor Christopher Plummer (The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus with Joker Heath Ledger)
2011 Wings of Life (Monarch butterfly programming) Disney
2011 The Day I Saw Your Heart
2011 En t'attendant album with Damien Rice
2013 Night Train to Lisbon Jeremy Irons Lena Olin Jack Huston Charlotte Rampling Christopher Lee Bruno Ganz (played Adolf Hitler) Tom Courtenay
2013 Now You See Me as Alma (name tunnel of Diana) Morgan Freeman Dave Franco Jesse Eisenberg Mark Ruffalo Woody Harrelson Isla Fisher Common Michael Caine (announces the Stephen Paddock ritual in Las Vegas) Lionsgate Five Points NY where Heath Ledger died, magicians called Four Horsemen (in Inglourious Basterds she played a character, based on Yvette Mimieux of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse)
2013 Enemy (twin alters) Jake Gyllenhaal Isabella Rosselini
2014 Aloft Jennifer Connelly Cillian Murphy Oona Chaplin (granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, who imitated Hitler)
2014 Respire
2015 By the Sea Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt filmed in Malta
2015 Tomorrow Cyril Dion (Climate Church) Jeremy Rifkin France 2
2016 Eternity Bérénice Bejo (A Knight's Tale with Heath Ledger) Audrey Tautou
2017 Plonger Albert Delpy (father of Julie Delpy)
2018 Return of the Hero Jean Dujardin StudioCanal
2018 Galveston Ben Foster Elle Fanning Beau Bridges
2018 Operation Finale Chris Weitz=Christoph Waltz, tz tzaddik the Emperor, 1944 capture Ben Kingsley (played George Melies) as Adolf Eichmann who died in 1962 (nept in scorpio, pluto in virgo) 6/1 date birth Marilyn Monroe, jesuit Nick Kroll Oscar Isaac broken glasses like John Lennon
2019 Six Underground Ryan Reynolds Corey Hawkins Dave Franco Michael Bay Netflix
2021 Oxygen Netflix as clone in hypersleep with implanted memories
2021 The Mad Women's Ball Amazon Studios
2022 The Nightingale Dakota Fanning Elle Fanning


Quentin Tarantino