The Medici family is an Italian elite family of bankers, alchemists and popes (head of the Catholic Church) from Firenze (Florence Tuscany). The medical profession with snake symbol was named after them. Cosimo and Lorenzo de Medici played a pivotal role in creating the modern financial system and inventing Greek texts and creating Hermeticism (cult of Hermes/Mercury), the so called Renaissance. Its coat of arms contains a fleur-de-lis symbol.

They worked with Leonardo da Vinci.

Giovanni di Bicci founded the Medici dynasty.

Cosimo de Medici married Contessina Bardi, another leading Italian banking family. In 1397 he founded the Medici Bank. Stefano IV Colonna was a soldier in his army.

He ordered Marsilio Ficino to write texts in Latin, supposedly written by ancient Greeks (invention of author Plato as actual person).  He coined the term Platonic love (euphemism for pedophilia).

Ficino was the teacher of Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (related to Sforza, Gonzoga and Este families), who fused Christianity with jewish Kabbalism and wrote Oration on the Dignity of Man, the manifesto of the Renaissance.

He played a role in the construction of the Firenze cathedral designed by Filippo Brunelleschi (dome with octagon).

He owned Villa di Castello and Sandro Boticellei's Birth of Venus (Vesica Pisces symbolism) and Primavera.

Pope Sixtus IV (della Rovere, Franciscan Order, Sixtine Chapel, Spanish Inquisition) was involved in the Piazzi conspiracy with Giacomo Sforza against the Medici's.

Lorenzo de Medici (Lorenzo the Magnificent) married Clarice Orsini. He was tutored by Marsilio Ficino.

The Medici's, d'Este, Sforza and Malatesta were an alliance against the Church of Rome to conquer the New World, rebuild the New World Order (Akhenaten's empire), rebuild the technological civilization of Atlantis. Ludovico Sforza was called the Moor because he was of biracial-Native American descent (a mestizo). Columbus' egg is the symbol of result of the alchemical marriage.

His son Piero di Cosimo de Medici (Piero the Gouty) was Lord of Florence from 1464 to 1469 and married Lucrezia Tomabuoni. He ordered the fresco Procession of the Magi in the Magi Chapel with symbolism of exploring the New World.

His son Piero Lorenzo de Medici (Piero the Unfortunate) was Lord of Florence from 1492 to 1494 and married Alfonsina Orsini.

In 1492 Ferdinand II of Aragon spread the Christopher Columbus propaganda story.

Their son Lorenzo II de Medici ruled Florence from 1516 to 1519. Niccolo Machiavelli dedicated The Prince to him.

Giovanni il Popolano de Medici, his cousin, married Caterina Sforza, a rival of Cesare Borgia.

Pope Julius II (Giuliano della Rovere) helped restoring the power of the Medici's in Florence during the Italian Wars (Habsburgs vs french Valois dynasty), defeated the army of Machiavelli and ordered Rafael to make the School of Athens with Plato and Aristotle making the Hermetic sign As Above So Below.

Margharita de Medici married Edward Farnese, Duke of Parma (family that founded the Order of the Jesuits with the House of Borgia).

Cosimo II de Medici was the patron of Galilei Galileo, who dedicated Dialogues Concerning the Two Chief World Systems to his son Fernando II. Fernando II married Vittoria della Rovere. His personal physician was Francesco Redi, pioneer in toxicology. He visited Galilei during his house arrest.

Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola, although a friend of della Mirandola, used the Medici's in his sermons as symbol of decadence, with Firenze as New Jerusalem. He was excommunicated by pope Alexander IV (Borgia).

The Medici's controlled the papacy through Leo X, Clement VII, Sixtus IV.

Giovanni de Medici (Leo X) excommunicated protestant leader Martin Luther.

Giullio de Medici (Clement VII) played a role in the sack of Rome by Charles V Habsburg, ordered the Last Judgement of Michelangelo with Jesus Christ in the As above, So below pose. He also ordered the building of the Laurentian library in the Basilica di San Lorenzo, designed by Michelangelo, with manuscripts like the work of Diogenes Laertius.

Catherine de Medici, daughter of Lorenzo II and niece of Clement VII, was the wife of Henry II, king of France. She played a role in the St Bartholomew massacre of Huguenot protestants. She was the sponsor of Nostradamus.

Francesco de Medici, Cosimo's son, married Joan of Austria Habsburg, daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I. He later married Bianca Cappello Morosini (rich Venetian family). He was a member of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

Antonio de Medici, Francesco and Bianca's son, was a Knight of Malta who fought the Ottoman Turks.

Marie de Medici, Francesco and Joan's daughter, was a 1st cousin of Virginio Orsini. She married Henry IV Bourbon of France, who had war debts with the Medici's and allowed the jesuits to regain control in France.

Pieter Paul Rubens and Anton Van Dijck (Belgian propaganda artists of the jesuits) made portraits of her.

Henrietta Maria de Medici was a patron of jewish kabbalists and visited Sabbatean rabbi Jacob Judah Templo in Holland.

Her son Charles II Stuart of England helped founding the Royal Society, intertwined with freemasonry (the Scottish Rite).

Eleonora de Medici, Marie's sister, married Vincenzo Gonzoga.

Ferdinando de Medici, Francesco's brother, organised an expedition of Robert Thornton, to colonize Brazil. His daughter Catarina married Ferdinando Gonzoga, his daughter Claudia married Federico della Rovere and later Leopold V Habsburg, who funded a jesuit church in France. Claudia and Leopold's daughter Maria Leopoldine married Ferdinand III Habsburg.

Giacomo de Medici was a member of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

The Medici's invented the piano (88 keys, nr of Mercury), used in classical music. They put an obelisk in their Boboli gardens.

In 1737 the Habsburg-Lorraine family inherited the Villa di Castello.

Luigi de Medici trained Carl Rothschild as banker of the Vatican in Naples.

Emilio Medici (Legion of Honour) was made pm of Brazil in 1969.

Mabel Dodge lived with Edwin Dodge in a Medici villa near Florence.

Forte di Belvederi of the Medici family was used for the marriage Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Sean Bean played in Medici the Magnificent.


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