Media Matters for America

Media Matters for America (mm=33) is an American think tank of the Left Wing Church, founded in 2004 by David Brock. In 2010 David Brock founded American Bridge 21st Century with Kathleen Kennedy (daughter of RFK, sister of Robert Kennedy Jr). Because of its affiliation with George Soros it plays a political Left Wing- Right Wing, blue vs red game with the Right Wing Church. It uses Alex Jones as villain to push the gay-transgender agenda.

It is funded by Susie Thompkins Buell Russell (Esprit, The North Face, Democracy Alliance, friend of Bill and Hilary Clinton), Leo Hindery (CFR, AT&T), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Joshua Bekenstein (Bain Capitol), Stephen Mandel (Philips Exeter, Tiger Management), James Hormell (gay agenda with Human Rights Campaign), New Democatic Network of Simon Rosenberg (Aspen Institute),...

It is closely associated with jesuit John Podesta and the Center for American Progress.

It gave Misinformer of the Year Award to jesuit Chris Matthews, Sean Hannity (Fox News), Bill O'Reilly (Fox News), jesuit Glenn Beck, Rupert Murdoch, ..

It pushes the gay agenda with of Richard Socarides, advisor of jesuit Bill Clinton and writer for The New Yorker.

It created media scandals with Don Imus and Laura Schessinger (WorldNetDaily with jesuit Jerome Corsi).

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