Matthew Modine

Matthew Avery Modine (mm=33) is a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry to play the Joker-Christ archetype (William V), push the gay-agenda, announce the William and Catherine wedding, the James Holmes Phoenix ritual. He played Private Joker in Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. He is related to Ralph Fairbanks who established towns in Death Valley, where Jack Parsons performed his Babalon Workings.

His daughter Ruby Modine (ruby slippers Wizard of Oz programming, he played Ruby character in Go Go Tales) played in Satanic Panic (sign of Harpo).

His aunt was Nola Fairbanks, trained at Meglin Dance School like Judy Garland and Shirley Temple.

Astrological chart

born 3/22/1959, date Reese Witherspoon, William Shatner, Aries the emperor, year 11. 322 nr Skull and Bones George w Bush.

Dom: Aries (the Emperor), Virgo, Taurus - Saturn, Venus, Jupiter.

Neptune in Scorpio, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Sun and Mercury in Aries (like Hitler).


1983 Baby It's You Jill Rosen Vincent Spano (son with Natassja Kinski) Rosanna Arquette Robert Downey Jr Paramount Pictures
1983 Private school 7/29 (date wedding Diana) as Jim Green.
1983 Streamers
1984 The Hotel New Hampshire (pedophile bear symbol) Jodie Foster Natassja Kinski Amanda Plummer
1984 Mrs Soffel as Jack Mel Gibson Diane Keaton Terry O'Quinn Heather Graham
1984 Birdy horus the Fool Nicolas Cage
1985 Vision Quest
1987 Full Metal Jacket Stanley Kubrick Private Joker Vincent D'Onofrio Robert Lee Ermey.
1987 Orphans
1988 Married to the Mob (mm=33, red shoes Wizard of Oz) Michelle Pfeiffer Alec Baldwin Jonathan Demme
1988 The Gamble
1989 Gross Atanomy (ga=71) the Chariot
1990 Memphis Belle Eric Stolz John Lithgow Sean Astin Billy Zane
1990 Pacific Heights keyhole Daath Batman Michael Keaton as Carter Hayes who drives a Porsche 911 Melanie Griffith as Patty Palmer (aug 9 date 911 Sharon Tate ritual) Golden Gate bridge Sagittarius, hotel in San Francisco =Dakota NY.

1992 Wind the Fool air, as Will Parker, Jennifer Grey
1992 Equinox (invocation Horus) identical twins Henry and Freddy.
1992 Wind (Mercury: air) Will Parker.
1993 And the Band Played On (AIDS) Ian McKellen Alan Alda Phil Collins Richard Gere BD Wong Anjelica Huston
1993 Short Cuts Robert Downey Jr (Sherlock Holmes)
1993 Jacob and Esau Lara Flynn Boyle (Laura Palmer Twin Peaks) Sean Bean
1994 The Browning Version
1995 Bye Bye Love (the Emperor)

1995 Fluke dog (dog star Sirius).
1995 Cutthroat Island (Skull and Bones 322, decapitation) Geena Davis.

1997 The Maker the hierophant.
1997 The Blackout Dennis Hopper Claudia Schiffer.
1997 What the Deaf Man Heard child Harpo James Earl Jones (Darth Vader).
1997 The Real Blonde (month funeral Diana) Catherine Keener Dave Chapelle Christopher Lloyd Daryl Hannah
1999 Notting Hill movie within movie like the Tempest.
1999 If..Dog..Rabbit John Hurt Bruce Dern David Keith.
1999 Any Given Sunday (the Fool) Al Pacino Cameron Diaz Jamie Foxx James Woods
2000 Very Mean Men (mm=33) bartender with Louise Fletcher (nurse of Joker Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
2000 Bamboozled Spike Lee.
2001 Nobody's Baby (Nemo, Babe in the Abyss) Gary Oldman.
2001 Jack and the Beanstalk Daryl Hannah Vanessa Redgrave Jon Voight
2001 In the Shadows.
2001 The Shipment
2003 Hitler the Rise of Evil fritz Robert Carlyle as Adolf Hitler Jena Malone.
2003 Hollywood North with Jennifer Tilly (Sharon Tate played Jennifer North).
2003 Le Divorce tellman 8/8 Naomi Watts (Diana) Kate Hudson
2004 Funky Monky
2005 Transporter 2.
2005 Mary tony/Jesus the Fool, Marion Cotillard Juliettte Binoche Heather Graham. Opa.
2006 Kettle of Fish
2007 Go Go Tales Johnie Ruby Willem Dafoe based on movie of John Cassavetes.
2007 Have Dreams Will Travel Val Kilmer (played Batman) Heather Graham
2008 Mia and the Magoo (mm=33).
2008 The Garden of Eden Jack Huston Mena Suvari as Catherine (played the Black Dahlia with Glasgow smile like the Joker) Caterina Murino
2008 Sex and Lies in the City Mena Suvari as Sandy Murphy (=Brittany Murphy who would die next year)
2009 Little Fish Strange Pond the Emperor Jack.
2010 The Trial.
2010 A Cat in Paris Anjelica Huston
2012 Girl In Progress as Dr Harford like Tom Cruise in EWS Eva Mendes as Grace Patricia Arquette
2012 The Dark Knight Rises Christopher Nolan Foley like James Foley in the Isis ritual decapitated by Jihadi John (the Baptist) Morgan Freeman Joseph Gordon-Levitt Gary Oldman Marion Cotillard Anne Hathaway
2013 Jobs (Luciferian rainbow Apple) as John Sculley Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs Lukas Haas Dermot Mulroney JK Simmons James Woods
2013 Family Weekend
2013 Mia and the Migoo Jojo-la-Frite English dub James Woods Whoopi Goldberg
2014 Altar Olivia Williams (haunted house, knife like Rosemary's Baby)
2015 The Heyday of the Insensitive Basterds James Franco Natalie Portman.
2015 Unity (year 1 the Magician) Joker Joaquin Phoenix Kevin Spacey Dr Dre Marion Cotillard
2016 The Confirmation the Fool.
2016 Army of One Russell Brand as God.
2016 Stranger Things (fictional mind control project Montauk) Matthew Brenner (Charles Manson made child with Mary Brunner, named after Stranger in a Strange Land) David Harbour Winona Ryder Sean Astin Robert Englund. based on fictional Project Montauk
2017 The Hippotamus (purple=dissociation). 47 Meters Down (the Abyss).
2018 Sicario: Day of the Solidado.
2018 Speed Kills John Travolta as George HW Bush (Skull and Bones), father of George W Bush.
2018 Backtrace Sylvester Stallone
2019 Foster Boy. Miss Virginia.
2021 Breaking News in Yuda County Mila Kunis Juliette Lewis Jake Gyllenhaal
2023 Accidental Truth UFO Revelations Richard Dolan Chris Mellon Mike Bara Jimmy Church Michio Kaku
2023 Oppenheimer as Vannevar Bush Cillian Murphy as Robert Oppenheimer Emily Blunt Matt Damon Robert Downey Jr Gary Oldman as Harry Truman Rami Malek Josh Hartnett Casey Affleck (Interstellar) Jason Clarke Tom Conti as Albert Einstein Christopher Nolan


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