Masks are used as a symbol in trauma based mind control to program slaves in the media, fashion and music industry and Hollywood film industry. The mask is a symbol of a hidden (masked) personality to hide trauma in Multiple Personality Disorder, based on the concept of a persona in Jungian psychology and can be used as a hypnotic trigger. Jung also published on the archetype of the Trickster (the Fool, the Joker).

It is associated with the Moon card and the woman with a sword on the Adjustment card wears a mask (justice warrior Batwoman, Catwoman, etc..). It is also depicted on The Hierophant card, who represents a trickster/shaman.

It was used in shamanism, Dionysian theatre in Greece, by the Black Nobility in Venice Italy, in the commedia dell'arte, the Spanish flu ritual, in the Truman Capote masque ball, Phantom of the Opera, the famous Rothschild parties at Chateau Ferrière, Mask, The Man in the Iron Mask, controlled opposition Anonymous, Heat, Eyes Wide Shut, Being John Malkovich, Mission Imposible 2, Vanilla Sky, V for Vendetta, Casanova, the Dark Knight trilogy, Contagion, The Town and in the Covid19-ritual.

Guests of the Truman Capote masque ball were: Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, Candice Bergen wearing a rabbit mask (Alice in Wonderland programming), Andy Warhol, Ladybird Johnson, Harry Belafonte, Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, Gloria Vanderbilt, Lauren Bacall, Prince Stanislas and Princess Lee Radziwill (sister Jackie Kennedy), Philip Johnson, Brooke Astor, Babe Paley (sister married to William Astor). The ball was based on of Shakespeare's The Tempest with Prospero, based on John Dee, creates a play within a play for his daughter Miranda, used in the alchemical wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth.

The masque ball of jesuit Guy and Hélène de Rothschild at Chateau Ferrieres (Alice Miranda Rothschild) had Salvador Dali, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn as guests.

It is used in the image of Slipknot, Eminem, Daftpunk, Gwar, wrestler Sting, ..


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