Mary (Maria, Virgin Mary)  is an Aryan (M-arya) mother goddess in Christianity of the Catholic Church and gnosticism, seen as the mother of Jesus Christ. In Egypt Arya became Isis, mother of sun god Horus (Harya, Ra). She represents Superior Mother Binah. Astrologically she represents the weeping virgin of Virgo, the asexual virgin, the House of Bread, in autumnal equinox during the Age of Pisces. The worship of Mary was used to suppress, veil and chain the feminine energy of Sirius and Mother Earth (Mary dressed in blue=Mare: sea, water).

Mother Mary=mm=33. M=13, the sun in the middle of the 12 signs (apostles). The sea-faring Phoenicians invented maritime law. In a marriage of the Catholic Church the woman represents Mary. The alchemists call their heating bath bain-marie.

Mary Magdalene represents the Inferior Mother Malkuth (Rose-Mary, 2nd Hei of YHVH). Magdala was a town near the Sea of Galilei (Jordan as Kundalini energy in the body, like Nile in Egypt). In Sanskrit mag means to move, magnetism. She is depicting as anointing feet, because Malkuth is the lowest sphere (the earthly soul).

In Thebe Egypt the trinity Amun- Mut- Khunsu was worshiped. Maya: the veil of illusion. The wheel of Mara-Tara=>, the Torah (Mount Moriah=Mariah), the Tarot. The Greeks worshiped virgin goddess Athena.

Jesus= YHVH + letter Shin. The Adoration of the Magi represent the 3 stars of Orion, the Star of Bethlem, the star Virgo (Beit Laheim, House of Bread).

Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. She was depicted on the arch of the Chartres cathedral, built by the Knights Templar with knowledge of sacred geometry.

The High Priestess is the path crossing the Abyss. Binah=3 of Swords.

Mary Magdalene was worshiped by the Cathars and Dominicans in South France (Rhesus- bloodline of Basques, Montsegur of Cathars=Montsalvat in Holy Grail myths). Michelangelo's statue of Mary as Madonna della Pietà (compassion of the heart) is in the St Peter Basilica in Rome. Mary was depicted in the catacombs of Rome and used in art propaganda of the Cretan School (when Creta was ruled by the Venetians=Phoenicians), Duccio, Giotto, Dominique Ingres, Rubens, Rogier van der Weyden, Pietro Perugino, Raphael, Giovanni Bellini, Caravaggio, Bronzino, Domenico di Bartolo, Filippo Lippi, Diego Velazquez, Titian,..(imitating the Isis-Horus and Semiramis-Tammuz concept, Mars the child=Mary's child, sun reborn in Aries the Ram)

James V married Mary Guise. Their daughter Mary Stuart (Holy Grail bloodline claiming descent of Christ) ruled Scotland. After the War of the Roses England was ruled by Mary Tudor. Henry VIII founded the Protestant Church of England (Archbishop of Canterbury as pope). Mary Elizabeth, Mary Boleyn and Marie Antoinette were decapitated like John the Baptist. William III married Mary of the House of Orange. The Frankist followers of Jacob Frank worshipped the Black Madonna. In the Scottish rite of freemasonry the sign of the 6th grade associated with Virgo is looking up like virgin Mary.

The jesuits (Rhesus- bloodline of Basques) used Mary worship to indoctrinate their minions (Marymount College, pilgrimage to Lourdes in South France), based on Ignatius de Loyola's 'Spiritual Exercises' (about war between Christ and Lucifer) and created the American Empire in Maryland and Virginia (virgin Mary). She was called Maria Illuminatrix (jesuits created the Illuminati). The jesuits worked with Marie and Henrietta Maria de Medici.

Mary Baker Eddy created Christian Science cult. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein. Mary Todd Lincoln played a role in the Abraham Lincoln assassination ritual. Marjorie Cameron played the role of Babalon. Mary Milner was a member of the Order of St John. Mary Mellon funded the Eranos conferences.

movie stars Mary Pickford, Mary Astor, Mari-lyn (bloodline) Monroe, Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins, Mary Philbin, Mary Maguire, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Mary Stuart Masterson, Mary Steenburgen, Mary Swanson, Diana Mary Fluck, Nicole Mary Kidman, Mary 'Meryl' Streep, Mary-Kate Olsen, Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary, Mary-Louise Parker, Lisa Marie Presley, Marie Osmond, Mari-on Cotillard. Project Bluebird (blue bird Horus) took place in Maryland. The evil queen in Snow White represents Binah.

Mary Brunner conceived a Moonchild with Antichrist figure Charles Manson. Rosemary's Baby (John the Baptist cover) announced the birth of Antichrist William.

Joan Marie Laurer (Chyna) was indoctrinated by the Mormons. Maria Callas married Aristotle Onassis. Monica Bellucci played Mary Magdalene in The Passion of the Christ of Mel Gibson with Maia Morgenstern (Lucifer the Morning Star) as Mary. Marianne Faithfull played Lilith in Lucifer Rising. Mary Alice played the Oracle in The Matrix Revolutions with Monica Belluci. Marie Jo Kopechne died in a media ritual with Ted Kennedy. Robert Kennedy Jr married Mary Richardson. Rose Mary Woods played a role in the Watergate ritual. Marie Curie represented the Dark Feminine.

politics: JFK's mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer, jesuit Jean-Marie and Marine Le Pen, the Feminist Church: Gloria Marie Steinem, Hip Hop: Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, Tupac Shakur's Hail Mary, Anne-Marie (lesbian agenda). art scene: Mary Woronov, Marina Abramovich.

The ring of stars became the emblem of the European Union (Brussels as the Heart of Europe).

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