Martin Scorcese

Martin Charles Scorcese is an Italian-American mind controlled movie director, used in the Hollywood film industry to normalise and glorify the mafia, violence, crime, torture and mind control. He is a Scorpio, all his movies have Scorpio themes: underworld, sex, death, dark secrets, abduction. His most famous movies are Taxi Driver, mafia movies Goodfellas and Casino with Robert de Niro, and The Aviator with Leonardo di Caprio about Howard Hughes (Jack Parsons archetype). John Cassavetes (Rosemary's Baby) and Roger Corman were his mentors. Charles/Charlie is a common name for an alter.

He attended Cardinal Hayes High School like George Carlin and Don DeLillo NYU.

He married jesuit Julia Cameron (Marjorie Cameron), Isabella Rosselini (David Lynch, Gary Oldman), Barbara De Fina (produced Michael Jackson's music video Bad with Quincy Jones) and dated actress Ileana Douglas.

His agent Michael Ovitz (CAA) helped him secure a deal with Disney.

His daughter Francesca Scorcese acted in HBO series We Are Who We Are (ww=33) with Kid Cudi. His daughter Dominica Cameron-Scorcese acted in Cape Fear.

Astrological chart

born 11/17/1942, date Theosophical Society, Danny DeVito, Jeff Buckley, Sophie Marceau, Rachel McAdams, Scorpio Prince of Cups, introvert unstable like Charles Manson.

Dominants: Scorpio (Death), Leo, Pisces- Sun (Christ), Venus, Mercury.

Houses 4, 3, 7. 4: Sun conj Venus in Scorpio, 3: Mars and Mercury in Scorpio, 7(collegues): moon in Pisces (de Niro). 2: Neptune in Libra, 10: Saturn, Uranus and Lilith in Gemini, 11: Jupiter in Cancer, 12: Pluto in Leo.


1967 Who's That Knocking On My Door? Harvey Keitel Zina Bethune
1972 Boxcar Bertha (promoted in Playboy) David Carradine John Carradine (OTO) Barbara Hershey Victor Argo produced by Roger Corman (LSD film The Trip)
1973 Mean Streets (Warner Bros) Harvey Keitel Robert de Niro
1974 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Warner Bros, widow Isis, Alice in Wonderland programming) Ellen Burstyn (Actors Studio) Diane Ladd Kris Kristofferson Jodie Foster Harvey Keitel edited by Marcia Griffin (wife of George Lucas)
1976 Taxi Driver Robert de Niro, Cybill Shepherd, Jodie Foster (like Jeanne Robert Foster) as Dorothy with red shoes (Wizard of Oz) yellow cab=following the Yellow Brick Road.
1977 New York New York Liza Minelli (daughter of Judy Garland) share a taxi, 6/21 date William V
1980 Raging Bull Robert de Niro Joe Pesci Cathy Moriarty 11/14 bday Charles
1982 King of Comedy (joker the Fool, year birth William) Robert de Niro marries Diahnna Abbott Jerry Lewis 20th Century Fox similar to Joker with Joaquin Phoenix
1985 After Hours (Night of Pan, year 15 the Devil, clock Alice in Wonderland, AH=18 the Moon) Griffin Dunne Rosanna Arquette Linda Fiorentino Thomas Chong Richard Cheech Marin Catherine O'Hara
1986 The Color of Money (Leo Prince of Wands) Tom Cruise Paul Newman Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio John Turturro
1988 Last Temptation of Christ Willem Dafoe as Jesus Christ (7/22 like William's child George) Barbara Hershey as Mary Magdalene David Bowie as Pontius Pilatus Harvey Keitel as Judas Harry Dean Stanton
1989 New York Stories (Twin Towers) Woody Allen Francis Ford Coppola Rosanna Arquette Mia Farrow Adrien Brody Nick Nolte Talia Shire Steve Buscemi Liza Minnelli  Debbie Harry Larry David Kirsten Dunst
1990 Goodfellas Robert de Niro Joe Pesci Ray Liotta Paul Sorvino
1991 Cape Fear Robert de Niro as pedophile seducing Juliette Lewis, eyes Rosemary's Baby Nick Nolte Jessica Lange Gregory Peck

1991 Guilty By Suspicion Robert de Niro Anette Benning
1993 The Age of Innocence (Lust) Daniel Day-Lewis Michelle Pfeiffer (4/29 date wedding William and Catherine) daughter Domenica as Katie Winona Ryder play within movie (The Tempest, River Phoenix in the Viper Room)
1995 Casino Robert de Niro Sharon Stone as the new Sharon Tate casino in Las Vegas like Howard Hughes Joe Pesci Frank Vincent James Woods
1997 Kundun (Christ the Sun, child Horus) music by Philip Glass

KD=411, screenplay by Melissa Mathison died 11/4 (the wife of Harrison Ford, wrote E.T. in 1982, year of birth William).
1999 Bringing Out the Dead (red cross judgement, set in Las Vegas) Nicolas Cage Patricia Arquette Queen Latifah Ving Rhames John Goodman Disney
2000 A Conversation with Gregory Peck Documentary film jesuit Bill Clinton jesuit Jacques Chirac Lauren Bacall
2002 Gangs of New York Leonardo di Caprio scorpio Daniel Day-Lewis taurus (dd 44 phoenix) Cameron Diaz (Five Points where Heath Ledger would die, Cinecitta of Federico Fellini who died on day of death River Phoenix) Liam Neeson Brendan Gleeson John C Reilly (Dead Rabbits Alice in Wonderland programming)
2004 The Aviator Leonardo di Caprio (Jack Dawson) as Howard Hughes, the Horus Jack Parsons archetype, mercury: air travel. Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn (William's wife Catherine) Jude Law as Errol Flynn Kelli Garner as Faith Domergue Ian Holm Danny Huston Kate Beckingsale as Ava Gardner Gwen Stefani

2005 A Shark's Tale voice of loan shark Sykes Will Smith Robert de Niro Renee Zellweger Angelina Jolie Jack Black (his next movie King Kong=Shutter Island) soundtrack with Christina Aguilera
2005 No Direction Home: Bob Dylan documentary
2006 The Departed (=the dead, Scorpio, betrayal underworld) Jack Nicholson (dom: pluto) Alec Baldwin Matt Damon Martin Sheen Mark Wahlberg
2008 Shine A Light Mick Jagger Christina Aguilera jesuit Bill Clinton jesuit Ahmed Ertegun
2010 A Letter to Alia documentary about Elia Kazan (ACCF)
2010 Shutter Island novel of Dennis Lehane island of the dead, island of Aristotle Onassis (Blofeld) Leonardo di Caprio Mark Ruffalo Michelle Williams Max von Sydow Ted Levine Ben Kingsley
2011 Hugo, clocks Alice in Wonderland programming christ child Ben Kingsley Sacha Baron Cohen Jude Law Chloé Grace Moretz Asa Butterfield Emily Mortimer Paramount
2013 The Wolf of Wall Street (ww=33, venus money, story of Jordan Belfort) Scorpio Leonardo di Caprio Matthew McConaughey Jonah Hill (the New School) Margot Robbie
2016 Silence about the jesuits Andrew Garfield Adam Driver
2019 The Irishman Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa (nemesis of RFK) Robert de Niro as Frank Castello Joe Pesci Harvey Keitel
2019 Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese The Beauty Queen Allen Ginsberg Patti Smith jesuit Jim Gianopulis Joan Boaz Sharon Stone Larry Sloman (biography of Harry Houdini)


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