Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo is a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry. Ruffalo= Ruffino, the killers of Hiram Abbif in masonry (Ruffalo was born 11/22, date of the JFK ritual). Like Sean Astin, Cybill Shepherd, Nick Nolte, he was trained at the Stella Adler acting school in LA (The New School of Colonna-Columbia University, descendant of Jacob 'Yiddish Theatre' Adler).

Astrological chart

born 11/22/1967 (11+22=33), cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius, the Golden Gate, date of the JFK and Jackie ritual, Scarlett Johansson, Terry Gilliam.

Dominants: Virgo (ruled by merc, the Hermit), Scorpio (death, detectives, island of the dead), Sagittarius (art) - Uranus (mental diseases), Pluto (abduction, underworld), Sun.

Houses 9, 12, 10. 9: Jupiter and Pluto in Virgo, 12: Sun and Neptune in Scorpio, 10: Venus in Libra. Earth, Water / Mutable.


1992 Rough Trade Hank Short film
1994 Mirror, Mirror II: Raven Dance (mm=33) Christian
1994 There Goes My Baby J.D.
1995 Mirror, Mirror III: The Voyeur Joey
1996 The Dentist Steve Landers
1998 Safe Men Frank
1998 54 as Ricko Ryan Philippe (married to Reese Witherspoon) Neve Campbell Salma Hayek Mike Myers (Studio 54 with Andy Warhol, present at the Truman Capote ball)
1998 A Fish in the Bathtub Joel
1998 Ride with the Devil Alf Bowden
2000 You Can Count On Me Terry Prescott
2000 Committed T-Bo Casey Affleck Luke Wilson Heather Graham Summer Phoenix Casey Affleck
2001 The Last Castle (castle programming) Robert Redford James Gandolfini
2002 XX/XY (chromosomes dna) Coles
2002 Windtalkers Private Pappas Nicolas Cage Noah Emmerich Christian Slater
2003 My Life Without Me Lee Debbie Harry
2003 View from the Top Ted Stewart (virgo-mercury air travel) Gwyneth Paltrow Christina Applegate Kelly Preston (wife John Travolta) Candice Bergen Rob Lowe Mike Myers
2003 In the Cut Detective Giovanni A. Malloy (scorpio) car mirror
2004 We Don't Live Here Anymore Jack Linden
2004 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Stan, mind control erasing memory of Kate Winslet in brain of Jim Carrey Kirsten Dunst Elijah Wood Tom Wilkinson
2004 13 Going on 30 Matt Flamhaff
2004 Collateral Tom Cruise Jamie Foxx Jada Pinkett
2005 Just like Heaven David Abbott (looking up, big face) Reese Witherspoon
2005 Rumor Has It... Jeff Daly Jennifer Aniston (Rachel, Witherspoon as sister in Friends) Mena Suvari Kevin Costner
2006 All the King's Men Kate Winslet Anthony Hopkins Patricia Clarkson Jude Law (Sherlock Holmes) Sean Penn
2007 Chicago 10 Jerry Rubin (voice) trial of Abbie Hoffman Nick Nolte Liev Schreiber Hank Azaria Roy Scheider
2007 Zodiac (media ritual of Hearst newspapers) Inspector Dave Toschi (art target Golden Gate sagittarius) John Carrol Lynch, the most dangerous game, island- Presidio of Michael Aquino in San Francisco Jake Gyllenhaal Robert Downey Jr
2007 Reservation Road Dwight Arno the sun (car crash, broken glass=split mind) Jennifer Connelly Joaquin Phoenix Elle Fanning
2008 Blindness (virus) Doctor Julianne Moore Alice Braga
2008 What Doesn't Kill You Brian Reilly (makes you stronger Friedrich Nietzsche, year of Dark Knight) Ethan Hawke Donnie Wahlberg
2009 The Brothers Bloom Stephen Adrien Brody Rachel Weisz Rinko Kikuchi Ricky Jay cameo's of Lukas Haas and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception)
2009 Where the Wild Things Are Adrian Spike Jonze
2009 Sympathy for Delicious Joe Laura Linney Juliette Lewis Orlando Bloom Noah Emmerich John Carroll Lynch
2010 The Kids Are All Right (gay agenda) Paul Hatfield Julianne Moore Mia Wasikowska Anette Benning
2010 Shutter Island Chuck Aule / Dr. Lester Sheehan (Martin Scorcese with Leonardo di Caprio) Tom Hanks who chased di Caprio in Catch me if you Can, crashed on an island as Chuck Nolan. Michelle Williams as Teddy's dead wife, Ben Kingsley as the Wizard.
2010 Date Night Brad Sullivan Steve Carell Tina Fey Common Mark Wahlberg James Franco Mila Kunis Kristen Wiig Wiliam Fichtner Gal Gadot jesuit Nick Kroll Leighton Meester as Katy
2011 Margaret Gerald Maretti
2012 The Avengers as Bruce Banner / Hulk (green man Osiris, Marvel Universe=Jack Marvel Parsons) Robert Downey Jr Scarlett Johansson Samuel L Jackson Paul Bettany Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Stellan Skarsgard Jeremy Renner Disney
2013 Iron Man 3 Bruce Banner / Hulk cameo Robert Downey Jr Gwyneth Paltrow Ben Kingsley
2013 Thanks for Sharing Adam Gwyneth Paltrow Tim Robbins
2013 Now You See Me Agent Dylan Rhodes Morgan Freeman (Virgo ruled by Mercury-the Magician) Woody Harrelson Dave Franco Michael Caine Jesse Eisenberg Mélanie Laurent

2013 Begin Again Keira Knightley Adam Levine Mos Def CeeLo Green Catherine Keener
2014 Infinitely Polar Bear (bipolar disorder) Cam Stuart the sun Zoe Saldana (remake Rosemary's Baby with Patrick Adams, in Suits with Meghan Markle) Keir Dullea
2014 The Normal Heart Emma Brookner Julia Roberts Jim Parsons (Jack Parsons)
2014 Foxcatcher Dave Schultz  Channing Tatum Steve Carell Vanessa Redgrave
2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron Bruce Banner / Hulk
2015 Spotlight Michael Rezendes (pedophilia of the Catholic Church) Michael Keaton Rachel McAdams Stanley Tucci Liev Schreiber Billy Crudup
2016 Now You See Me 2 Agent Dylan Rhodes
2017 Anything Executive producer (transgender agenda purple rose)
2017 Thor: Ragnarok (=flood, before the flood) Bruce Banner / Hulk Benedict Cumberbatch Anthony Hopkins Cate Blanchett
2018 Avengers: Infinity War
2019 Captain Marvel
2019 Avengers: Endgame Robert Downey Jr Chris Evans Michelle Pfeiffer Chris Hemsworth Don Cheadle Paul Rudd Bradley Cooper Gwyneth Paltrow Josh Brolin


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