Mark Pellegrino

Mark Ross Pellegrino is an Italian-American mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry to promote Luciferianism. He played a thug in The Big Lebowski, a mysterious man with a key in Mulholland Drive, Lucifer in Supernatural and Jacob in Lost.

Astrological chart

born 4/9/1965,=7 aries, date wedding Charles and Camilla, Elle Fanning, Hugh Hefner, Mephisto Waltz, Tess, Eric Harris (Columbine), Kristen Stewart, Jay Baruchel, 5 days after Robert Downey Jr.

Asc: Cancer mc Pisces. Dominants: Cancer (the Chariot summer solstice john baptist), Aries (the emperor), Virgo (the hermit)- Moon (blue moon key), Saturn, Pluto (orgasm=car crash).

Houses 10, 3, 1. 10: Mercury (the Magician) and Sun conj Venus in Aries (like Jayne Mansfield, Jim Carrey, Robert Downey), 3: Mars, Uranus, Pluto in Virgo, 1: Moon in Cancer. 7: Lilith (dark hidden moon key) in Capricorn.


1987 Fatal Beauty (during scorpio) Frankenstein Whoopi Goldberg car Hollywood sign named Rita like Mulholland Drive

1987 Death Wish 4: The Crackdown Punk Charles Bronson
1989 No Holds Barred Randy Hulk Hogan
1989 Doogie Howser, M.D. Dude TV series
1990 Prayer of the Rollerboys Bango Corey Haim Patricia Arquette
1990 Tales from the Crypt Punk TV series Season 2 Episode 02
1991 Blood and Concrete Bart
1992 Northern Exposure Rolf Hauser TV series
1992 Lethal Weapon 3 Billy Phelps Richard Donner (the Omen) Danny Glover Mel Gibson Joe Pesci
1994 Viper Yuri TV movie pilot (Johnny Depp's Viper Room)
1994 Knight Rider 2010 Robert Lee (the chariot, grail cup of the knights templar)
1996 ER Nathan Conley TV series George Clooney
1996 The Sentinel Ray TV series
1996 Nash Bridges Ferguson TV series Season 1 Episode 1
1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park Tourist #6 Julianne Moore Jeff Goldblum Pete Postlethwaite
1997 NYPD Blue Fran Watkins TV series
1998 The Big Lebowski Blond Thug, bowling ball (the Chariot, the Grail Cup) Coen brothers, Jeff Bridges Julianne Moore Philip Seymour Hoffman John Goodman Tara Reid as bunny (Alice in Wonderland programming)

Cancer, associated with John the Baptist

1998 A Murder of Crows Prof. Arthur Corvus (raven of Virgo, Brando Lee in The Crow) Cuba Gooding Jr Tom Berenger
1998 NYPD Blue Stanley Streul TV series Season 6 Episode 04
1999 Word of Mouth Darrow
1999 The X-Files Derwood Spinks TV series Episode: "Hungry"
2000 Drowning Mona Murph Calzone Danny DeVito Bette Middler Jamie Lee Curtis Casey Affleck Neve Campbell William Fichtner
2001 Say It Isn't So Jimmy Mitchelson Heather Graham
2001 Mulholland Drive Joe Messing David Lynch Naomi Watts Laura Harring Dan Hedaya Justin Theroux Melissa George Cancer as the keystone, key to the Abyss of Revelation 911

2001 The Beast Bobby James/Robert Tibideau TV series Elizabeth Mitchell as Alice Frank Langella (The Ninth Gate about Lucifer)
2002 NYPD Blue Steve Dansick TV series
2002 Mother Ghost Waiter
2002 Crossing Jordan Keith Walk Season 1 Episode 16 "Lost and Found"
2003 The Hunted Dale Hewitt Tommy Lee Jones Benicio del Toro
2003 Moving Alan Alan Kennard
2003 CSI: Miami Jed Gold TV series
2003 The Practice Herrick Smoltz Season 7 Episode 13 "Character Evidence"
2004 Spartan Convict Val Kilmer William H Macy Kristen Bell
2004 Twisted (twister Wizard of Oz) Jimmy Schmidt Ashley Judd (=Judy Garland) Samuel Jackson Andy Garcia
2004 National Treasure Agent Johnson Nicolas Cage Disney all seeing eye
2005 Capote Dick Hickock Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote Catherine Keener as Harper Lee Chris Cooper Clifton Collins
2005 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Elliot Perolta
2006 Caffeine Tom Katherine Heigl (in Suits with Meghan Markle) Mena Suvari Marsha Tomason as Rachel
2006 The Unit Gary Soto TV series Season 1 Episode 11
2006 Dexter Paul Bennett TV series husband of Rita, Julie Benz, may 1 like actor Glenn Ford (with Rita Hayworth in Gilda).
2007 The Number 23 (Sirius, nr of path the Hanged Man, Lost plane Gate 23) Kyle Flinch Jim Carrey Danny Huston as dr Sirius Leary (Timothy Leary) Virginia Madsen

2007 Without a Trace Sadik Marku TV series
2007 Grey's Anatomy Chris Season 4 Episode 1 "A Change Is Gonna Come"
2007 Burn Notice Quentin King TV series
2008 Knight Rider Walt Cooperton TV series NBC
2008 Chuck Alexander Winterborne/Edgar Season 2 Episode 7 "Chuck Versus the Fat Lady"
Season 5 Episode 13 "Chuck Versus the Goodbye"
2008 Numb3rs Tim Hamer TV series
2008 Prison Break Patrick Vikan Season 4 Episode 13 "Deal or No Deal"
Season 4 Episode 14 "Just Business"
2008 Criminal Minds Lt. Evans Season 4 Episode 10 "Brothers in Arms"
2009 An American Affair Graham Caswell
2009 Disappearing In America Bodyguard
2009 Two:Thirteen John Tyler Teri Polo (Terry name Rosemary's twin in Rosemary's Baby)
2009–present Supernatural Nick/Lucifer Recurring role (seasons 5, 7, 11); main role (seasons 12-14) Mark Sheppard (=Jack Shephard in Lost) as demon Crowley (Aleister Crowley) King of Hell Apocalypse of Book of Revelation
2009 Ghost Whisperer Ben Tillman TV series
2009 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Bruno Curtis TV series
2009 The Mentalist Vaughn McBride TV series
2009–2010 Lost ABC Jacob Recurring role; 8 episodes nemesis of The Man in Black (=Neo=Johnny Cash, played by Joaquin Phoenix) played by Titus Welliver Nestor Carbonell Matthew Fox Terry O'Quinn
2010 CSI: Miami Greg Calomar TV series
2011 Joint Body Alicia Witt
2011 Being Human Bishop TV series; Season 1 main cast Katharine Isabelle
2011 The Closer Gavin Q. Baker III TV series; 7th season
2011 Breakout Kings Virgil Downing TV series
2011 Locke & Key Rendell Locke (=John Locke in Lost) Unaired pilot Miranda Otto (name The Tempest)
2012 Chuck Fulcrum Agent Season 5 Episode 13 "Chuck Versus the Goodbye"
2012 Hemingway & Gellhorn as Max Eastman (ACCF, Greenwich Village) TV movie Clive Owen Nicole Kidman (Truman Capote ball in Eyes Wide Shut)
2012 Castle Tom Dempsey Season 4 Episode 14 "The Blue Butterfly"
2012 Being Human Bishop TV series; season 2 recurring cast
2012 Grimm Jarold Kampfer Season 2 Episode 3 "Bad Moon Rising"
2012 Revolution Jeremy Baker 4 Episodes; recurring role
2012 Person of Interest Daniel Drake Season 2 Episode 8 "Til Death"
2013–2014 The Tomorrow People Jedikiah Price Main role
2013 The Trials of Cate McCall Detective Robert Welch Kate Beckingsale Nick Nolte
2013 Bad Turn Worse Giff
2015 Chicago P.D. Jim Anderoff Season 2 Episode 12 "Disco Bob"
2015 The Returned Jack Wiship Main role
2015–2016 Quantico FBI Deputy Director Clayton Haas Recurring role
2017–present 13 Reasons Why Sheriff's Deputy Bill Standall Recurring role
2018 Beirut Cal Riley Film
2018 Far Cry 5


Mind control