Marjorie Cameron

Marjorie Cameron Kimmel was the wife of rocket scientist and Antichrist figure Jack Parsons. Like Catherine Middleton, she played the archetype of Babalon, the red haired Whore of Babylon. Her name Marjorie refers to Robert the Bruce's daughter Marjorie Bruce of the House of Stuart, that intermarried with the Brunswicks (Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart wedding).

She was born on april 23 st George day in 1922, when Venus was in Taurus (the Scarlett Woman of the Hierophant) 20 days after Doris Day (connected to the house of Sharon Tate) and a month before Judy Garland (Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz).

In 1946 Jack Parsons and Ron Hubbard performed the Babalon Working in the Mojave desert (Death Valley) to evoke Babalon, after which he met Marjorie Cameron.

They represent the Fool (Aleph) and Adjustment (Lamed), Aries and Libra. Parsons as the Antichrist, John the Baptist and Cameron as Salome, the Queen of Swords. In Thelema, Babalon is a gateway (the Empress letter Daleth: door). 1946 was the year of birth Donald Trump, George Bush and Bill Clinton and the plane crash media ritual of Howard Hughes

Jack Parsons died in 1952. In Beaumont she formed a group called the Children, announcing the mixed-race slave race of the Aeon of Horus. (Kathryn Beaumount played Alice in Alice in Wonderland)

She played in Curtis Harrington films The Wormwood Star (=Tchernobyl, Book of Revelation) and goddess Kali in Kenneth Anger's Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome with Samson de Brier (Sigmund Freud wrote 'Beyond the Pleasure Principle' where he equates sex drive with death drive), Curtis Harrington, Samson De Brier and Anaïs Nin.

Curtis Harrington made the movie Night Tide with Dennis Hopper, july 1961, month of birth Diana Spencer.

 Her name in magic was Hilarion (Hilary Clinton was born 9 months after the Babalon workings in 1947).

She lived near Joshua Tree and had a relationship with Burt Schonberg who owned Café Frankenstein with George Clayton Jones (Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, Logan's Run, Southern california Sorcerers with Charles Beaumont). They worked with George van Tassel who created a UFO religion.

She died in 1995 from Cancer (ruled by the Moon) on 6/24, day of John the Baptist (Antichrist), day of Rugby Cup in South Africa (stadium as Cup of Babalon) with Knight of Malta Nelson Mandela.

Astrological chart

born 4/23/1922, St George day, date William Shakespeare, Shirley Temple, Michael Moore, Timothy McVeigh, James Earl Ray (MLK), prince Louis (William and Catherine).

Dom: Taurus (the Hierophant, Scarlett Woman), Pisces, Libra - Saturn, Venus, Neptune. Sun conj Mercury and Venus in Taurus, Pluto in Cancer, Neptune in Leo, Jupiter and Saturn in Libra (Saturn in Libra: 3 of Swords).

died 7/24/1995, date Anna Paquin (True Blood), Dan Hedaya, Gus Van Sant, death Peter Sellers, Jennifer Lopez, Saving Private Ryan, year of Seven, and Rugby cup final with Nelson Mandela.


References to Marjorie Cameron in pop culture

1932 Red Haired Woman' Jean Harlow
1946 'Gilda' Rita Hayworth
1958 Marjorie Morning Star Gene Kelly and Nathalie Wood.
1960 car crashes Albert CAMus and Eddie CochRAN.

1968 Isadora Vanessa Redgrave as Crowley's muse Isadora Duncan of HOGD (Scottish family related to Cameron) red hair poster.

Jack Nicholson in Rebel Rousers with Cameron Mitchell.

1983 Cross Creek (cc=33) Mary Steenburgen (dutch: House of Orange) as Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings living in an orange grove (home of Jack Parsons), Malcolm McDowell (mm=33, A Clockwork Orange).

1985 Mad Max (mm=33) Beyond Thunderdome (=Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Pleasure Dome).

Tchernobyl (wormwood star) ritual, fullfilling prophecy of the Book of Revelation. The Mask Cameron Diaz as the Whore of Babylon.

1995 Seven with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman (Nelson Mandela in Sol Invictus), decapitation scene in desert with Kevin Spacey in orange, head of Gwyneth Paltrow (Salomé, John the Baptist). death of Stanley Ann Dunham. U2 Joshua Tree (Mojave desert).

Diana Stuart-Spencer as the new Marjorie Cameron (Babalon, the Liberated Woman). Her car crash in 1997 with Dodi Fayed (like Ron Hubbard Lafayette) represented the sexual union of the Beast and Babalon (Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron)

1997 after death of Diana and Dodi Fayed, death of Sara Northrup, James Cameron movie 'Titanic' with Jack and Rose.

1998 Jackie Brown (wife of Jack Parsons) character Beaumont aug 31 like car crash Diana, put in trunk of car by Samuel Jack-son. rapper CamRon.

2004 The Aviator Howard Hughes and Katherine Hepburn (Leonardo di Caprio and Cate Blanchett).

Spiderman Kirsten Dust as red haired wife of Peter Parker.

2012 The James Holmes Phoenix ritual with red haired Jessica Ghawi and red haired Emma Stone in Gangster Squad and Birdman (movie becoming real).

2014 'The Queen's Gambit' Netflix series. Interstellar Jessica Chastain red haired rocket scientist. shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school Valentine's Day. jesuit trained Brigitte Macron (=Camron).

2017 fake attack at Parsons Green with red haired actress Nora Kirkpatrick.

2018 Catherine presents her 2nd child Louis Arthur on april 23 St George Day, 105 year after the birth of Cameron, as the Scarlett Woman in red dress of Rosemary in Rosemary's Baby.


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