Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard is a French mind controlled actress, used in the Hollywood film industry to announce the William and Catheine wedding, the James Holmes Phoenix ritual and the Covid-19 ritual. She plays the role of Black Isis, initials of Marjorie Cameron. Like di Caprio, she serves as a priestess in the Climate Church as a fake Greenpeace activist. She married Guillaume (=William) Caunet, who was previously married to Diane Kruger and who played with Leonardo di Caprio in Danny Boyle's The Beach). She is a member of the Legion of Honour.

Their daughter Louise was born in 2017 (Catherine's 2nd son named Louis).

Astrological chart

born 9/30/1975, date Monica Belluci, Eric Stolz, Truman Capote, 6 days before Kate Winslet, Libra Adjustment.

Asc: Virgo, mc: Gemini, dom: Libra (adjustment), Virgo (thehermit), Cancer (the chariot) - Mercury (traveler between consc and subconsc) Neptune (illusion, dreams), Moon (subcon).

2, 11, 4. 2: Sun, Pluto, Mercury in Libra, Uranus in Scorpio, 4: Neptune (planet of dreams) in Sagittarius (era Polanski fleeing US), 8: Lilith and Jupiter in Aries, (Leo di Caprio Aries in 7th house) 10: Mars in Gemini, 11: Moon in Leo, 12: Venus in Leo. (jupiter in aries, mercury in libra, nept in sagitt like kate winslet), Pluto in Libra like di Caprio and Catherine.


1994 The Story of a Boy Who Wanted to Be Kissed, Mathilde (name daughter Heath Ledger) L'Histoire du garçon qui voulait qu'on l'embrasse
1996 My Sex Life... or How I Got into an Argument Student Comment je me suis disputé... (ma vie sexuelle)
1996 La Belle Verte Macha
1998 Taxi Lilly Bertineau (the chariot)
1999 War in the Highlands Julie Bonzon La Guerre dans le Haut Pays
Furia Élia
1999 Blue Away to America Solange Du bleu jusqu'en Amérique
2000 Taxi 2 Lilly Bertineau
2001 Lisa Young Lisa Jeanne Moreau
2001 Pretty Things Marie / Lucie Les Jolies Choses
2002 A Private Affair Clarisse Entoven Une affaire privée
2003 Taxi 3 Lilly Bertineau
2003 Love Me If You Dare Sophie Kowalsky Jeux d'enfants
2003 Big Fish Joséphine Bloom First English-language film Ewan McGregor
2004 Innocence Mademoiselle Éva
2004 A Very Long Engagement Tina Lombardi Un long dimanche de fiançailles Audrey Tautou Jodie Foster
2005 Cavalcade Alizée
2005 Love Is in the Air Alice Ma vie en l'air
2005 Mary Gretchen Mol Joker Matthew Modine Heather Graham
2005 The Black Box (year Death) Isabelle Kruger / Alice (Alice in Wonderland programming) La Boîte Noire
2006 Toi et moi Léna (art)
2006 Dikkenek Nadine Mélanie Laurent
2006 Fair Play Nicole
2006 A Good Year Fanny Chenal Russell Crowe
2007 La Vie en rose Édith Piaf La môme (rosicrucian wedding William and Catherine) with Emmanuelle Seigner wife Roman Polanski (Rosemary's Baby)
2009 Public Enemies Billie Frechette (blackbird manson) with Johnny Depp as John Dillinger shot by Christian Bale at movie theater like Joker in Aurora theatre. Leelee Sobieski Michael Mann
2009 The Last Flight Marie Vallières de Beaumont Le dernier vol (sand desert)
2009 Nine Luisa Contini Daniel Day-Lewis Nicole Kidman Penelope Cruz Kate Hudson Fergie (Revelation 9)
2010 Inception Christopher Nolan, as Mal, Leonardo di Caprio Joseph Gordon-Levitt Tom Hardy Michael Caine, similar to role Kate Winslet in Titanic. Black Isis, from Paris where Diana died.
2010 Little White Lies Marie
2010 Les petits mouchoirs.
2010 Lady Blue Shangai for Dior by David Lynch, imitating Rita Hayworth.
2011 Midnight in Paris Adriana Adrien Brody as Salvador Dali Kathy Bates Carla Bruni (Nicolas Sarkozy) Michael Sheen Tom Hiddleston Owen Wilson Rachel McAdams (Sherlock Holmes=James Holmes) Woody Allen
2011 Contagion Dr. Leonora Orantes, Matt Damon Kate Winslet Gwyneth Paltrow Laurence Fishburne Jude Law (announcing the masque ball of the Covid19 ritual)

2012 Rust and Bone Stéphanie De Rouille et D'os (Sophia cut in two)
2012 The Dark Knight Rises Christopher Nolan, as Miranda Tate (name daughter Prospero-John Dee in The Tempest and Polanski's wife Sharon Tate)/ Talia al Ghul (masked Bane, announcing the Covid19 ritual), imitates the masque ball of Truman Capote, also 9/30 (93 nr of Thelema, True Will).

Christian Bale Michael Caine Morgan Freeman Tom Hardy Joseph Gordon-Levitt Matthew Modine.
2013 The Immigrant Ewa Cybulska with Joker Joaquin Phoenix (the James Holmes Phoenix ritual).
2013 Blood Ties Monica Billy Crudup Clive Owen Zoe Saldana Mila Kunis
2013 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues CBC News Co-host Cameo Steve Carell Will Ferrell Jim Carrey Liam Neeson John C Reilly James Marsden Greg Kinnear Drake Tina Fey Christina Applegate Kanye West Will Smith Vince Vaughn Harrison Ford
2014 Two Days, One Night Sandra Deux jours, une nuit
2015 The Little Prince The Rose Voice Jeff Bridges Paul Rudd Rachel McAdams Marion Cotillard James Franco Benicio Del Toro Albert Brooks Paul Giamatti Ricky Gervais Mackenzie Foy
2015 Macbeth Lady Macbeth (Shakespeare, writer of the Tempest) Michael Fassbender
2015 Unity Narrator (voice) Joker Matthew Modine Joker Joaquin Phoenix Selena Gomez Anne Hathaway Dr Dre Carrie-Anne Moss Jessica Chastain Ben Kingsley Ellen Burstyn
2016 It's Only the End of the World Catherine Vincent Cassel
2016 From the Land of the Moon Gabrielle Mal de Pierres
2016 Allied Marianne Beauséjour Brad Pitt
2016 Assassin's Creed (Templars) Dr. Sofia Rikkin Michael Fassbender
2017 Rock'n Roll
2017 Ismael's Ghosts Carlotta Les Fantômes d'Ismaël
2018 Angel Face Marlène Gueule d'ange
2020 The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle
2020 Together At Home jesuit Lady Gaga WHO propaganda during the Covid19-ritual Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Kimmel Common John Legend Rita Ora Jessie J Billy Ray Cyrus Jack Black Sara Jessica Parker Laurence Fishburne Samuel Jackson Matthew McConaughey Laura Bush Bill Gates Pryanka Chopra Pharrell Williams
2021 Charlotte Keira Knightley Mark Strong
2022 Astérix and Obelix: the Middle Kingdom Guillaume Canet Vincent Cassel


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