Marilyn Manson

Brian Hugh Warner (Marilyn Manson) s a mind controlled singer provocateur agent, used in the media industry and music industry to announce the 911 Twin Towers ritual, push the transgender agenda and normalise satanism and the satanic sodomy religion. He plays an Antichrist figure (mm=33) like Charles Manson, combined with whore of Babylon archetype Marilyn Monroe. He was married to burlesque model Dita Von Teese and had a relationship with Rose McGowan (actress in Devil in the Flesh). He promoted the Church of Satan of Anton LaVey, associated with Bobby Beausoleil of the Manson Family.

In 1999 he was used in the Columbine high school massacre media ritual and the documentary of Michael Moore (mm=33) 'Bowling For Columbine' (sacrifice of the dove, Colonna emperors).

On 4/2/2001 (nr rabbit hole Alice in Wonderland) Jennifer Syme, the wife of Keanu Reeves, died in car crash at Sunset Boulevard like River Phoenix in Johnny Depp's nightclub at Sunset Boulevard, after a party of Marilyn Manson (they both played in Lost Highway of David Lynch).

Astrological chart

born 1/5/1969, date Bradley Cooper, Diane Keaton. Asc: Leo, mc: Taurus. Dom: Leo, Capricorn (15 the Devil), Scorpio - Venus (Rose McGowan, pink), Sun (in Capricorn the Devil), Mars.

Houses 5, 2, 7. 5: Sun in Capricorn, 2: Pluto in Virgo (era of mysterious death Marilyn Monroe and Sharon Tate), 7: Venus in Pisces. 3: Mars in Scorpio, 9: Saturn in Aries.


1994 Portrait of an American Family (Nothing, Interscope)
1995 Smells Like Children (Mad Hatter)
1996 Antichrist Superstar
1997 Remix & Repent (nazi SS lightning symbol), David Lynch Lost Highway, soundtrack Apple of Sodom (Luciferian sodomy religion)
1998 Mechanical Animals 9/15 bday Harry (androgynous Baphomet transgender agenda) , DMX song The Omen (Damien II)
1999 The Last Tour On Earth 11/12 bday Manson, burning cross. Coma White imitating the JFK ritual with Rose McGowan in pink

2000 Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) Christ crucifiction pose, Eminem The Way I Am (Mars the Tower, announces the 911 Twin Tower ritual) scene of the Hudsucker Proxy with Tim Robbins, 'War' carving like the Sharon Tate ritual.
2001 From Hell soundtrack (Johnny Depp about Jack the Ripper) Beautiful People WWF remix (McMahon family)
2003 The Golden Age of Grotesque
2005 Saw II soundtrack
2007 Eat Me Drink Me (Alice in Wonderland programming)

2009 The High End of Low, LoveGame Lady Gaga remix
2012 Born Villain
2015 The Pale Emperor (Saturn in Aries the Emperor)
2017 Heaven Upside Down, Say10 (Satan) with Johnny Depp, decapitating Donald Trump (Antichrist John the Baptist)
2018 Helter Skelter The Beatles (race war Charles Manson Rev 911) White Album on 11/22
2019 The End cover of the Doors (Jim Morrison) on 11/22 (11+22=33) date of the JFK ritual
2020 We Are Chaos