Manson Family

The Manson Family was a cult of mind controlled children with Charles Manson as cult leader, used by the CIA in the 911 Sharon Tate murders media ritual in 1969 (announced in Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby).

They represented the first Christians, followers of (Anti-)Christ, the Son of Man, to announce the birth of Antichrist William V.


- Dianne Lake (Hog Farm commune with Wavy Gravy of Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters)
- Linda Kasabian june 21, 216 nr of gevurah, date of birth Antichrist William
- Susan Patricia Krenwinkel jesuit trained, went to University High School, had met Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys trough hitch-hiking (hh88 mercury, scene in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood)
- Susan Denis Atkins, Susan Atkins=Natassja Kinski=Satans Kin, Dionysos Satan, Susan is a baby name Rosemary considers for her baby in Rosemary's Baby, at the ending of the movie John talks about moving to Beverly Hills. She was born in Dallas where JFK was killed on 33d parallel, like Nagasaki where the atom bomb fell on aug 9.
- Tex Watson like Holmes and Watson, TEX is the 1st Enochian aethyr (Helter Skelter race war =Antichrist Hitler), used in sex magic and to encrypt alters. Roman and Sharon lived just a few streets from The Process Church.
- Robert Bobby Beausoleil (like Robert Bobby Kennedy) friend of Crowley-follower Kenneth Anger ('Do What Thou Willt' at their house in San Francisco). He played the role of Lucifer in Anger's 'Lucifer rising' with Marianne Faithfull, girlfriend of Mick Jagger as Lilith and played in Invocation of My Demon Brother with Anton LaVey.
- Lynette Alice Squeaky Fromme (Alice in Wonderland programming) 10/22/1948, fake Gerald Ford assassination attempt in 1975.
- Steve Clem Crogan 7/13/1951 date John Dee.
- Leslie Louise Van Houten (dutch, House of Orange) 8/23/1949
- Catherine Share (Hollywood High School like Vincent Bugliosi)

Timeline of the Manson Family

1967 Charles Manson and Mary Brenner conceive a child during the Summer of Love (LSD guru Timothy Leary) and name the child Michael Valentine Smith after the messiah character in Robert Heinlein's Stranger In a Stranger Land.

1968 Rosemary's Baby announces the birth of an Antichrist child. The Manson Family moves to the Spahn Movie Ranch of George Spahn (Bonanza, The Lone Ranger).
1969 on New Year's eve, 17-year old, Elizabeth Marina Habe (like Elizabeth Stuart, Elizabeth Short, born 1952 year Elizabeth became queen) is found, raped and murdered, on Mulholland Drive, the home of Roman Polanski and Jack Nicholson (69 symbol of Cancer, which rules birth, nine months before Sharon Tate murder).

She was found by a dog, reference to Sirius and the Fool card nr 22 (22y after death Elizabeth Short and death Crowley in 1947).

She was the daughter of writer Hans Habe (hh 88 the magician, Jayne Mansfield lived in Holmby Hills) with pseudonym Alexander Holmes, and Eloise Hardt, actress in the 1966 satanic movie Incubus with William Shatner (movie becoming real). Album 20/20 of The Beach Boys (bb=22) contained a song of Charles Manson and Bluebirds Over the Mountain (Project Bluebird).

In january the Manson Family moves to yellow home as his 'Yellow Submarine' (song of The Beatles, story of sun boat Ra swallowed by Apep/Apophis-underworld Pepperland).

2/15 Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski move to Cielo Drive (date of solar eclipse in 61, in her first movie Barabas). 3/1 Jim Morrison Florida concert, showing his phallus, evoking Pan Dionysus. Morrison poses with a lamb (goat and lamb, Lucifer and Christ in one). Uranus in Libra: fake Jim Morrison trial.

7/1 (8th birthday of Diana) Bernard Crowe (bc 23) first victim of Charles Manson, crow nigredo, Lone Ranger recorded at Spahn ranch.

Saturn V at Kennedy Space Center, launches Lucifer/Apollo 11 rocket, to fulfill the Revelation 911 prophecy about Apollyon, based on Jack Parsons and nazi Wernher Von Braun's research on 7/16 (7/16/1969=777, 7 nr of Apollo).

7/20 the Apollo moon landing ritual, announced by Stanley Kubrick's 2001 ASO. Houston=hew stone of John Dee. OTO sex magic ritual to invoke Babalon, rocket=phallus in crater cup of Babalon (moon crater named after Parsons). The Dakota of Rosemary's Baby where Guy and Rosemary made a Moonchild, was on 72nd street (7/20/1969= 34, nr of jupiter, 201st day: evolutionary step of 2001, watching tv screen the monolith).

7/20 was also the date Sharon Tate took a plane from London to LA, while Polanski supposedly was in Europe at the time (Tate 1st dom: Jupiter, planet of optimism, long distance travel). Hollywood Hills like moonlanding, place of illusion nr 9. Griffith park, griffith animal associated with Apollo.
8/1 letters Zodiac Killer media ritual in Hearst owned San Francisco Examiner and San Francisco Chronicle.

8/9 the 911 Sharon Tate ritual, written like a Hollywood movie script:
Charles Manson (Charles Lindberg Carl Mannson, Diana's husband Charles) the Son of Man antichrist, plans seven murders with his Manson Family, mind controlled with LSD, Revelation 9 and The Beatles music (Revolution 9). First murders occur on 7/25 (date of nuclear test Bikini Atoll) and 8/9, date of atomic bomb (symbolic splitting of the Godhead).

8/9 221st day, first day of Aquarius ruled by Saturn, age of Aquarius. 144 days left, 144.000 nr of revelation). 4 members (Watson, Atkins, Krenwinkel and Kasabian) invade Tate's home at Cielo Drive, which was previously owned by Cary Grant, Michele Morgan, Henry Fonda and Terry Melcher (son of Doris Day, born 20 days before Marjorie Cameron) with Mark Lindsay and actress Candice Bergen (present at Truman Capote ball, played in sequel of 2001 ASO). Cielo drive as Montsegur (Amor vs Roma, Christians vs Roman Empire).

- Sharon Tate (hebrew tet, greek theta=9th letter, serpent, womb),pregnant of a child named Paul Richard, the wife of Roman Polanski, director of Rosemary's Baby (Roman=Roman empire vs christians, like Vincent Bugliosi, born 8/18- 1+8=9). The media spreads pictures of her in masonic pose the Hanged man (gnostic mass of OTO 3 steps, invoking Nuit, Hadit and Ra Hoor Khuit. cielo drive 50100 (8+9+ 1+9+6+9=42).
- Steve Parent
- screenwriter Wojciech Frykowski (Neptune: movies stage illusion, invasion at home of writer in A Clockwork Orange) names Steve and Wojciech like Steve Jobs partner Steve Wozniak
- Abigail Anne Folger, family known for coffee (alchemical blackening).
- Jay Sebring hairdresser (hare rabbit hole of Alice, Lennon hair/hare peace). He had invited actor Steve McQueen that night.
1969 Uranus in Libra eccentric form of justice, like birth Adolf Hitler in 1889 (Manson carved swastika on his forehead as new Antichrist).

The bodies are carved with a sigil of Saturn (Azazel xx war, 9,69 km/h speed of saturn). Crowley performed rites of Eleusinian Mysteries in his Abbey of Thelema, that represented the myth of the abduction of Persephone from her mother Demeter by the king of the underworld Hades, in a cycle with three phases; the descent (loss), the search, and the ascent, with the main theme being the ascent of Persephone and the reunion with her mother. Elysium is mentioned in Beethoven's 9th symphony used in Beatles movie Help!, -lux album cover linked to revelation 911.
The murders were the end of 60's optimism of JFK and Marilyn, the modern day version of Orphic mysteries (Polanski and Manson both orphans). It contained many reference to the Black Dahlia ritual, 22y earlier (Anjelica Huston was the daughter of John Huston, linked to killer George Hodell, Sassoon-Rothschild bloodline).

The next night his Family (the same four + Leslie Van Houten and Steve 'Clem' Crogan) murders Rosemary LaBianca (=Rosemarys baby) at 3301 Waverly Drive writing 'Rise' (shouted in song 'Revolution 9', interpreted as Revelation 9) and 'Death to Pigs'(song 'Piggies'), with intent to make it look like a murder of the Black Panthers to start a race war. 8/15 Woodstock festival with Wavy Gravy.

10/12 (bday of Aleister Crowley, 22y after death) arrest Charles Manson, son of man Christ. Neptune (stage illusion) in Scorpio: spreading of 'McCartney is dead' conspiracy theory on radio.
11/7 children involved with the Process Church like Manson, James Sharp and Doreen Gaul found dead, close to where the LaBianca's lived.

11/14 death Reet Jurvetson (age 19, named jane doe/sherry doe, killed by man named John or Jean) bday of prince Charles, Veronice Lake (Blue Dahlia). She was found 2 days later nov 16. Reet=high priestess Tauret (Pan always found amongst the reeds bushes, Rita Hayworth, Lou Reed velvet underground, Tara Reid dr strangelove=Rita found in David Lynch film Mulholland Drive). The mystery of the dead girl is the modern version of ancient mystery religion (Persephone taken to underworld), but in the Aeon of Horus the child, there is no death or rebirth but lives on as image, twins, reflections.

12/6 (bday of nimrod, nick, the devil) Murder ritual of green man Meredith Hunter (the archer Sagittarius Art), Mick Jagger (like Mickey Hargitay) connected to Scientology offshoot Process Church, after 'Sympathy for the devil' of the Rolling Stones at Altamont Speedway (=Speedway movie released day Rosemary's Baby), security by the Hell's Angels (Neptune in Scorpio dark twist, ending the dream of peace and love).

ABC produced Charlie's Angels.

Lynette Fromme and Sandra Good corresponded with nazi James Mason, who promoted jesuit Donald Trump as Saviour.

2019 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Emile Hirsch as Jay Sebring (Antichrist Charles Manson's Sharon Tate rev911 murders), Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate Leonardo di Caprio and Brad Pitt as neighbor Mike Moh as Bruce Lee Kurt Russell Dakota Fanning Bruce Dern as George Spahn Austin Butler as Tex Watson Quentin Tarantino

Sharon Tate

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