Malcolm McDowell

Malcolm John Taylor McDowell (mm=33=orange) is a mind controlled actor of the Saturn cult, used in the Hollywood film industry to promote violence, crime, the Luciferian sodomy religion, to play an Antichrist character like William (father and son named Charles) and Harry (wife Meghan Markle) and to announce the James Holmes ritual and the Covid19-ritual.

John refers to John Lennon, Mac to McCartney also gemini. He is the cousin of actor Alexander Siddig (Star Trek Deep Space 9, Syriana, Kingdom of Heaven, Game of Thrones).

He was trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA, Anthony Sharp, Diana Dors, Natasha McElhone, Benedict Cumberbatch, Brian Cox, Richard Harris, Chiwetel Ejiofor, David Oyelowo, John Lithgow, Kim Cattrall, Jemma Redgrave, Donald Sutherland, Leon Vitali).

He married actress Margot Bennett, the 1st wife of Keir Dullea (Kubrick's 2001 ASO) and Mary Steenburgen (dutch: orange).

Their son Charles McDowell dated Rooney Mara, Emilia Clarke and Lily Collins, daughter of Phil Collins =Roman emperors Colonna. Their daughter was born 1/22/1981 (date death Heath Ledger).

Astrological chart

born 6/13/1943, date Chris Evans, Tim Allen, Stellan Skarsgard, Whitley Strieber, Lolita, Olsen twins, Jay-z and Beyonce twins, Mary-Kate Olsen, John Forbes Nash, WB Yeats, (Diana born in 1961). Gemini the Lovers 3d decan Saturn/Uranus, year 17 the star (mm=33=orange).

Dom: Gemini (the Lovers, like Keir Dullea), Leo, Libra - Mars (like John Lennon, Mia Farrow and Keir Dullea), moon, Jupiter.

Mars in Aires (the Emperor Roman), Venus conj Pluto, Lilith in Leo. Mercury in Taurus, Neptune in Virgo (like Lennon). Sun, Saturn, Uranus in Gemini, Jupiter in Cancer, moon in Libra (opp Mars in Aries Aleph -Lamed formula of Liber Al) cardinal mode. Mercury trine Neptune like Sharon Tate.


1968 If (aeon) Mick Travis (=Mick Jagger, Robert de Niro as Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver)
1970 Figures on a Landscape (year 0 the Fool)
1971 The Raging Moon (wheelchair)
1971 A Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubrick as Alex DeLarge (emperor Alexander the Great) Philip Stone Warren Clark Michael Bates Patrick Magee Anthony Sharp

announces Malcolm McLaren's program Punk Rock
1973 O Lucky Man! Mick Travis
1975 Royal Flash Harry Flashman (prince Harry, 777 lightning flash) Oliver Reed as Otto von Bismarck Britt Ekland (wife of Lou Adler) Bob Hoskins Tessa Dahl (daughter of Roald Dahl) novel of George MacDonald Fraser (Catherine's child George)
1976 Aces High (81 like Adolf Hitler) Christopher Plummer
1976 Voyage of the Damned Faye Dunaway Lyova Rosenthal/Lee Grant (Peyton Place, Valley of the Dolls with Sharon Tate and Patty Duke)
1979 The Passage Anthony Quinn James Mason Christopher Lee
1979 Caligula (Mars: Roman Empire) Caligula 8/31 (date death Diana) - 1/24 (date Sharon Tate) Helen Mirren Peter O'Toole, Julio-Claudian dynasty of the Colonna's.
1979 Time After Time 9/7 poster with watch and sun rising like orange as writer HG Wells (also on The Beatles Sgt Pepper's album) with time machine, word imagine lke John Lennon. searching for Jack the Ripper murders in 1888 (Mercury: 88) John Leslie Stevenson- David Warner (antichrist movie The Omen). the Lovers Mary Steenburgen (Clara in time travel movie Back To the Future III with Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox) Corey Feldman 11/5 (date of announcement William in 1981).
1980 Look Back in Anger (The Beatles clone Oasis Don't Look Back in Anger)
1982 Cat People with Natassja Kinski, Polanski's girlfriend new Sharon Tate Lust Leo.

1982 The Compleat Beatles The Beatles=4 droogs in ACO.
1982 Brittania Hospital Mick Travis (decapited like John the Baptist)
1983 Blue Thunder Roy Scheider (Jaws)
1983 Cross Creek (cc=33) Mary Steenburgen as Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (=Marjorie Kimmel Cameron) orange grove (home of Jack Parsons) as Max Perkins (S&B family, editor who launched the career of F Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway) Peter Coyote (Haight-Ashbury, E.T.)
1983 Get Crazy (Lust, Dionysus god of extacy, excess and madness) Saturn theatre cocain addicted rock star Reggie Wanker (OTO masturbation ritual of Jack Parsons), parody of Mick Jagger with John Densmore of the Doors (born 12/1 date death Crowley) Lou Reed (the Velvet Underground) Daniel Stern (Home Alone). Reggie Wanker has conversation with his penis, who becomes the new manager of his band.

Mary Woronov (Andy Warhol scene) Linnea Quigley Fabian
1986 Monte Carlo George Hamilton Joan Collins
1987 The Caller
1988 Buy & Cell Robert Carradine (John Carradine OTO) Randall Tex Cobb (like Tex Watson of Manson Family)
1988 Sunset Bruce Willis movie -real theme 4/29 St Catherine's Day, date wedding William and Catherine
1989 Mortaci lover of Alma (tunnel Diana)
1990 Moon 44 (nr mass of the phoenix)
1990 Class of 1999 (Revolution 911) violent youth gangs
1990 Happily Ever After (pink sky dissociation, Snow White) as disturbed psychiatrist/rapist Lord Malice (Alice in Wonderland programming) Dom Delouise as Looking Glass Zsa Zsa Gabor (Conrad Hilton) Phyllis Diller Sally Kellerman (HHS, Actors Studio, LA City College) Tracey Ullman
1990 Schweitzer Albert Schweitzer in Africa Susan Strasberg
1991 Assassin of the Tsar
1992 The Player cameo Tim Robbins Bruce Willis
1992 Chain of Desire (mars: chain) pedophilia, character Alma
1993 Bopha! Morgan Freeman directorial debut Danny Glover
1994 Cyborg 3 war between man and machine (mars: war)
1994 Milk Money (mm=33) Melanie Griffith (aug 9 like Sharon Tate murders) Ed Harris
1994 Star Trek Generations LeVar Burton Alfre Woodard Alice Krige Brannon Braga (Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey with Neil deGrasse Tyson) Jerry Goldsmith Paramount Pictures
1995 Night Train to Venice lightning Hugh Grant, as the Stranger, dream sequences with masks like Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut
1995 Tank Girl (the Chariot) Lori Petty Naomi Watts as Rachel (Meghan Rachel Markle) Ice-T 3/31 date Brandon Lee
1995 Fist of the North Star
1995 Kids of the Round Table (the lovers, merlin)
1997 Asylum Robert Patrick (Terminator 2)
1997 Hugo Pool Sean Penn Robert Downey Jr Cathy Moriarty Alyssa Milano
1997 Mr Magoo (mm=33) Leslie Nielsen as the Fool
1998 Discovery Channel the Occult Conspiracy narrator docu nazi's Antichrist Adolf Hitler the Fairy King of Ar
1998 The First 9 1/2 Weeks (Revelation 911)
1999 Love Lies Bleeding Jack the Ripper Faye Dunaway character Catherine
1999 My Life So Far (sign Harpo) as Morris MacIntosh Mary Mastrantonio (mm=33) Colin Firth Kelly MacDonald
2000 Gangster Nr 1 Paul Bettany
2000 Island of the Dead (one eye pyramid) Mos Def
2001 Stanley Kubrick A Life in Pictures Stanley Kubrick
2001 Just Visiting (Adjustment) as Wizard, Christina Applegate as Rosalind (rose anus as time portal) Jean Reno Tara Reid
2001 Princess of Thieves Keira Knightley Disney ABC
2002 The Void particle accelerator CERN opening Abyss of Revelation 911.
2002 Between Strangers (child Manson named after Stranger in A Strange Land) Sophia Loren Gérard Depardieu Pete Postlethwaite (the Omen)
2002 I Spy Eddie Murphy Owen Wilson
2003 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Clive Owen Charlotte Rampling
2003 Red Roses and Petrol
2003 Tempo Melanie Griffith Rachael Leigh Cook (Meghan Rachel Markle)
2003 The Company (Adjustment) James Franco
2004 Pact With the Devil (Dorian=Angela Dorian, Rosemary's twin in Rosemary's Baby) Christoph Waltz (nazi movie theatre in Inglourious Basterds like ACO)
2004 Evil Enko (serial killer executed on 2/14 Valentine's Day, date wedding Frederick V and Elizabeth).
2004 Bobby Jones a Stroke of Genius (the Sun) Jim Caviezel
2004 In Good Company Scarlett Johansson Topher Grace
2004 Pinocchio 3000 (robot programming)
2005 Mirror Wars Reflection One (glasses like Strange Angel about Jack Parsons)
2007 The List secret society
2007 Halloween (orange, the River Phoenix ritual on Halloween) Rob Zombie (the New School) Michael Myers (mm=33=orange) 8/31 date death Diana
2007 Doomsday virus quarantine riots dystopian society, announces the Corona-ritual cousin Alexander Siddig as pm
2008 Blue Gold World Water Wars (mars: war)
2008 Bolt (777 lightning flash) Disney John Travolta Miley Cyrus (Sirius the Dog Star)
2008 Delgo Val Kilmer
2009 Halloween 2 (orange, knife like Rosemary's Baby)
2009 Suck as Eddie Van Helsing (dutch: House of Orange) Alice Cooper, Moby, Henry Rollins Iggy Pop
2010 Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes (James Holmes ritual)
2010 Easy A Emma Stone (Gangster Squad cinema shooting) Stanley Tucci jesuit Patricia Clarkson
2011 The Artist Penelope Ann Miller John Goodman
2011 Suing the Devil as Satan the Devil

2012 Excision (Libra Queen of Swords) Ray Wise (Twin Peaks)
2012 Antiviral intentionally engineered virus (the Corona-ritual)
2012 A Green Story Billy Zane
2012 Vamps vampire Vlad Alicia Silverstone Sigourney Weaver
2012 Silent Hill: Revelation (911) Carrie-Anne Moss Kit Harrington
Sean Bean
2013 Richard the Lionheart Henry II (the Emperor)
2013 Sanitarium Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger)
2013 The Employer Billy Zane
2013 Meet the Small Potatoes Disney
2013 Tbilisi I Love You (Stalin) Ron Perlman (secret nazi project in Hellboy)
2014 Mischief Night
2014 Some Kind of Beautiful Pierce Brosnan Salma Hayek Jessica Alba
2015 Scooby-Doo Moon Monster Madness (mm=33)
2015 Kids vs Monsters Keith David Lance Henriksen (guide of Damian in The Omen) Arland Assante as Damian
2015 Oceanus: Act One
2016 31 (nr of Shin Judgement) Rob Zombie Richard Brake
2017 Grow House Snoop Dogg
2017 American Satan 10/13=10/31 Halloween
2018 Corbin Nash Corey Feldman (with River Phoenix in Stand By Me) Rutger Hauer
2019 Bombshell (Libra) as Rupert Murdoch (the Emperor) Charlize Theron Nicole Kidman Margot Robbie
2020 The Big Ugly as Harris
2020 The Christmas Chronicles 2 (cc=33) Kurt Russell
Blood On the Crown/Just Noise (orange) Harvey Keitel (Pulp Fiction)


Mind control