Magic is the science and art of causing change in conformity with will. Magic is everywhere in nature, it is the science of secrets of nature, transcending mind beyond reason. The most common symbol, the pentagram is based on knowledge of 5 elements (fire will, water emotion, air intellect, earth body and 5th element aether spirit). The cult of Saturn that works with the 7 chakra's, divides the different dimensions in 7 planes and works with 7 hermetic principles: mentalism (all is mind), correspondence (as above, so below), vibration (everything is in motion), polarity, rythm, cause and effect, and gender.

In invocation, the macrocosm floods the consciousness. In evocation, the magician, having become the macrocosm, creates a microcosm.
There are different models and approaches in magic:
-consciousness model: thoughts become reality, so called law of attraction
-energy model chi, pictured by Eliphas Levi as the astral light between horns of Baphomet
-spirit model of entities and Gods

White magic/black magic, service to others or service to self.
-magic in accordance with God and natural law, alligning Will with the divine Will, that brings no harm to others but benefits them (synchronicities as signs of being on the right path) or
- magic that is a violation of natural law, that will seem to benefit them in the short run but automatically leads to suffering.
Good spirits will not interfear with human evolution, will provide guidance but respect the autonomy of the individual. Christianity only acknowledges the creator God, in esotericism the whole tree is Holy and God works through its 'archangels'. They cannot be conjured. When the initiate, during the work on a particular Sephirah, aligns himself with its force, the archangel works through the initiate.
Evil, lower vibrational spirits will always try to gain influence, dominate because they are stuck in their realm and seek sensory pleasure, physical experience.
Followers of the new age cult are easy to mislead because they are looking for escapism. They like to dabble into that realm without acknowledging there are negative energies and these negative experience are very good in masking themselves as angels of light.

Even atheïsts who don't believe in magic, will make the choice of what path they choose, and will experience the consequences of aligning themselves with the right path or a wrong path (leading to light/leading to darkness).
Satanists like Lavey did not proclaim belief in an entity called Satan but considered the ego as God and followed the satanic philosophy that man can become God. Black magicians will have a selfish purpose in their practice, mainly working with the qlippoth, the shells, the evil twin-shadow sides of energies of kabbalistic tree of life. They use deception, make pacts (socalled selling soul to the devil), drink blood/flesh, communicate and work with lower vibrational energies to get what they want. Generally speaking this almost always leads to the magician obeying their orders, because they demand constant feeding, worship and sacrifice. They are not creative, the only form of creation they know is inversion so in satanism most rituals are a perversion, distortion and inversion of christian rituals. They have no concern about the morality or repercussions, about feelings, out of extreme selfishness (Crowley's motto: do what thou willt).

Left hand path, Right hand path
'And he shall seperate them from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats. And he shall set the sheep on his right, the goats on the left.' Matthew 25-33
'How happy shall be the people of the right hand, how wretched the people of the left hand. ' Quran.
The left hand was always associated with the left, black pillar on the tree of life, associated with impurity and weakness. Where white magic uses the pentagram, honors the spiritual, black magic worships the inverted pentagram, material world of 666. The left path stands for materialism, the dark, the hidden, the passive, absorbs, the feminine, the negative (connected to shadow, tree of death, qlippoth, hell, roots of the tree).

The right path lightbringers (lucifer) light active, expels, the masculine, positive. The pillar of Severity, self-control black pillar vs the right pillar of Mercy, light, white pillar.
Monotheistic qabalists cross the abyss through the Christ formula, creating a bridge between man and god, returning to a childlike state of utopian paradise, reunited with god. The Left Hand Path glorifies the fall, away from tree of life, further into tree of knowledge to become god-like (the abyss in nordic mythology Gniphalan is the gate to qliphotic worlds of lucifer) and conjures demons of the qlippoth out of the womb of Lilith.