Mackenzie Philips

Mackenzie Philips is a mind controlled actress and singer, used in the Laurel Canyon scene and the Hollywood film industry to normalise pedophilia, drug abuse and the gay-transgender religion, as part of the cultural marxist program Rock. She is the daughter of John Philips of The Mama's and The Papa's. Her mother Geneviève Waite posed for HarperBazaar of Hearst with Monarch butterfly symbolism.

She is the sister of Bijou Philips, mind controlled with Scientology of Ron Hubbard (Laurel Canyon meetings with Robert Heinlein and Jack Parsons).

She went to Hollywood Professional School like Judy Garland, Mickey Mouse Club member Anette Funicello and Sharon Baird, John Drew Barrymore, Val Kilmer, Carl Wilson (The Beach Boys), Peggy Lipton, Melanie Griffith, Ann Miller, Lana and Nathalie Wood.

She was abused by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin (bought the Boleskine House of Crowley) and Mick Jagger. She married Shane Fontayne, guitar player of Johnny Haliday, Bruce Springsteen, Crosby, Stills and Nash.

She played in CBS sitcom One Day at a Time of Norman Lear (People for the American Way) with Valerie Bertinelli (married to Eddie Van Halen, who filmed Hot for Teacher at Bellevue Hospital) and Shelly Fabares (married to Philip's manager Lou Adler, close friend of Anette Funicello of the Mickey Mouse Club). She also played in So Weird (Disney Channel).

She was a guest on ABC show Donny and Marie with Donny Osmond.

She accused her father of incest on CNN and The Oprah Winfrey Show (normalisation of pedophilia, Philips lived next to Polanski).

born 11/10/1959.


1973 American Graffiti George Lucas as Carol 'Rainbow' Morrison= Laurel Canyon singer Jim Morrison, naval kindergarten class of her father, programmed with Wizard of Oz (flirt scene at age 12) Richard Dreyfuss Harrison Ford Ron Howard Kathleen Quinlan (played Jim Morrison's lover in The Doors) Cindy Williams (Happy Days) Candy Clark (The Man Who Fell To Earth with David Bowie) Universal Pictures produced by Francis Ford Coppola cinematography by Haskell Wexler, related to Daryl Hannah and Page Hannah who married John Philips' manager Lou Adler
1975 Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins Rita "Frisbee" Sykes Harry Dean Stanton Sally Kellerton Jerry Bruckheimer
1976 The Jacksons Michael Jackson Sonny Bono
1979 More American Graffiti Carol "Rainbow" (dissociation Wizard of Oz) Morrison

Rosanna Arquette as cult member
1982 Love Child J.J. Beau Bridges (brother of Jeff Bridges) Joanna Merlin (NYU, Law and Order Special Victims Unit with Mariska Hargitay)
1986 Kate's Secret Summer Phoenix Shari Belafonte
1998 True Friends Connie
1999 When Catherine Brown
2005 The Jacket (one eye) Nurse Harding Adrien Brody Kris Kristofferson Keira Knightley Jennifer Jason Leigh produced by Peter Guber and George Clooney Warner music by Brian Eno
2011 Hercules Saves Christmas Helen Dunn Alternate title: Santa's Dog
2011 Peach Plum Pear Sharon
2014 Suburban Gothic Mrs. Richards Matthew Gray Grubler (NYU) John Waters (transgender agenda with Pink Flamingos) Ray Wise (father who commits incest in Twin Peaks) McKenna Grace
2014 Blackout Sarah Short film
2014 North Blvd Linda
2015 Girl on the Edge Peter Coyote (Haight-Ashbury)
2016 Sacred Journeys Tiff Short film Tracy Boyd
2018 North Blvd

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