MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) is a CIA front established in 1969 to spread disinfo about UFO's and extraterrestrials. It originated in the Areal Phenomena Research Organization (ARPO=Horus child Harpo) founded in 1952, year of Project Bluebook. It worked with Kathleen Marden (niece of Betty Hill), Karla Turner, cryptographer James McDonald and Dave MacDonald (Irish-Scottish family, George MacDonald ranch in Trinity Test). MUFON is supported by channeler JZ Knight. It is funded by the Pentagon through Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace (worked with Jacques Vallée).

It organized symposia and podcasts with John Alexander, Steve Bassett, George Knapp, Nick Pope, Grant Cameron, Richard Dolan, William Tomkins, Barbara Lamb (=Lam), Jim Sparks (Project Camelot), Dan Aykroyd, Travis Walton, Linda Moulton Howe, Nick Redfern, Cheryll Jones, Allen Hynek (Project Blue Book), Stanton Friedman, Corey Goode, Michael Salla, works with History Channel (A&E of Disney and Hearst) on show Hangar 1.

It works with Red Wheel Weiser (New Page Books, Disinformation Books) which also publish the books of Thomas Carey, Donald Schmitt, Edgar Mitchell, Stanton Friedman, Philip Coppens, Nick Redfern, Kevin Randle, Marie D Jones, Frank Joseph, Jim Marrs, Mike Bara, Richard Dolan, Erich von Daniken, Peter Levenda, Harold Puthoff, James Van Praagh, Joscelyn Godwin, JJ Hurtak, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, AE Waite, Frater Achad, Lon Milo DuQuette (OTO).

Karla Turner died of cancer in 1996 (year before Diana). Her book Taken was adapted into a tv series by Steven Spielberg with Dakota Fanning.


JZ Knight