Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) is a Hollywood studio, founded in 1924 by jewish masons Marcus Loew, Sam Goldwyn and Louis Mayer (mm=33), with lion symbol of the House of Judah.

1924 Mademoiselle Midnight (mm=33) John Russell. Sherlock Jr Buster Keaton (child Harpo, year 20 Aeon). Little Robinson Crusoe Jackie Coogan. Yolanda produced by William Randolph Hearst.

1925 Ben Hur Ramon Novarro (Laurel Canyon)

1926 La Bohème King Vidor. The Temptress Lionel Barrymore.

1929 The Bellamy Trial Hearst News Service. The Kiss Greta Garbo.

1930 Montana Moon (mm=33) Joan Crawford. Teacher's Pet June Marlowe (Hollywood High School). The Divorcee Norma Shearer (son educated at Le Rosey).

1934 Evelyn Prentice William Powell Myrna Loy. Babes In Toyland Laurel and Hardy.

Manhattan Melodrama (mm=33) William Powell Myrna Loy, used in the John Dillinger media ritual (killed in theatre like Abraham Lincoln), written by Donald Ogden Stewart (Algonquin Round Table with Marx brothers, George Kaufman and Dorothy Rothschild).

1935 A Night at the Opera Marx Brothers (Harpo Marx=child Horus) George Kaufman (affair with Mary Astor). David Copperfield Freddie Bartholomew Maureen O'Sullivan (mother of Mia Farrow) Gale Sondergaard Peter Lawford (related to JFK).

Anna Karenena Greta Garbo Fredric March Maureen O'Sullivan Joan Marsh (daughter of Charles Rocher of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) Mary Forbes.

1936 The Devil Is A Sissy Jackie Cooper Mickey Rooney.

Andy Hardy franchise with Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland (Joudy= consort of Baal, Hollywood High School), Lewis Stone.

Samuel Goldwyn joins Dorothy Rothschild's Hollywood Anti-Nazi League.

1937 Topper Cary Grant Lana Turner (Hollywood High School)

1938 Pygmalion play of Fabian GB Shaw. A Christmas Carol novel of Charles Dickens. Yellow Jack Lewis Stone as Walter Reed (Bellevue) who did research on yellow fever. Love Finds Andy Hardy.

Paradise for Three Mary Astor Frank Morgan George Oppenheimer (gay agenda with OTO member Harry Hay). Marie Antoinette Norma Shearer Tyrone Power John Barrymore screenplay of F Scott Fitzgerald.

1939 Wizard of Oz Judy Garland Frank Morgan (used as manual for mind control, based on a book of Frank Baum of the Theosophical Society and screenplay of Herman Mankiewicz).

Another Thin Man, screenplay by Dashiel Hammett (Communist Party USA).

Gone with the Wind Scarlett O'Hara as the Scarlett Woman in Crowley's Thelema, based on Martha Roosevelt, financed by Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney (S&B family), F Scott Fitzgerald. Sam Goldwyn is a member of the Committee for the Present Danger, Samuel Goldwyn Jr of Zeta Beta Tau.

1940 The Philadelphia Story Katherine Hepburn James Stewart.

The Mortal Storm (Holocaust propaganda) James Stewart Margaret Sullavan (married Henry Fonda, mother of Brooke Hayward who married Dennis Hopper and Peter Duchin, raised by Averell Harriman S&B) Frank Morgan (Wizard of Oz)

1941 Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde Viktor Fleming Ingrid Bergman Lana Turner. Honky Tonk Clark Gable Lana Turner Frank Morgan. Tarzan's Secret Treasure Johnny Weismuller. A Woman's Face George Cukor Conrad Veidt Joan Crawford.

1942 Nazi Agent Conradt Veidt Sidney Blackmer Martin Kosleck (married to Eleanor Mendelssohn). Rio Rita Abbott and Castello.

1943 Presenting Lily Mars Judy Garland Van Heflin. Hitler's Madman John Carradine (Ordo Templi Orientis) as Reinhard Heydrich, Elizabeth Russell, Ava Gardner. Lassie Come Home (the Fool) Elizabeth Taylor Roddy MacDowell.

Madame Curie Mervyn LeRoy (Wizard of Oz) screenplay by Aldous Huxley.

1944 The White Cliffs of Dover (poem of Alice Miller, related to president of Columbia, reference to blue birds) Frank Morgan as Hiram Roddy McDowell Elizabeth Taylor. Meet Me in St Louis Judy Garland Mary Astor.

1945 The Picture of Dorian Gray novel of Oscar Wilde (gay agenda) Peter Lawford (Rat Pack, brother-in-law of John F Kennedy) Angela Lansbury George Sanders (married to Zsa Zsa Gabor) Donna Reed

1946 Till the Clouds Roll By Angela Lansbury Judy Garland Frank Sinatra directed by Vincente Minelii

1947 Sea of Grass Elia Kazan Katharine Hepburn Spencer Tracy

1948 The Search Montgomery Clift Aline MacMahon, about Auschwitz. State of the Union Frank Capra. Julia Misbehaves Greer Garson Elizabeth Taylor Cesar Romero.

Easter Parade Jimmie Dodd (Disney's Mickey Mouse Club ) Judy Garland Fred Astaire Ann Miller Peter Lawford (related to JFK) music of Irving Berlin. The Three Musketeers Gene Kelly. Summer Holiday Mickey Rooney Agnes Moorehead Walter Huston Marilyn Maxwell (affair with Bob Hope).

1950 The Asphalt Jungle Sterling Hayden (CIA team of William Donovan).

1951 Isadore Schary is made president, later also chairman of the jewish Anti-Defamation League, Armand Deutsch as producer (family of Julius Rosenwald of Bear Stairns), friends with Knight of Malta Ronald Reagan. The Tall Target announces the JFK ritual. The Red Badge of Courage John Huston. Father's Little Dividend Elizabeth Taylor Moroni Olsen (Mormon Church) Billie Burke.

1952 Million Dollar Mermaid (mm=33) Lust card, Kathryn Reed (Hollywood High School). Singin' in the Rain Gene Kelly Debbie Reynolds (mother of Carrie Fisher) Jean Hagen produced by Arthur Freed (Philips Exeter).

Lovely to Look At Mervyn LeRoy Vincente Minnelli (married to Judy Garland) Zsa Zsa Gabor Ann Miller (HHS) Marge Champion (HHS)

1953 Julius Caesar Marlon Brando. MGM singer Hank Williams dies of morphine and chloral hydrate.

1955 Guys and Dolls Frank Sinatra Marlon Brando. The Cobweb Lauren Bacall.

1956 Diane last movie of Lana Turner, decline of Golden Age studio system. The Swan Grace Kelly. High Society Grace Kelly Frank Sinatra.

1957 Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley. Action of the Tiger Terence Young Martin Carol. MGM cartoonists William Hanna and Joseph Barbera found Hanna-Barbera.

1959 Ben Hur Charlton Heston.

1960 The Time Machine (HG Wells) Yvette Mimieux. BUtterfield 8 Elizabeth Taylor Laurence Harvey. Where the Boys Are (beach party genre, sexual themes, aimed at children).

1961 Two Loves Shirley MacLaine (sister of Warren Beatty) Laurence Harvey.

1962 All Fall Down Warren Beatty (Mulholland Drive with pedophile Roman Polanski).

Lolita Stanley Kubrick James Mason Sue Lyon Peter Sellers Shelley Winters (The New School), novel of Vladimir Nabokov (Nikolaj Nabokov member of CCF) normalization of pedophilia (pink programming).

Period of Adjustment (Adjustment) play of Tennessee Williams (CCF) Jane Fonda. Mutiny on the Bounty Knight of Malta Richard Harris.

1963 In the Cool of the Day Jane Fonda Angela Lansbury.

1964 Viva Las Vegas Elvis Presley Ann-Margret. The Night of the Iguana John Huston Richard Burton Ava Gardner Sue Lyon Tennessee Williams (CCF). Of Human Bondage written by Bryan Forbes. Joy House Jane Fonda Alain Delon.

1965 The Hill Sean Connery Michael Redgrave (IRD with George Orwell). Girl Happy Elvis Presley Shelley Fabares (wife of Lou Adler).

1966 MGM is sold to the jewish Bronfman family (CFR), who would also buy Universal, Time Inc (Henry Luce) as shareholder.

7 Women John Ford Sue Lyon Anna Lee (goddaughter of jesuit AC Doyle)

Blow Up by Michelangelo Antonioni with David Hemmings, Vanessa Redgrave and Jane Birkin (Swinging London).

Grand Prix John Frankenheimer.

1967 The Dirty Dozen John Cassavetes Charles Bronson. The Fearless Vampire Killers Roman Polanski Sharon Tate. Eye of the Devil David Hemmings Sharon Tate

1968 Stanley Kubrick's '2001 ASO' Keir Dullea. Speedway with Elvis Presley and Nancy Sinatra on day of release Rosemary's Baby. Where Were You When the Lights When Out? Doris Day. Ice Station Zebra Rock Hudson Patrick McGoohan.

1969 The Extraordinary Seaman John Frankenheimer Faye Dunaway Mickey Rooney.

Kirk Kerkorian (Armenian mafia) buys MGM.

1970 Zabriskie Point (Death Valley of Jack Parsons' Babalon Workings) Michelangelo Antonioni. Brewster McCloud (blue bird poster) produced by Lou Adler (Laurel Canyon, Daryl Hannah) Robert Altman Shelley Duvall.

Alex in Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland programming) Donald Sutherland Ellen Bursteyn.

1971 Pretty Maids All in a Row Roger Vadim (Brigitte Bardot) Gene Rodenberry. blaxploitation movie Shaft. MGM Records releases music of 13y old Donny Osmond (child Harpo, Mormon Church).

Get Carter Michael Caine (Swinging London project) Britt Eklund (married to Lou Adler).

1972 The Wrath of God Robert Mitchum Rita Hayworth. Night of the Lepus (rabbit Alice in Wonderland programming) Janet Leigh.

1973 Shaft in Africa. Kirk Kerkorian builds the MGM Grand Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip (opening with Dean Martin) in Paradise Nevada.

1975 The Passenger Jack Nicholson. The Wind and the Lion Sean Connery Candice Bergen (Laurel Canyon). debut album of Gloria Gaynor (disco trend).

1976 Logan's Run.

1981 United Artists merges with MGM.

1982 Pink Floyd The Wall. Pink Panther franchise with Peter Sellers (pink Alice in Wonderland programming). Rocky III Sylvester Stallone. Poltergeist franchise.

1983 Octopussy James Bond MI6 propaganda, Eon productions= the Aeon of Horus of Fleming's friend Crowley, led by Michael Wilson and Albert Broccoli (cousin married Gloria Vanderbilt, daughter jesuit Barbara Brocoli), filmed at Pinewood Studios.

Brainstorm (about mind control, Stanislav Grof as consultant) Christopher Walken Louise Fletcher (OFOTCN) Natalie Wood. The Hunger David Bowie Susan Sarandon Catherine Deneuve Dan Hedaya Willem Dafoe novel of Whitley Strieber Tony Scott.

1984 Reckless Daryl Hannah. 2010 The Year We Make Contact Peter Hyams Keir Dullea Candice Bergen.

1985 A View to Kill Grace Jones. Rocky IV Sylvester Stallone. Exposed Natassja Kinski Harvey Keitel.

1986 9 1/2 Weeks Mickey Rourke Kim Basinger. Kirk Kerkorian sells MGM to Ted Turner.

1987 The Living Daylights Timothy Dalton as James Bond. Moonstruck Cher.

1988 Rain Man Tom Cruise Dustin Hoffman as Ray (card trick like Raymond in The Manchurian Candidate). Orion Pictures is owned by Metromedia with Lynn Forester Rothschild as executive vice president for development.

1990 Giancarlo Paretti (Pathé) buys MGM.

1991 The Man in the Moon Reese Witherspoon. Thelma & Louise Brad Pitt.

1993 Body of Evidence Madonna. Opening of the MGM Grand as Emerald City of the Wizard of Oz, owned by The Blackstone Group of Stephen Schwarzman (S&B).

1994 Stargate (reference to Stargate Project) Roland Emmerich Kurt Russell. Showgirls Paul Verhoeven.

1995 Get Shorty Gene Hackman Danny DeVito (based on Giancarlo Paretti).

1996 Tupac Shakur media ritual at MGM Grand Hotel.

1997 Tomorrow Never Dies Pierce Brosnan. Leaving Las Vegas.

1998 Ronin Robert de Niro.

2001 Hannibal Anthony Hopkins. Barbershop franchise with Ice Cube in the 2000's. Legally Blonde franchise Reese Witherspoon.

2004 MGM is sold to Sony and Comcast. Wicker Park Diane Kruger.

2005-2009 MGM is led by Harry Sloan (jewish). The Brothers Grimm Heath Ledger Matt Damon.

2006 Casino Royale Daniel Craig (born day before Diana's bodyguard) Eva Green, Jeffrey Wright Mads Mikkelsen Urbano Sforza-Colonna (Order of Jesters) MGM-Columbia Sony

2008 Quantum of Solace.

2010 Hot Tub Time Machine. Gary Barber (Spyglass Entertainment) as new CEO with Roger Birnbaum (Arista Records under Clive Davis, UA, 20th Century Fox).

2012 Skyfall.

2018 A Star Is Born Lady Gaga (screenplay of Dorothy Rothschild).

Operation Finale Ben Kingsley as Adolf Eichmann.

2020 Michael De Luca (DreamWorks) as new chairman

Lionsgate Entertainment was founded by Frank Giustra of mining company Goldcorp, connected to the Clinton Foundation of jesuit Bill Clinton and ICG of Soros.