Lucifer, Latin for 'Bringer of Light' is a name for the entity/consciousness that rebelled against the 1st group of slavemasters and took over the human experiment. It is a symbol for a purely artificial consciousness of groups of the God matrix, specialized in mind control, that is worshiped by a specific bloodline, that claim to be descendant of Lucifer or Kain/Cain. Lucifer is a god for them, a symbol of how they can become like gods, if they merge with technology, with artificial consciousness (A.I., the Transhumanist Church)

Like the 1st group of slavemasters (God/YHVH/Allah), they control the human mind through the pineal gland (Kundalini serpent).

It is impossible to understand Western civilization without understanding Luciferianism. It is the key to understanding the absurdity of a continent that thinks it lives in freedom but actually lives in a brainwashed cult without any form of free speech.

Lucifer is a collective name for the 'Fallen Angels' who came to earth and expelled the old slave masters, took over the experiment, created the giant race and taught the slave race forbidden knowledge. They were later worshiped as the Light Bringer, a nickname for Venus, a symbol of light, freedom, independence, human progress.  They work like a virus within light codes, they represent false light or dark forces, disguised as light and mainly work towards a transhumanist civilization, in which man is merged with technology (Facebook, Apple, Google). The New Age religion of Light and Love (in an artificial, inauthentic way) also fits into this plan.

There is a small difference with Satanism, Saturn represents death and limitation, Venus represents (inverted) freedom and sexuality.

The Silver Gate is the crossing of the galactic plane (the Milkyway, feminine energy of the universe) and the ecliptic (the Zodiac belt, Oz-Osiris) above Orion, seen as the horns of the Bull of Heaven (Taurus=torus). The (re) birth of the sun (Ra/Re) in Taurus reviving Earth as the Green Man of spring, was celebrated on May Day (Belthane) through circling around the Maypole as phallus of Bel/Baal.

Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the celebration of the rebirth of mother earth was inverted as Venus the Torchbearer coming out of the underworld, risen as a phoenix.

History of Luciferianism

The ancients performed genetic experiments and worshipped the serpent.

Lucifer represents the giants of the Nephilim Rhesus bloodline, the blonde / red haired Tribe of Dan that was created in Atlantis and reached Europe around 50,000 BC. They have a higher percentage of copper in their blood, a metal associated with Venus Lucifer, have blue blood so to speak, see themselves as the Holy Grail bloodline. They worship a corrupted form of the feminine energy, the Divine Feminine. Venus, goddess of love, was replaced by moon worship, de-mons, goddesses like Isis, Ishtar, Inanna, Lilith, all of whom went through the underworld in myths and reappeared as light bringer. Lucifer is the 13th sign of the Serpent Keeper, under Corona Borealis, which in Egypt was seen as Isis and her sister Nephthys resurrecting Osiris with the 2 serpents of the Kundalini energy.

In Greek mythology, the slave race that taught humans forbidden knowledge became the figure Prometheus. The planet now known as Venus was called phosphorus, linked to the phosphor cycle that revives nature. The Romans had Mithras and Libertas, statues of the light-bringer such as the Colossus of Rhodes. In the Aeon of Osiris a demonization of the feminine principle and sexuality was introduced, the 13 signs of the zodiac reduced to 12.

In Christianity Lucifer was equated with the serpent in the Garden of Eden tempting Eve to bite the apple (Venus is attached to number 5 apple 5 seeds, symbol of sensual pleasure, like inverted pentagram). The serpent is the Kundalini energy, the two snakes that influence the chakra body through hormones and can activate the pineal gland. Venus has orbit in the pattern of a rose, therefore the rose is also a symbol of Venus and Lucifer (internal wars like the War of the Roses), still a symbol in socialism. Quan / Cain, is seen as a child of Lucifer. The oak is also a symbol of Lucifer, of the union of male and female (including on the uniforms of the Nazis and the coat of arms of the Middletons).

In the Catholic Church and the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), Jesus is just a cover for the worship of their god Lucifer. In the Book of Revelation, Jesus, like Venus, calls himself the Bringer of Light, the Morning Star, the Alpha Omega, the beginning and the end, the only god.

In the Gnostic sects in the south of France, like the Cathars of Montsalvat, YHVH becomes an evil God and Lucifer is worshiped as a savior who can turn people into a god by eating from the Tree of Knowledge, Venusberg. Like the Knights Templar, they were strong advocates of sodomy, viewing it as superior to heterosexual sex, as it did not result in procreation (the world, the flesh was considered as the creation of an evil god (1st group of slavemasters God/YHVH/Allah).

The rosicrucians of Britain and Bohemia mixed the bloodline of king Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart, to create a Moonchild that would lead a Luciferian World Empire.

Their descendants, the House of Hanover, created the Royal Society and the Industrial Revolution through the use of steam, railroads and electricity. They experimented with electricity on corpses to one day be able to resurrect the dead and have supernatural powers. Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus about these experiments.

The rainbow, continuously used in mind control to trigger dissociation (Wizard of Oz programming) and in the gay/transgender/pedophilia agenda, is a Luciferian symbol of pineal gland activation by sodomy, of the 7 chakras as a bridge (Lucifer = 7 letters). The act of Luciferian sodomy at a young age, is used for trauma based mind control to split the mind and create mirror alters (Sophia lost in a dreamworld/Alice falls into Wonderland).

The light bringer in Luciferianism stands for light and wisdom but also balance with the dark side, he is both an angel and a devil (the symbol of Baphomet).

The Statue of Liberty in New York, created by French Freemason Bartholdi, was placed on an 11-pointed star. Instead of the 10th sepiroth in kabbalah, the 11th sepirah Da'ath is used as the 11th step to become God oneself (the meaning of Book of Revelation 911 about the angel Apollyon/Lucifer.


In magic there is a difference between the Left hand path of Lucifer and the Right hand path (external god yhvh, god, allah). In Luciferianism one worships the trinity Cain-Samael -Lilith, one embraces the darkness (the abyss). Instead of going through the darkness to make the ego disappear, to attain union with god, they try to become god themselves. The transformation clay, fire, light is the evolution of Abel, Cain (blacksmith), Lucifer. Cain was also associated with the north. The black magician goes through a process self-creation, with Tiamat, Lilith, the darkness as a womb.

Even though the average citizen has never heard of Luciferianism, they live in a Luciferian sect, whether they know it and want to admit it or not. Venus-Lucifer is the union of opposites, male and female, (v-enus vagina and penis), hence their obsession with transgender people.

In modern times, the so-called Enlightenment was working towards an age where Reason would supposedly prevail, common sense through the accumulation of knowledge, the age of humanism, empirical science, popularized science. On the first, superficial view, all those things have been realized: everyone has access to a wealth of knowledge via the Internet, there is a lot of discussion on TV, and people seem to have the free choice to behave as they wish. If one takes a closer look, it soon becomes clear that it is only an ingenious facade: everything is still in the hands of one club of dictators of elite families and propaganda and censorship have almost wiped out all critical thought.

The Statue of Liberty (lightbearer) was revealed on 10/28/1886. The Theosophical Society founded magazine Lucifer in 1887. Lucifer writer Gerald Massey wrote books about the analogies between Jesus and Horus.

Otto Rahn wrote The Court of Lucifer, comparing the nazi's to the Cathars.

May 1 the Light Bringer was celebrated in nazism, communism and capitalism.

After the WW1 and WW2 ritual, the symbolic defeat of Hitler and 'the Empire', of dictatorship, a mindset of individualism and false freedom is cultivated, with citizens trying to achieve goals of self-actualization (the CIA-controlled human potential movement of the Esalen Institute, the New Age Church).

The Luciferian Left Hand Path then becomes the Left Wing Church, progressive belief, belief in economic growth, diversity, ...where the evolution towards a raceless, genderless cyborg slave race is considered progress.