Louise Fletcher

Louise Fletcher is a mind controlled actress, used in the Hollywood film industry to play the Diana Spencer archetype, mother of Antichrist figure King William V (Louis 2nd child of Catherine, 7/22 like 1st child George). Her most famous role is nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest with Jack Nicholson about the CIA mind control projects like MK Ultra (Ken Kesey- History of Mind Control). Her movies Strange Behaviour and Brainstorm are also about mind control.

Astrological chart

born 7/22/1934, date Mary Magdalene, nr pi, date Rose Kennedy, Terence Stamp, d John Dillinger, d William Mulholland, founding Special Operations Executive, Albert Brooks, Selena Gomez, Willem Dafoe, d Janet Lee Bouvier, remake of the Manchurian Candidate, date prince George 2013 (Louis name Catherine's 2nd child), Leo ruled by the sun, strength controlling the solar lion.

Dominants: Cancer (the Chariot, queen of cups), Sagittarius, Gemini - Moon (Diana), Pluto, Venus.


1963 A Gathering of Eagles Mrs. Kemler Uncredited
1974 Thieves Like Us Mattie Shelley Duvall (The Shining Jack Nicholson)
1975 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Nurse Ratched Jack Nicholson Danny DeVito Chistopher Lloyd
1975 Russian Roulette Midge
1977 Exorcist II: The Heretic Dr. Gene Tuskin jesuit priest Linda Blair Katherine Tupper Winn (Catherine) Richard Burton Max von Sydow James Earl Jones
1978 The Cheap Detective Marlene DuChard
1979 Natural Enemies Miriam Steward
1979 The Magician of Lublin Emilia Shelley Winters Valerie Perrine produced by Menahem Golan
1979 The Lady in Red Anna Sage about John Dillinger and Ana Cumpanas, shot at Biograph theatre (similar to Harvey Lee) on 7/22 Mary Woronow Christopher Lloyd
1980 Mama Dracula Mama Dracula
1980 The Lucky Star Loes Bakker
1981 Strange Behavior Barbara Moorehead (character Murphy mind control)
1983 Brainstorm Stanislav Grof as consultant Douglas Trumbull (2001 ASO) Dr. Lillian Reynolds (Lilith) Saturn Award for Best Actress with Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood, Cliff Richardson who played JFK Lana Clarkson, also about mind control

1983 Strange Invaders Mrs. Benjamin (the Moon koph word 'strange') Diana Carwid
1983 Overnight Sensation Eve Peregrine – "E. K. Hamilton"
1984 Firestarter Norma Manders (Stephen King The Shining) Drew Barrymore (E.T.) Martin Sheen (shin: fire) George Scott Heather Locklear
1984 Talk to Me Mrs. Patterson
1984 Once Upon a Time in America Riverdale Cemetery Director Uncredited (only in the 2012 Extended Director's Cut)
1986 Nobody's Fool Pearl (Nemo the Fool the Joker) Rosanna Arquette Eric Roberts (the Dark Knight)
1986 The Boy Who Could Fly Psychiatrist
1986 Invaders from Mars Mrs. McKeltch Karen Black produced by Menahem Golan
1986 Second Serve (transgender agenda) Vanessa Redgrave CBS
1987 Flowers in the Attic Olivia Foxworth
1987 Grizzly II: The Predator Park Supervisor
1988 Two Moon Junction Belle Delongpre Milla Jovovich Sherilyn Fenn
1989 Best of the Best Mrs. Grady Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight) Chris Penn James Earl Jones
1989 The Karen Carpenter Story Agnes Carpenter
1990 Blue Steel Shirley Turner
1990 Shadowzone Dr. Erhardt
1991 In A Child's Name Jean Taylor
1992 The Player Herself the Fool Tim Robbins
1993 Star Trek Deep Space 9 (Abyss Revelation 911) Wallace Shawn
1994 Giorgino Innkeeper
1994 Tryst Maggie
1994 Tollbooth Lillian
1994 Someone Else's Child Faye
1995 Return to Two Moon Junction Belle Delongpre
1995 Virtuosity Elizabeth Deane Russell Crowe (electroshocks in A Beautiful Mind) Denzel Washington
1996 The Stepford Husbands Miriam Benton
1996 Edie & Pen Judge
1996 Mulholland Falls Esther Uncredited (Polanski raped a girl at Jack Nicholson's house on Mulholland Drive)
1996 Frankenstein and Me Mrs. Perdue
1996 High School High Principal Evelyn Doyle
1996 2 Days in the Valley Evelyn Eric Stoltz James Spader Keith Carradine Charlize Theron
1997 Breast Men Mrs. Saunders Television movie (Cancer rules breasts)
1997 The Girl Gets Moe Gloria
1997 Gone Fishin' Restaurant Owner Rosanna Arquette
1998 Love Kills Alena Heiss
1999 A Map of the World Nellie Goodwin
1999 Cruel Intentions Helen Rosemond Ryan Philippe Sarah Michelle Gellar Reese Witherspoon
1999 The Devil's Arithmetic Aunt Eva Brittany Murphy (with Eminem in 8 Mile) Kirsten Dunst
1999 The Contract Grandma Collins
1999 Time Served Warden Mildred Reinecke
2000 More Dogs Than Bones Iva Doll
2000 Very Mean Men (mm=33) Katherine Mulroney Joker Matthew Modine
2000 Big Eden Grace Cornwell (gay agenda)
2000 Silver Man Val
2001 After Image Aunt Cora
2001 Touched by a Killer Judge Erica Robertson
2001 Dial 9 for Love Abbie
2002 Manna from Heaven Mother Superior (name for sepirah Binah, associated with Saturn) Shelley Duvall Cloris Leachman
2003 Finding Home Esther
2004 Clipping Adam Grammy
2005 Aurora Borealis Ruth Shorter Donald Sutherland Juliette Lewis (6/21 like William) as Kate (Aurora theatre in the Joker James Holmes Phoenix ritual)
2005 Dancing in Twilight Evelyn
2006 Fat Rose and Squeaky Bonnie
2006 Me and Luke Grandmother Glennie
2007 A Dennis the Menace Christmas Martha Wilson
2007 The Last Sin Eater Miz Elda
2011 Cassadaga Claire
2013 A Perfect Man Liev Schreiber (the Omen, the Manchurian Candidate)


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