Lou Reed

Lewis Allen Reed (Lou Reed) was a jewish singer, used in the music industry and NY Art scene, to normalize drug abuse in program Pop Culture. At Syracuse University his teacher was Delmore Schwartz (Commentary, NY Intellectuals, treated at Bellevue). He started the Velvet Underground with John Cale, managed by Pop Art artist Andy Warhol (Hotel Chelsea scene), made famous to promote the use of heroin (Aeon of Horus, announced by Aleister Crowley). Their debut album was released in 1964 by Verve Records (label of Laurel Canyon artist Frank Zappa).

Other alumni of Syracuse University (Methodist Church) are Joe Biden, Megyn Kelly, Jerry Stiller, Aaron Sorkin, Peter Guber, Frank Langella.

He was signed to Verve Records like Frank Zappa (Laurel Canyon).

He worked with David Bowie, John Cale (University of London), Angus MacLise, Sterling Morrison CCNY), Nico, Iggy Pop, Simple Minds, Gorillaz and Metallica. John Cale worked with John Cage. Angus MacLise was part of the Fluxus movement with George Brecht (The New School, Pfizer), who studied with John Cage. He worked on a film script of Aleister Crowley's Diary of a Drug Fiend and married in a wedding ceremony in San Franciso with CIA agent Timothy Leary.

Reed, Warhol, Delmore Schwartz, John Cale and Nico were all residents of Chelsea Hotel.

Walk on the Wild Side was based on the book of Nelson Algren.

He was part of the Studio 54 scene.

In 2000 he performed for pope John Paul II.

His wife Laurie Anderson (Phi Beta Kappa) directed Home of the Brave (1982) with William Burroughs, Peter Gabriel and Bart Sonnenfeld (The Addams Family). She drew underground comics for George di Caprio, the father of Leonardo di Caprio, who worked with Timothy Leary. She worked with Frank Zappa, Allen Ginsberg, Philip Glass, John Cage, Andy Kaufman, Spalding Gray, NASA, ..

Astrological chart

born 3/2/1942, date Mikhail Gurbachev, d PKD, Chris Martin, Jon Bon Jovi, Daniel Craig, Method Man, Bryce Dallas Howard.

Dom: Virgo (the Hermit), Taurus, Aquarius - Moon, Pluto, Sun.

Sun in Pisces, Mercury, Venus in Aquarius, Saturn conj Lilith, Uranus conj Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Gemini, Pluto in Leo, Moon and Neptune in Virgo.

died 10/27/2013, date Marla Maples.

Discography and filmography

1966 The Velvet Underground and Nico: A Symphony of Sound Andy Warhol
1967 The Velvet Underground and Nico, Heroin (covered by Billy Idol)
1968 White Light/White Heat influenced by William Burroughs and Alice Bailey produced by Tom Wilson (Bob Dylan, Laurel Canyon acts Mothers of Invention and Eric Burdon)
1969 The Velvet Underground MGM.
1970 Loaded Atlantic Records
1972 Lou Reed RCA Records
1972 Transformer Walk on the Wild Side, Vicious (Sid Vicious), Perfect Day with David Bowie
1973 Berlin Bob Ezrin (Alice Cooper, Kiss)
1974 Sally Can't Dance
1975 Metal Machine Music
1975 Coney Island Baby (one eye)
1976 Rock and Roll Heart
1978 Street Hassle
1979 The Bells
1980 Growing Up in Public (one eye)
1980 One Trick Poney Paul Simon
1982 The Blue Mask song about Delmore Schwartz
1983 Rock 'n' Rule Iggy Pop Debbie Harry
1983 Legendary Hearts
1983 Get Crazy Malcolm McDowell Daniel Stern Mary Woronov (Chelsea Girls) Fabian Linnea Quigley John Densmore (The Doors)
1984 New Sensations
1986 Mistrial
1988 Permanent Record Keanu Reeves Paramount Pictures
1989 New York Sire Records
1990 Songs for Drella (with John Cale)
1992 Magic and Loss
1993 Faraway, So Close Willem Dafoe Natassja Kinski Bruno Ganz Mikhail Gurbachev music by Nick Cave Wim Wenders
1995 Blue in the Face Harvey Keitel Paul Auster (Commentary) Jim Jarmush Roseanne Barr Mira Sorvino Michael J Fox Victor Argo Madonna RuPaul
1996 Set the Twilight Reeling (one eye)
1996 Trainspotting (song Perfect Day) Ewan McGregor Danny Boyle
1997 Perfect Day BBC Chrysalis Bono Elton John David Bowie Boyzone Shane McGowan Tom Jones
1997 Nine Inch Nails Closure
1997 Lost Highway soundtrack David Lynch
1998 Lulu on the Bridge Harvey Keitel Willem Dafoe Mira Sorvino Gina Gershon Vanessa Redgrave as Catherine Harold Perinneau Victor Argo David Byrne Paul Auster Trimark Pictures
2000 Ecstasy
2001 Prozac Nation Christina Ricci Michelle Williams Jason Biggs Jessica Lange
2003 The Raven poems of Edgar Allen Poe
2004 Le Bataclan '72 with John Cale and Nico
2007 Hudson River Wind Meditations
2008 Berlin Live at St Ann's Warehouse Julian Schnabel Emmanuel Seigner (wife of Roman Polanski)
2008 Palermo Shooting Dennis Hopper Milla Jovovich Wim Wenders
2009 Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard Freddie Highmore Snoop Dogg Selena Gomez Mia Farrow will.i.am (antichrist William) Fergie Luc Besson
2010 Susan Boyle Perfect Day
2010 Athur 3: The War of Two Worlds Jimmy Fallon Iggy Pop
2011 Lulu (with Metallica)
2020 Brave New World (song Perfect Day) book of Aldous Huxley

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