London School of Economics

The London School of Economics (LSE) is an institute in London UK, created in 1895 by the Fabian Society (Sidney and Beatrice Webb, Graham Wallas, GB Shaw) of the Massimo family who control the jesuits (wolf in sheep's clothing tactic of the Roman Empire).

It is affiliated with the Russell Group (family that created Tavistock). Graham Wallas was president of Humanists UK.

In 1904 it created the first sociology department in Europe.


- Alan Blinder (Federal Reserve, CFR, The NY Times, Washington Post)
- Alexander Stubb (pm Finland)
- Amedeo of Belgium (prince of House of Este)
- Angelina Jolie (Hollywood actress, movies of Oliver Stone, Robert de Niro, married Brad Pitt, gay-transgender agenda)
- Arnold Toynbee (Tavistock, Chatham House)
- Arnon Milchan (Regency Enterprises, Summit Entertainment)
- Cherie Blair (wife of Tony Blair Fabian Society, pm UK)
- Clement Attlee (pm UK)
- Bertrand Russell (Congress for Cultural Freedom, World League for Sexual Reform, sex change operations and eugenics as topic, with George Bernard Shaw of Fabian Society and Sigmund Freud)
- Bret Stephens (Commentary of Norman Podhoretz and Midge Rosenthal, The Jerusalem Post, The NY Times)
- Catherine Howarth (The Guardian, WEF, Green Alliance)
- Celina Jade (Hong Kong actress, married to Han Geng of Super Junior)
- Christiana Figueres (UN, Climate Church, Berggruen Institute)
- Daniel Patrick Moynihan (staff of William Averell Harriman S&B, The Negro Family: Case for National Action, advisor of Richard Nixon)
- Daniele Ganser (book NATO's Secret Armies)
- Darius Cuplinskas (OSF London)
- David Attenborough (BBC)
- David Rockefeller (TC)
- Delphine Arnault (French billionaire, richest family on earth)
- Diana Fleischman (sex hormone research)
- Edward Luttwak (expert on mass media)
- Edward Taylor-Scott (co-owner of leftist newspaper The Guardian)
- Edwin Feulner (jesuit, Le Cercle, Council for National Policy, The Heritage Foundation, Victims of Communism, CSIS, ties to Unification Church)
- Ed Miliband (Labour Party, son of Ralph Miliband, student of Harold Laski)
- Ethan Nadelmann (Open Society Foundations, Drug Policy Alliance, legalisation of marijuana)
- Forbes Burnham (president of Guyana)
- Friedrich Hayek (Mont Pelerin Society)
- George Papandreou (pm of Greece, ECFR, Greek debt crisis, Club of Madrid with jesuits Bill Clinton and Vicente Fox)
- George Soros/Schwarz (the Good Club with Bill Gates, Open Society Foundations, the Black Church)
- Gordon Wasson (JP Morgan, MK Ultra, started the magic mushroom trend in the 50's in Life magazine)
- Graham Wallas (Fabian Society, The New School)
- Harold Laski (Zionist, The New Republic of Walter Lippmann)
- Hartley Shawcross (UN, Nuremberg trial)
- Heather Grabbe (Open Society Foundations, Open Society European Policy Institute, The NY Times)
- Heinrich Brüning (chancellor of Germany)
- Hilla Liman (president Ghana)
- Issandr Amrani (Open Society Foundations, International Crisis Group)
- Janet Yellen (Federal Reserve, AB, Secretary of the Treasury under Joe Biden)
- Jean La Fontaine (books on ritual abuse)
- Jim Whitehurst (IBM)
- Johanna Moering (jesuit, Institute for Statecraft)
- John Tower (Tower Commission, Iran-Contra affair)
- John Williams (Federal Reserve NY)
- Jomo Kenyatta (1st president of Kenya)
- Juan Santos (ICG, president of Columbia)
- Karin von Hippel (CSIS, UN, European Union, Royal United Service Institute)
- Karl Popper (Mont Pelerin Society, Open Society and Its Enemies, teacher of George Soros)
- Keith Murdoch (father of Rupert Murdoch Newscorp)
- KR Narayanan (pm India)
- Kurt Albert Verlach (Fabian Society, first director of the Frankfurt School)
- Maria Pevchikh (Russian Anti-Corruption Foundation)
- Max Reinhardt (publisher of George Bernard Shaw and Graham Greene MI6, his wife later married Laurence Harvey)
- Michael Manley (pm Jamaica)
- Mick Jagger (program Pop culture, Process Church, Kenneth Anger movie)
- Monica Levinsky (media ritual with jesuit Bill Clinton)
- Nathaniel Weyl (son of Walter Weyl of The New Republic with Walter Lippmann)
- Nial Ferguson (Hoover Institution, married to Ayan Hirschi Ali, book on Rothschild)
- Nick Bostrom (Future of Humanity institute)
- Nicolas Eberstadt (grandson of Ferdinand Eberstadt co-founder of CIA, Philips Exeter, CSIS, American Enterprise Institute, WEF)
- Oscar Arias (president Costa Rica)
- Paul Hollander (Victims of Communism)
- Paul Volcker (Harvard, Federal Reserve, CFR, TC, Atlantic Council, Le Cercle, Group of Thirty, Economic Recovery Advisory Board under Barack Obama)
- Pierre Trudeau (jesuit, pm of Canada)
- Peter Sutherland (jesuit, WTO, Goldman Sachs)
- Philippe Rushton (Pioneer Fund, eugenics agenda) 
- PJ Patterson (pm of Jamaica)
- Ralph Bunche (United Nations, Civil Rights Movement with MLK)
- Richard Perle
- Robert Kennedy Jr
- Romani Prodi (pm Italy, president European Commission, ECFR)
- Robert Gavron (governor of LSE, chairman of The Guardian, married to daughter of Zionist T.R. Fyvell)
- Robert Kennedy Jr (son of Robert Kennedy, the Green Church, controlled opposition during the Covid19-ritual)
- Ruth Porat (Alphabet, Google)
- Saif Al-Islam Gadaffi (pm Lybia, son of Muammar Gadaffi)
- Sebastian Kulczyk (Polish billionaire, Singularity University of Ray Kurzweil)
- Sher Bahadur Deuba (pm Nepal)
- Stanley Fischer (Federal Reserve, Bank of Israel, World Bank, University of Chicago, advisor of Ben Bernanke and jesuit Mario Draghi)
- Stephen Haseler (co-founder of the Institute for European Defence and Strategic Studies)
- Stephen Spender
- Sylvia Anderson (ITV, Thunderbirds)
- Thomas Piketty (anti-capitalism)
- Tom Happold (The Guardian, Fabian Society)
- Tsai Ing-Wen (president of Taiwan)
- Ursula von der Leyen (family ennobled by Napoleon, president European Commission, cabinet Angela Merkel)
- William Beveridge (designer of the British welfare state)
- Yemi Osinbajo (vice president Nigeria)
- Zecharia Sitchin (disinfo in the Conspiracy Church, Coast to Coast)

William Hewins, Harold Mackinder, William Pember Reeves, the first directors of the LSE were members of the Coefficients, a Fabian Society club with Bertrand Russell, Alfred Milner, HG Wells (Wellington House), Leo Amery (Milner Group), Henry Birchenough (Victoria League of Violet Milner-Cecil), James Louis Garvin (The Observer of David Astor).

As an institute of the Fabian Society (wolf in sheep's clothing tactic) the people trained at the LSE work towards sexual 'liberation' and the destruction of the nuclear family, social control through the means of psychology and the use of addictive and psycho-tropic drugs, one-world government and population control.

In 2007 the LSE founded the think tank LSE Ideas (with Mark Allen MI6).

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