Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Dee Lohan (ll=12-12=33) is a mind controlled sex slave of Disney, used in the media industry and Hollywood film industry, to normalise drug addiction, push the gay-lesbian agenda and to play the archetype of the Whore of Babylon (red haired Marjorie Cameron, Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Tate).

Lindsay Lohan= Lynn Hogan/Anna Nicole Smith, Linda Kasabian, Lindbergh Baby, Mark Lindsay (house of Sharon Tate), Lyndon Johnson. Lilo=Lolita=Lilith.

She is the daughter of Wall Street trader Michael Lohan and Dina Nicolette Lohan Sullivan (name of mother Mia Farrow, born 9/15 like Harry). Lindsay is the sister of Aliana (dec 1993, 2 months after Tiffany Ariana Trump, signed to modeling agency Next), Michael Jr and Dakota (hotel of Rosemary's Baby) Lohan.

From age 3 she was signed to Ford Models like her sister Aliana (age 3), Candice Bergen and Brooke Shields. She attended Laurel Springs School like Kylie Jenner, Elijah Wood, Emily Osment, Josh Hutcherson, Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin, Malcolm David Kelly (Walt in Lost), Chloé Grace Moretz, Nicole Jung (K-Pop group Kara), Bow Wow, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kristen Stewart, Rory Culkin.

She was used in campaigns for Calvin Klein, Pizza Hut, Jell-O with Bill Cosby and Jill Stuart.

She has Aleister Crowley's quote 'Every Man and Woman is a Star' tattooed on her wrist. She was used to push the gay agenda with the NOH8 Campaign.

In may 2007 she crashed her Mercedes-Benz, chased by paparazzi like Diana Spencer, 10 years earlier. In her car, cocain was found (Neptune: addiction, gossip story of jesuit Perez Hilton).

She participated in meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Michael Lohan appeared as an alcoholic in VH1 show Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew (Neptune: addiction) like WWE wrestler Joanie Chyna Laurier (in movie with Anna Nicole Smith), Mackenzie Philips, Dennis Rodman and as a couple with Dina Logan in VH1 show Family Therapy with Dr Jenn.

She posed for Terry Richardson and Tyler Shields. She posed for Playboy in 2014, imitating the pictures of Marilyn Monroe and posed as Monroe for New York magazine (issue about Joker Heath Ledger's double life).

Lindsay Lohan's rehabilitation at the Wonderland Center (Alice in Wonderland programming) was the subject of Oprah Winfrey show Lindsay.

She had relationships with:

- Wilmer Valderrama (Fez in That 70's Show with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, Beauty Shop with Mena Suvari, also relationship with Demi Lovato)
- Harry Morton (Hard Rock Café, Anna Nicole Smith died in a Hard Rock Café hotel)
- Samantha Ronson (gay agenda, sister of Mark Ronson, producer of drug addict Amy Winehouse, DJ for celebrities Natalie Portman, Jay-z)
- Russian millionaire Egor Tarabasov.

She had media feuds with Paris Hilton (also AA) and Hilary Duff (played Sharon Tate).

She opened a nightclub in Greece in 2016.

Astrological chart

born 7/2/1986 (Dakota on 72nd street), date Margot Robbie (Sharon Tate), Ashley Tisdale, Larry David, Harry Houdini, d Mario Puzo, d Lee Remick (mother Antichrist in the Omen), Jacques Rousseau, year of Tchernobyl disaster, birth Lady Gaga, Blue Velvet and Name of the Rose.

Asc: Gemini, mc: Pisces. Dom: Leo (Lust), Capricorn, Gemini - Neptune (like Marilyn Monroe, Mena Suvari, Dakota Fanning), Mercury, Pluto.

Houses 2, 11, 6. 2: Mercury in Leo, 11: Moon in Taurus, 6: Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius. 1: Sun in Cancer, 2: Mercury in Leo, 5: Pluto in Scorpio, 7: Neptune in Capricorn, 8: Mars in Capricorn, 10: Mc and Jupiter in Pisces, 12: Lilith in Gemini.

Filmography and tv appearances

1996 Another World NBC soap opera
1998 The Parent Trap
as Hallie Parker (=Camilla Parker)/ Annie James (twin alters, age 12) Dennis Quaid Natasha Richardson (daughter Vanessa Redgrave) Maggie Wheeler (Janice in Friends) Lisa Ann Walter (Bruce Almighty) 7/29 date wedding Charles and Diana Disney remake of 1961 movie with Maureen O'Hara and Hayley Mills who played Susan and Sharon=Susan Atkins and Sharon Tate (audition with Scarlett Johansson, Mara Wilson, Jena Malone)
2000 Life-Size as Casey Stuart Disney doll programming, pink Alice in Wonderland, Monarch butterflies Tyra Lynne Banks
2002 Get a Clue Brenda Song Amanda Plummer
2003 Freaky Friday (Art) Jamie Lee Curtis remake of movie with Jodie Foster (Jena Malone played young Jodie Foster in Contact with Tom Skerrit, who played in Parent Trap II) Mark Harmon (NCIS)
2003 The Sharon Osbourne Show (Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne friend of Amy Winehouse)
2004 Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (screens: alters) Adam Garcia Megan Fox (=Meghan Markle) Alison Pill (=Alice) real/movie auditions movie Pygmalion of GB Shaw (also inspiration for My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn)
2004 Mean Girls Tina Fey Rachel McAdams (Meghan Rachel Markle) jesuit Amy Poehler Amanda Seyfried Lizzy Caplan

2004 Princess Diaries 2 (Anne Hathaway) soundtrack
2004 Speak album (producer of Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, one eye lightning and S&B symbol). Rumors (one eye).
2004 Mtv movie awards host award for Mean Girls
2005 Herbie: Fully Loaded (the Chariot, beetle=The Beatles, also in scene of Rosemary's Baby, one eye) as Maggie Peyton (Mia Farrow in Peyton Place) Disney Justin Long Matt Dillon as Trip Murphy Michael Keaton Thomas Lennon (=John Lennon) Breckin Meyer

2005 A Little More Personal (Raw) album
2005 My Scene Goes Hollywood: the Movie
2006 A Prairie Home Companion last film of Robert Altman Woody Harrelson Tommy Lee Jones Virginia Madsen John C Reilly Meryl Streep
2006 Just My Luck (umbrella, lightning the Tower) Chris Pine Missi Pyle
2006 Bobby (Robert Kennedy) Elijah Wood Ashton Kutcher Anthony Hopkins Martin Sheen Heather Graham Sharon Stone (=Sharon Tate) Harry Belafonte Emilio Estevez Christian Slater Demi Moore William H Macy Helen Hunt Nick Cannon Laurence Fishburne
2006 The Holiday Jack Black Cameron Diaz (=Marjorie Cameron) Kate Winslet Jude Law cameo James Franco
2006 Friendly Fire Sean Lennon Carrie Fisher Bijou Philips (Scientology, daughter of John Philips) Asia Argento
2007 Chapter 27 (broken glass=split mind) Joker Jared Leto (with Margot Robbie in Suicde Squad) as Mark David Chapman assassinating John Lennon at the Dakota Mark Lindsay Chapman as John Lennon
2007 Georgia Rule as Rachel Jane Fonda Felicity Huffman (Phoebe in Wonderland with Elle Fanning) Dermot Mulroney Garrett Hedlund
2007 I Know Who Killed Me (blue rose, gnosis knowledge of the Empress card, born in year of David Lynch's Blue Velvet with Isabella Rosselini, theme in Twin Peaks about cocain addicted Laura Palmer)

stripper Dakota Moss/ Aubrey Fleming (twin alters, Dakota and Elle Fanning; Kate Moss also Calvin Klein and Playboy model and drug and party image) Julia Ormond (Surveillance of Jennifer Lynch) Neil McDonough Megan Henning
2008 N.E.R.D. Everybody Nose (Pharrell Williams) Samantha Ronson
2008 Ugly Betty (nerdy alter)
2008 Living Lohan E! (NBC Universal) series Dina Lohan
2009 Labor Pains (Cancer: birth) Cheryl Hines (RFK Jr) Bridgit Mendler Disney ABC
2009 Project Runway judge Disney ABC
2010 Machete as April Booth Robert Rodriguez Danny Trejo Robert de Niro (with Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver) right wing politician like Donald Trump Jessica Alba Michelle Rodriguez Cheech Marin Jeff Fahey Don Johnson Steven Seagal
2010 Teenage Paparazzo Adrian Grenier
2011 Keeping Up with the Kardashians
2012 R.E.M. Blue
2012 Liz & Dick as Elizabeth Taylor (Eddie Fisher related to Carrie Fisher, played in Giant with James Dean and in The Mirror Cracked, 11 days after death John Lennon) Grant Bowler as Richard Burton (8/5 date death Monroe) Theresa Russell
2012 Love, Marilyn documentary about Marilyn Monroe
2012 Saturday Night Live Jimmy Fallon Kristen Wiig
2012 First Point music by Daftpunk
2013 Inappropiate Comedy as Marilyn Monroe lookalike Michelle Rodriguez Adrien Brody (in Polanski's the Pianist)
2013 The Canyons (written by Brett Easton Ellis) porn actor James Deen (JPL of Jack Parsons) Amanda Brooks (Flightplan with Jodie Foster) Gus Van Sant
2013 30 Second to Mars (Jared Leto) City of Angels
2013 Scary Movie 5 Ashley Tisdale (also 7/2) Simon Rex Katrina Bowden Charlie Sheen Terry Crews Heather Locklear Snoop Dogg Mac Miller (Ariana Grande) Mike Tyson
2013 The Bling Ring Sophia Coppola Emma Watson Leslie Mann
2014 Lindsay Oprah Winfrey Network cameo of Jimmy Fallon and Miley Cyrus
2014 2 Broke Girls CBS sitcom
2018 Sick Note
2019 Among the Shadows
2019 Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club Mtv show


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