The Lightning symbol is sodomy symbolism of opening the one eye, associated in Norse mythology Odin, in Greece with Zeus, in the Roman Empire with Jupiter. In Kabbalism it represents the 777 Lightning Flash (spirit descending and incarnating in matter). The lightning bolt is an aspect of The Tower card (Tower of Babel, the ego dethroned), associated with Uranus (revolution, electricity).

Lightning symbolism

- thunder god Zeus

- Greek fraternity Omega Psi Phi

- Ernst Röhm's Sturmabteilung

- Heinrich Himmler's SS double Sig rune (Sig: victory, will), double serpent of the Kundalini energy

- Oswald Mosley British Union of Fascists

- fashion models like Kate Moss

- pop culture albums of David Bowie (Alladin Sane album), Flash Gordon, Grateful Dead, AC/DC, Kiss, Marilyn Manson, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Gucci Mane,...

The 911 Twin Towers ritual represented the Tower card with Barack Obama as the black Osama, bringing the new Uranus energy (androgynous, eccentric outsider, environmentalism), destroying the old, conservative values.

Harry Potter has a famous lightning scar like William.

In the New Age Church (Alice Bailey's theory of 7 rays of initiation), the Age of Aquarius (air sign with wave pattern symbol), ruled by Saturn and Uranus (associated with the Tower and the Fool) represents oneness through cyberspace (air).