Light is multidimensional life energy, charge that travels in spin wave form, caused by photons. Photons interact with each other and with ions. Light creates an electromagnetic field (motion of ions), is diffracted and perceived as visible light through the eyes including the third eye (pineal gland) that works as a transmitter and receiver. Light is a phenomenon studied in optics as part of physics, visible to the human eye when the wave is in the 420 to 750 Terahertz spectrum (red shifting to infrared and blue shifting to ultraviolet). The sun is a star that produces light by fusing hydrogen into helium.

When a material becomes superconductive, it travels through light waves and can pop in and out of dimensions (light is opposite of heavy, matter with high density).

The sun also represents the ego, the adult that censors our inner child, hides the spiritual sun Sirius (blue light, blue ray).

The multidimensional soul animates the body in the material world through the heart and breaths life into the ego-mind-personality. While it is immortal, it stores information and accumulates trauma.

Light serves as source of life for plants and trees on earth through the process of photosynthesis (merging of male and female, producing oxygen) and and cycle of phosphorus ('lightbringer').

The consciousness known as Lucifer (the Lightbringer) interfered in the human experiment, disguised itself as False Light (God program of dependency through the pineal gland with rituals to obtain spiritual drugs). Elite families guarded the science of light. The 7 colors of the visible light spectrum, seen in rainbows, became a Luciferian symbol (still used in the gay-transgender church).

Sunlight is incoherent light, laser is coherent.

The moon was brought into orbit of the earth as a Saturnian force to eclipse the sun and to conquer the feminine energy of Earth with false, reflecting light. As a symbol of the soul the stands for the will to live, male, electric, phallic, creative life force, in contrast with the moon as female, passive, reflective in + and - polarity.

The sun was worshiped in all cultures and religions as redeemer (Ra, Horus, Apollo, Mithras, Jesus Christ, the Son of God in kabbalism, Tiferet, Beauty, the Heart) during summer solstice, while winter solstice represented the dark forces (duality of yin-yang).

The theory of aether was dominant in physics. The only source of light and heat besides the sun, was fire.

Thutmoses III (Thoth) founded the Great White Brotherhood, a cult obsessed with white gold powder. The top of the pyramid (one eye pyramid symbolism) represented the 5th element.

The cult turned into Akhenaten's Atenism (practice of sun gazing), Judaism and eventually freemasonry, rosicrucianism, Illuminati, L'Aurore Naissante, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn,..

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth explains the principle As Above So Below, based on phosphorus that has a green glow in the dark.

The gnostics pictured the Pleroma as a region of light, similar to Christian concept of Heaven and Kabbalistic concept of Kether. Dante Alighieri expanded on the concept of Heaven and Hell in Divine Comedy.

Jesuit Francesco Grimaldi published the first work on diffraction (breaking into pieces) of light and studied gravity through oscillations of a pendulum (gradually reaching equilibrium).

René Descartes proposed a wave theory of light.

Danish (Tribe of Dan with serpent symbol) Ole Romer (worked for Louis XIV, friend of Christiaan Huygens) made the first estimation of the 'speed of light'.

Isaac Newton (Royal Society of the Stuarts) performed a ritual of dispersing white light through a prism (3D as prison) and reassembling it in 1666 (year of Antichrist Sabatai Zevi). He published Opticks in 1704. He invented the mechanical (non-spiritual) model of the universe, turning the G (energy, gnosis) of unified field equations into the concept of 'Gravitational constant'.

Christiaan Huygens (agent of House of Orange) wrote Treatise on Light (light as a wave).

James Maxwell (Royal Society) spread the misconception that light is merely an electromagnetic wave with electric and magnetic constant in A Dynamical Theory of the Dynamic Field. He used the V (Venus) as symbol of speed of light. The Royal Society developed the knowledge and use of electricity in the hope of becoming God like.

William Rowan Hamilton reformulates Lagrangian mechanics, invents mathematical equations of wave theory of light (merging optics with mechanics, the eye as a mechanical device), equations of motion.

James Bradley of Royal Society discovered the aberration of light.

Albert Michelson (student of Hermann von Helmholtz at Humboldt University) conducted an experiment to disprove the existence of aether.

At the start of the 20th century, Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity (speed of light as universal constant c) became the dominant model in physics. It explains gravity as the curvature of 'spacetime' (space and time in symmetry through the Lorentz variance). His famous formula E=mc2 (energy is equal to mass equivalence with speed of light squared) became a hollow phrase in pop culture.

After the solar eclipse of 5/29/1919 The NY Times made Einstein a media icon, a genius who had overthrown the Newtonian concept of the universe, with the eclipse as a proof of his theory of bending light by gravitation. The constant speed of light and the concept of photons having a wave-particle duality, replaced the theory of aether.

Arthur Compton discovered the Compton effect (behavior of a photon after interaction with a charged electron).

Einstein and Satyendra Nath Bose (Royal Society) presented the concept of Bose-Einstein statistics, after which Paul Dirac labeled photons with integer spin as bosons (deception of the Standard Model).

Walter Russell wrote The Secret of Light.

Edward Hubble supposedly 'discovered' light has a red shift. Red light is a symbol of starfire, Isis the Whore of Babylon. Gravitational redshift is seen by some scientists as evidence of relativity.

In Star Wars Han Solo and Luke Skywalker (Horus) travel faster than light.

Followers of the New Age Church call themselves Lightworker, are under influence of the False Light, fall for the Ascension trap with illusionary Love and Light.