Leo Amery

Leopold Charles Amery was a jewish, British political puppet and freemason, used to move towards world government. He was Secretary of State for the Colonies under Stanley Baldwin. He was a member of the Milner Group, father of nazi John Amery and Julian Amery. Julian Amery was a member of the Conservative Monday Club with Robert Cecil and attended Le Cercle. He had ties to the Congress for Cultural Freedom.

He went to Harrow School like Winston Churchill, Stanley Baldwin and Fabian Jawaharlal Nehru and Balliol College and All Souls College of Oxford.

He worked for The Times of Alfred Harmsworth, married to Mary Milner, during the Second Boer War.

He was a member of the Coefficients, a club of Sidney and Beatrice Webb of the Fabian Society, with HG Wells (FS, Wellington House), Bertrand Russell, politician Edward Grey (New Liberalism), Alfred Milner (Milner Group), Henry Birchenough (Victoria League of Violet Milner-Cecil), Leopold Maxse (National Review, sister married to Milner), James Louis Garvin (The Observer of David Astor with George Orwell), William Hewins (director of the LSE), Clinton Edward Dawkins (JP Morgan & Co, related to atheist Richard Dawkins).

At the start of the WW1 and WW2 ritual he met with Alfred Milner, Waldorf Astor, David Lloyd George, Geoffrey Dawson (The Times of Lord Northcliffe, secretary to Joseph Chamberlain).

born 11/22/1873, date JFK ritual, in India.

died 9/16/1955.

Le Cercle