Legion is a military unit of soldiers in the war industry of the Roman Empire and a demonic program installed  by the Saturn cult (Catholic Church, jesuits) in children through sodomy to flood the pineal gland and create Dissociative Identity Disorder.  Religion= legion of Re. Legion is a demon in the Bible (Luke 8:30 'Jesus asked What is your name? and he said Legion because many devils had entered him', Mark 5 'My name is Legion for we are many'). In the Book of Revelation the Beast with 7 heads represents the Roman Empire. The Bonaparte's (Grand Orient of France) and Medici's created the Legion of Honour (Albert Dreyfus, Pehr Gyllenhammar, Alan Greenspan, Jacques Servier of pharmaceutical company Laboratoires Servier , Patrick Pouyanne of Total, Anne Harriman Vanderbilt, Fulvio Conti, prince Mohammed of Saudi Arabia, president of Brazil Fernando Cardoso, pm of Brazil Emilio Medici, Adam Michnik, Frank Goldsmith, Haile Selassie's daughter Amha Selassie, Bono, Scientologist Robert Duggan, pm of Georgia Bidzina, Ivanishvill, Alain Elkann-Agnelli,..). The KKK founded the Black Legion. The nazi's created the Free India Legion.

The phrase We Are Legion is used by controlled opposition Infowars of Alex Jones, Anonymous (mask of jesuit Guy Fawkes),..

It is mentioned by Ron Patton in The master plan of the illuminated Rothschilds with Marion Knox. Members of the Mexican Legionaries of Christ participated in child abuse.

Legion symbolism in pop culture

1919 Theodore Roosevelt Jr founds the American Legion. American Legion and Boulé member Edgar Amos Love founds sodomy cult Omega Psi Phi.
1958 Legion of Superheroes DC Comics
1979 The Warriors (armies of the night)
1983 (year after birth William) jesuit William Peter Blatty Legion sequel to The Exorcist
1985 Legion shapeshifting character with Dissociative Identity Disorder in X-Men (gay agenda) Marvel Comics alter ego David Charles Haller (father of William)
1988 L.E.G.I.O.N. (kabbalist notariqon) DC comics
1990 The Exorcist III George C Scott (Dr Strangelove) Brad Dourif (OFOTCN) Samuel Jackson Larry King Patrick Ewing (Georgetown University) Morgan Creek Productions of Joe Roth (Samuel Z Arkoff). DC Comics supervillain Legion. Swedish metal band Marduk with member Legion.
1992 Deicide (program Metal) Legion Roadrunner Records
1997 Castlevania (castle programming) Symphony of the Night villain Legion Sega Saturn
1999 Storm of the Century Stephen King Colm Feore as André Linoge (=Legion) Spencer Breslin. computer software system Legion of National Science Foundation
2003 Return of the King Aragorn makes a deal with legion of ghosts. Magic the Gathering (Wizards of the Coast of Hasbro) game Legions.
2006 Legion of Superheroes Warner Bros Animation
2007 The Last Legion (novel of jesuit Valerio Massimo Manfredi) Ben Kingsley as Merlin Colin Firth Thomas Brodie-Sangster (The Maze Runner) Kevin McKidd Alexander Siddig (cousin of Malcolm McDowell) Dino De Laurentiis
2007 Ghost Rider Nicolas Cage Eva Mendes Wes Bentley as Legion son of demon Mephistoteles Sam Elliott Peter Fonda
2010 Legion (fallen angel Lucifer) Scott Stewart David Lancaster Paul Bettany as archangel Michael (Judgement) Tyrese Gibson Kevin Durand Kate Walsh Dennis Quaid 1/22 (date death Heath Ledger) shot in Mojave desert like Babalon Workings

2015 Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Attack of the Legion Mark Hamill
2016 World of Warcraft: Legion.
2017 Legion FX (Disney, Alice in Wonderland symbolism) Noah Hawley Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley in Downtown Abbey=Crowley's Abbey of Thelema, Beast in Disney movie Beauty and the Beast) as schizophrenic Rachel Keller as Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd) Aubrey Plaza (gay-lesbian agenda)  Steve Blackman (The Umbrella Academy)
2020 The Legion Mickey Rourke
2023 Legion of Superheroes Meg Donnelly (Disney Channel)

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