Lam is a Grey alien entity or class of entities, summoned by Aleister Crowley during his Amalantrah Workings in Manhattan New York, a series of sex magic rituals with Roddie Minor in 1918 to open a dimensional portal. Lam is associated with the root chakra (opposite of the I Am chakra) and is Tibetan for 'way' or 'path'. Thelema incorporates elements of Daoism/Taoism, following the Dao, the Way.

Crowley claimed the Book of the Law was channeled by an entity called Aiwass (I was= I am, Crowley saw himself as the Beast of the Book of Revelation), who he considered his Holy Guardian Angel. In New York he worked as a writer for George Sylvester Viereck's periodicals 'The Fatherland' and 'The International'.

In 1919 Crowley's drawing of Lam was included in the Dead Souls exhibition in Greenwich Village and in the book The Voice of Silence of Helena Blavatsky of the Theosophical Society, a British secret service front which conducted research in Tibet on dissociation techniques.

Horus/Harpocrates; the child of the Aeon of Horus, is the god of silence. The sign of Harpo or sign of silence is used in magic rituals. Astrological signs correspond to the body and the first sign of Aries the Ram, ruled by Mars the child, corresponds to the head, the I Am chakra.

One of the revelations of the Amalanthrah Workings was the importance of the symbolism of the egg (the Orphic World Egg with serpent is pictured on the Lovers card, after the alchemical marriage the magician gives birth to a mini version of himself that contains the opposites).

Lam's head is egg shaped and contains a stylized ankh (kaph nun aleph=71), the Egyptian symbol that became the symbol of Venus and femininity and the rose cross (in interpretation of the Saturn cult: phallus and anus in union).

Lam is associated with the number 71 (7+1=8, the 8 Adjustment card associated with Hebrew letter Lamed; Lam is the key to the Aeon of Maat). Diana Spencer was born on 7/1/1961 to eventually give birth to Moonchild William V.

Lam is also associated with the phrase No Thing, seen as a gateway to the Void and a link to Sirius.

In Kabbalism the Godhead is a concept pictured a giant face, the macroprosopus, the projection of the wizard in Wizard of Oz.

Kenneth Grant of the Ordo Templi Orientis wrote the Lam Statement and discussed Lam in Cults of the Shadow (also about Theosophist Michel Bertiaux) and Beyond the Circles of Time. Thelemites stare in the eyes of the portrait of Lam to summon interdimensional spirits.

The Manhattan Project with Jack Parsons' friend Robert Cornog, IAS of Princeton, Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer, was a recreation of the Amalantrah Workings  to open a dimensional portal through nuclear radiation. The atom bomb was called the Devil's Egg and named after the homunculus of Paracelsus (Little Man and Fat Boy).

Jack Parsons and Ron Hubbard performed the Babalon Workings in 1946. The Trinity Test took place in New Mexico close to Roswell on the 33d parallel of the Roswell psyop in 1947, the year of Crowley's death.

Roman Polanski made Rosemary's Baby about an Antichrist baby at the Dakota in Manhattan.

Whitley Strieber wrote Communion (=gnostic Eucharist ritual). In Philip K Dick's Valis, the gnostic messiah is called Sophia Lampton.

Jodie Foster played in Silence of the Lambs of Jonathan Demme, trained by Roger Corman. Foster also played in Contact (contacting the Holy Guardian Angel).

The egg of the World Trade Center during the 911 Twin Towers ritual in Manhattan represented the egg of the Lovers card, the twins of Gemini.

In 2013 Elisa Lam played a role in a media psyop.


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