Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is a mind controlled sex slave-actress, used in the media and Hollywood film industry to play the Dark Feminine Diana-Catherine-Meghan archetype, and to announce the wedding of Antichrist William V. She married Dax Shephard (trained at The Groundlings School). She was present at the 2015 Chrysalis Ball (Monarch butterfly symbolism). She was raised in Detroit. She played Dorothy in a school production (Wizard of Oz programming). She was educated at NYU.

Kristine DeBell played in an Alice in Wonderland sex comedy.

She was used in a skincare commercial with pink sky dissociation symbolism.

Astrological chart

born 7/18/1980, date Nelson Mandela, d Nico, Vin Diesel, Thomas Markle, Priyanka Chopra, Richard Branson, Hunter S Thompson, month after marriage Carol and Michael Middleton, 2 months before Michelle Williams.

Dom: Libra (Adjustment), Cancer, Virgo - Uranus, Sun, Moon.

Uranus in Scorpio, Neptune in Sagittarius, Sun and Mercury in Cancer, Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo, Mars, Moon, Lilith, Pluto in Libra, Venus in Gemini.


1998 Polish Wedding Teenage Girl
2001 Pootie Tang Record Executive's Daughter Chris Rock Jennifer Coolidge Wanda Sykes
2002 People Are Dead Angela's Friend #1
2003 The Cat Returns Hiromi (voice) English dub Anne Hathaway Tim Curry
2004 Spartan First Daughter Laura Newton Val Kilmer Ed O'Neill
2004 Gracie's Choice Diane Ladd
2004 Deadwood HBO
2005 Reefer Madness Mary Lane Alan Cumming Neve Campbell
2005 Deepwater Nurse Laurie Peter Coyote
2005 Last Days of America Friend in New York #1
2005 The Receipt Pretty Girl Short film
2006 Fifty Pills Gracie Michael Pena Jane Lynch
2006 Pulse Mattie Christina Milan Robert Clotworthy (Ancient Aliens)
2006 Roman (Polanski, red rose) The Girl / Isis
2007 Heroes NBC
2007 Gossip Girl The CW Leighton Meester (HHS)
2007 Flatland: The Movie Hex (voice) Short film Martin Sheen
2008 Forgetting Sarah Marshall Sarah Marshall Jason Segel Mila Kunis as Rachel Russell Brand Universal Pictures
2009 Fanboys Zoe
2009 Serious Moonlight Sara Meg Ryan Cheryl Hines
2009 Astro Boy Cora (voice) Freddie Highmore Nicolas Cage Eugene Levy Donald Sutherland Samuel Jackson Charlize Theron Elle Fanning
2009 Couples Retreat Cynthia Jon Favreau Vince Vaughn Kristin Davis Jean Reno Jason Bateman
2009 Parks and Recreation NBC Michael Shur (The Office) Rashida Jones Chris Pratt Amy Poehler
2010 Astro Boy vs. The Junkyard Pirates Cora (voice) Short film
2010 Lost Masterpieces of Pornography June Crenshaw Short film Ed O'Neill Ricky Jay
2010 When in Rome Beth Josh Duhamel Jon Heder Peggy Lipton Dax Shepherd Kristen Schaal Shaquille O'Neal Danny DeVito Anjelica Huston (Roman Polanski ritual) Disney
2010 Get Him to the Greek Sarah Marshall Cameo Jonah Hill Russell Brand Elizabeth Moss P Diddy Judd Apatow uncredited cameo of Meghan Markle
2010 You Again Marni Olsen Jamie Lee Curtis Sigourney Weaver Cloris Leachman Dwayne Johnson
2010 Burlesque Nikki Cher Christina Aguilera Stanley Tucci Alan Cumming
2011 Scream 4 (one eye) Chloe David Arquette Courteney Cox Emma Roberts Rory Culkin Anna Paquin
2012 Safety Not Guaranteed Belinda St. Sing
2012 Big Miracle Drew Barrymore Vinessa Shaw Dermot Mulroney Tim Blake Nelson
2012 Flatland 2: Sphereland Hex (voice)
2012 Hit and Run (the Chariot) Annie Bradley Cooper
2012 House of Lies Showtime Don Cheadle

2012 Stuck in Love Tricia Lily Collins Jennifer Connelly Greg Kinnear Logan Lerman Patrick Schwarzenegger
2013 Movie 43 Supergirl Segment: "Super Hero Speed Dating" Hugh Jackman Kate Winslet Emma Stone Uma Thurman Julianne Moore
2013 Some Girl(s) Bobbi Zoe Kazan Emily Watson
2013 Lady Gaga and the Muppets Special Elton John RuPaul Joseph Gordon-Levitt
2013 The Lifeguard Leigh Mamie Gummer
2013 Frozen Anna (voice) Idina Menzel Jonathan Groff Josh Gad Disney similarities with The Shining (released in 1980, year of Kristen Bell's birth)
2014 Veronica Mars (Mars in Libra) Veronica Mars Gaby Hoffman James Franco
2015 Frozen Fever Anna (voice) Short film
2015 Liv and Maddie (alters) Disney Channel
2015 Unity Narrator (voice) Documentary
2016 Zootopia Priscilla (voice) JK Simmons Idris Elba Tommy Chong Shakira
2016 The Boss Melissa McCarthy Peter Dinklage
2016 Bad Moms Kiki Mila Kunis Kathryn Hahn Jada Pinkett Christina Applegate Wanda Sykes Susan Sarandon Peter Gallagher
2016 The Good Place NBC Ted Danson
2017 The Disaster Artist Herself James Franco Dave Franco Josh Hutcherson Sharon Stone Seth Rogen
2017 CHiPs Karen Baker
2017 How to Be a Latin Lover Cindy
2017 A Bad Moms Christmas Kiki Cheryl Hines
2017 Olaf's Frozen Adventure Anna (voice) Short film
2018 Pandas Narrator Documentary
2018 Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Jade Wilson (voice) Nicolas Cage Lil Yachty
2018 Like Father Rachel Hamilton (Meghan Rachel Markle) Seth Rogen Kelsey Grammer
2018 Ralph Breaks the Internet Anna (voice) John C Reilly Taraji Henson Gal Gadot Alfred Molina Jane Lynch Disney
2019 Frozen II Anna (voice) Martha Plimpton Evan Rachel Wood Alfred Molina
2020 Central Park Stanley Tucci
2021 Queenpins Connie Kaminski Bebe Rexha Vince Vaughn
2022 The People We Hate at the Wedding Alice
Molly and the Moon
2022 The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window Netflix


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