Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is a Christian-Luciferian masonic organization, founded in 1882 by Michael McGivney (friend of Archbishop of Baltimore John Carroll of Georgetown University). The Christopher Columbus story of a Catholic explorer 'discovering' America, was fabricated by the Spanish House of Castile which worked with the Dominicans on trauma based mind control (castle programming). Its logo is the phallic fasces symbol of fascism (Colonna descendants of Roman Empire). It is a masonic organization  but is mainly a papal order that works in alliance with the Catholic University of America, Jesuits, Order  of Malta, Order of St John (Catholic Church). 

The Colonna's control the District of Columbia, Columbia Records, Columbia Pictures, Columbia University, Knights of Columbus, Colombo crime family, Dupont corporations,..

The International Order of the Alhambra was founded in 1904 in Brooklyn NY with only members of the KofC. Members wear a white fez (based on symbolism of Shriners) with the castle tower of the House of Castile. They uphold an image of charity for children. Pope Paul VI and pope John Paul II were members. Crowley performed the Amalantrah Workings in NY.

Its Supreme Convention was attended by presidents George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush,..

The pillars of its hq in New Haven Connecticut represent the castle tower of Castile, the column of power of the Colonna's-Duponts.


- Al Smith (governor of NY)
- Alan Keyes (Catholic League of William Donahue, movie Borat, friend of Brazilian provocateur Olavo de Carvalho)
- Babe Ruth (NY Yankees)
- Carl Anderson (Catholic University of America)
- Chris Godfrey (NY Giants)
- Conrad Hilton
- Daniel Daley (US Marine Corps)
- Eduardo Verastegui (Mexican actor)
- Floyd Patterson (boxer)
- James Braddock (the Cinderella Man, Disney movie with Russell Crowe
- James Connolly (Olympics)
- Jason O'Toole (program Hardcore Punk in CBGB's NY)
- Jeb Bush (governor of Florida, married to Columba Bush from Guanajato Mexico, home of Knights Templar cartel)
- Jerry Orbach (Actors Studio of Lee Strassberg, 42nd Street, Disney's beauty and the Beast=castle programming)
- John Bel Edwards (governor of Louisiana)
- John Boehner (House of Representatives)
- John Edward Reagan (father of Ronald Reagan)
- John F Kennedy (Kennedy Space Center of NASA, the masonic JFK ritual)
- John Ford (CIA team with Carl Jung)
- John G Schmitz (John Birch Society)
- John Shelley (mayor of San Francisco)
- Joyce Kilmer (42nd Rainbow Division, WW1 with William Donovan)
- Lenny Wilkens (NBA teams Seattle SuperSonics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Toronto Raptors, NY Knicks)
- Malcolm Wilson (governor of NY)
- Mike Ditka (Chicago Bears)
- Nick Bruno (University of Louisiana at Munroe)
- Patrick Kelly (jesuit trained, US Navy, Saint John Paul II National Shrine in Washington)
- Paul Fisher (OSS, Korean War)
- Paul Scully-Power (jesuit trained, Kennedy Space Center of NASA)
- Raymond Flynn (mayor of Boston)
- Richard Daley (mayor of Chicago, hired Lori Lightfoot)
- Rick Santorum (Fox News, the Right Wing Church)
- Samuel Alto (US Supreme Court)
- Sargant Shriver (Kennedy, Peace Corps)
- Sean Patrick O'Malley (Archbishop of Boston)
- Ted Kennedy (Frank Olson media ritual)
- Theodore McCarrick (normalization of pedophilia, Archbishop of Washington DC, Catholic University of Puerto Rico, WEF)
- Timothy Dolan (Archbishop of NY)
- Tom Pendergast (Kansas City Council)
- Vince Lombardi (Green Bay Packers)
- William Lori (Archbishop of Baltimore, Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People)

The Columbus Circle (cc=33) in Manhattan NY was used in a ritual with mafia boss Joe Colombo and is near Trump Tower.

Colonel Harland Sanders founded Kentucky Fried Chicken (CfK, anagram of fuck), which was advertised with jesuit Jim Gaffigan, WWE wrestler Dolph Ziggler, Peter Weller, Sean Astin, Jason Alexander, Mario Lopez, Haftor Julius Bjornson (Game of Thrones),..

William Levada played a role in the Bridgeport pedophilia case and was used as controlled opposition against the transgender agenda. Aleister Crowley was born 10/12 (Columbus Day).

The father of Silvio Dante (Dante Alighieri was influenced by Dominicans, played by Steven van Zandt of band of Bruce Springsteen) in HBO series The Soprano's (James Gandolfini in The Last Castle) is a Knight of Columbus.

The father of George Constanza (Jason Alexander, voice of Duckman with sons of Frank Zappa) is a Knight of Columbus in NBC show Seinfeld with jester Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

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