Knights Templar

The Knights Templar were a military order, founded by the Catholic Church, to wage a Holy War against the Ottomans and reconquer Jerusalem. The Order of Malta were their rivals and played a role in their suppression. They survived as the bankers of the City of London and were precessors to modern freemasonry, with an emphasis on John the Baptist and sodomy. Like freemasons, they served to protect a 'Holy' bloodline.

They are often glorified and romanticised in Hollywood movies, as heroes fighting a Holy War (Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven) or used in misleading conspiracy theories (bloodline of Christ, Priory of Sion, The Da Vinci Code,..) to discredit the topic as unscientific or ridiculous.

Charlemagne already used Jews like Isaac Judaeus in Jerusalem to teach Kabbalah (nasi's princes) and to steal gold. According to the Bible, Solomon was a worshiper of Ihstarte, worshipped on high mountains as mount Hermon (connected to fallen angel Lucifer), Astarte became Mary. They taught knowledge of Toth/Hermes, sacred geometry from the east.
1099 The Dome of the Rock, Mount Moriah = mount Zion (sun) is  conquered by Christians, given to Augustinians. They call themselves 'poor fellow soldiers of Jesus' (in the Quran there is a commandment to pray towards Mount Moriah). Western Europe is an underdeveloped region, compared to the more sophisticated culture of the Arab world. The aim of the soldiers is to restore lost kabbalistic knowledge of original tribe of Dan Draco-Oion bloodline, to learn Arab kabbalism (The Templi Domini, near 32nd meridian, the first temple of Solomon and David was destroyed by Babylonians, 2nd temple of Zerubbabel destroyed by the Romans, the 3rd temple will be built at the arrival of a Messiah). The Islamic equivalent of the Templars are the Hashishim or 'Assassins'.
1119 Hugues de Payens (from Champagne), founds order of Solomons temple with Fulk Count of Anjou (father of Geoffrey Plantagenet, rose symbol) Bernard de Clairvaux, a Benedictine monk, withAl Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, as their headquarters. Their task is to protect the pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem, to establish a global monarchy for their god Lucifer (Venus the rose) Apollyon of the Book of Revelation 911 (Revelation 9 describes an army of the East). The outer temple is Christian, inner temple is Luciferian, worship of the horned god Saturn.
The Earl of Derby and Warwick give land in Essex and Oxford; William de Ferrers (Tutbury), William Marshall.
1129 Council of Troyes, (Troy Turkey Nesilim) The order becomes a knighthood with white robes like Cistercians (Cistercians or Bernardines Piazza del Tempio di Diana, in Rome) with  spiritual practices like prayers, fasting, no contact with women. 2nd grand master Robert Craon de Bourgondier, son-in-law, Anselm bishop of Canterbury 3rd grand master Everard de Barre.
2nd crusade. Templars use the sun cross of druids, which represents the world axis of 23 degrees. 8 pointed cross represents mother goddess Isis/Ishtar; red cross was used by the Aryans and in the Italian wars by the Guelph dynasty fighting the Ghibelines (white cross red background), as a symbol of martyrdom and blood sacrifice.
Louis VII is married to Eleanor of Aquitaine. Philip of Naples.
1177 Saladin friend of Baldwin (Holy War as sacrifice to God-Allah saturn) fight against Nourredin, victory over the Saladin Ayyubid dynasty (army from the East, book of Revelation new Jerusalem temple of Solomon). The Templar order is based on strict hierarchy, authority of Master of the Temple, Grandmaster, Grand Prior. 3 ranks knight with white robe, red cross, sergeant (blacksmith) and chaplain (priests). Templars as first baron in parliament.
1187 Saladin recaptures Jerusalem.
De Tramelay is murdered, the Blanquefort is taken prisoner, hospital of st John.
Members: Alfonso I of Portugal, Geoffroi de Charnay, Hugues de Lionne, William Marshal of Pembroke, André de Montbard, Fulk king of Jerusalem, Robert de Craon, Everard des Barres, Gualdim de Pais, Thibaud Godin, Robert de Sablé, Renaud de Vichiers, Hugh de Paduinan, Guillaume de Beaujeu, Thomas Bérard, Gerard de Ridefort, William des Ferrers (earl of Derby), Gilbert de Lacy, Hughes dePpairaud, Godfrey de st Omer, Bertrand de Blanchefort, Bernard de Tremelay, Gilbert Horal, Richard de Bures, Gerhard von Malberg, Guillaume des Chartres, William de Middleton.
1185 They build the Temple Church in Clerkenwell London UK, with circle and rectangle floorplan (the compass and square symbol of freemasonry) 4 inns (inner temple, middle temple), close to English monarchy Richard Lionheart (sells Cyprus to them, temporarily their base), continuously in debt to Templars, crown jewels kept in temple. They served as tax collectors for the pope and royal family, punished fraud with imprisonment.
Frederick Barbarossa is loyal to the Knights Hospitalier.
The Templars are an army of the church of 20,000 men to fight holy war on crusades but 90% are not knight, specialized in banking, first multinational, bought large tracts of land, built with knowledge sacred geometry large cathedrals, rose in Chartres cathedral. They take an oath of poverty, hide behind an image of charity but own at least 70 properties, hundreds of villages, churches.  They have their own fleet, properties mostly on coast sides. The main advantages of their capitalist system is remote payment with a check system, letters of credit with their own coding. The system of lending properties during the crusades leads to the right of trust.
1209 crusade against the gnostic Cathars (Pope Innocent III dei Conti di Segni, against Luciferian Gnostic sect in Languedoc) also worshippers of John the Baptist, sodomites. Templars give shelter to cathars (Bertrand de Blanchefort was from a Cathar family).
Legends of Perceval son of the widow, Montsegur of the Cathars as the grail castle Montsalvat, Galvoi Galloway Scotland. Caerlaverock castle of Maxwells (neolithic sites Cairnholy, close to Annan Bruce family) grail story of Philippe d'Alsace count of Flanders (families Cameron, Douglas, Graham).
1216 Dominicans to fight heresy, memory art of the Romans, calculation theory
rivalry with Knights of Malta, who emerged in 1099, had their headquarters in Jerusalem, Rhodes, Malta and St Petersburg Russia (white cross) and with Teutonic knights of Prussia.
1229 Frederick II Hohenstaufen conquers Jerusalem without Templars.
1260 Chartres cathedral reopened under Louis IX (visual art of Mary).
1291 Fall of Acre, lost their function as knights, not as banker. knights hospitalier base in Malta.
1298 After death Alexander III, invasion of Edward who brings Stone of Destiny to London, William Wallace, Templars help English king defeat the Scots at battle of Falkirk.
Templars wanted their own city in Languedoc. Franciscan Raymond Lull (computation theory) designed a plan to unite Templars and Order of St John in one order. Foulques de Villare, master of the Order of St. John, would lead the order, both headquartered in Cyprus.
1307 Friday Oct 13, trialed by Philip IV of France (Capetian dynasty, son of Isabelle Varagon, in debt and not admitted to Templars) accused of worshiping the head of John the Baptist, helping Dominicans as with Cathars.
1312 on March 22 (322) the order is abolished by Pope Clement V (Bertrand de Goth pawn of Philip, also the Pope under Avignon papacy, the Babylonian captivity of 7 popes, 7 years to regroup).
All belongings of the Templars are transferred to Knights Hospitalier of st John (Ghibeline white cross, base on Rhodes). 
Philip did not find the riches he had hoped for. Templars were forewarned and performed a disappearing trick; the trial was a  shock for the french, left a superstition around Friday 13th.
The Templars worshipped the head of John the Baptist, a remnant of the Scottish cult of head like Bran the Blessed (belief that soul housed in the head therefore the head of foe had to be cut off), resurrected as phoenix (in modern times, the James Holmes Phoenix ritual).
1310 Knights Hospitalier in headquarters in Rhodes.
1314 March burning of Jacques de Molay at cathedral Montmartre.

In masonic death-resurrection rituals, Jacques de Molay takes the role of Hiram Abiff, who must be resurrected. De Molay signed documents Magister Templi, Master of the Temple (= Baphomet) of Solomon (Philips the good, Clement V and Knights of st Jan as the 3 murders of Hiram Abiff Jubelo, Jubela and Jubelum).
June 24 (day of st John) at the Battle of Bannockburn, Robert the Bruce of the House of Bruce (Scotta bloodline, self excommunicated, considered the abolition of Templars not valid, friend of Philip IV) is helped by the Templars (near Edinburgh and Rosslyn holy bloodline monument Kilmartin Loch Awe). st Andrew and St George cross male- female cardinal and ecliptic cross= the British Union Jack.
1317 Order of Mantesa
1319 Military Order of Christ Portugal Denis married Elizabeth of Arragon, negotiates with pope John XXII (Avignon).
1329 Bruce dies, legends of how he wished to have his heart buried in Jerusalem; grandson Robert II on the way battle against the Moors, throwing his heart against enemy (braveheart), William Keith buried it in Melrose Abbey Northumberland (Mons Dolorus, Matthew Festing Order of Malta), according to legend in coffin crossed bones (Osiris Hiram).
In Germany the Templars survive as Order of St john or Teutonic Knights, in Spain Order of Mantesa for fleeing templars, in Portugal their name changed to Knights of Christ. Columbus married to Filipa Perestrelo daughter of grand master Order of st James. English Templars were held in the Tower of London, and the castles of York, Lincoln and Canterbury.
The Temple Church becomes the City of London.
1348 Order of the Garter Edward III 26, 2x13.
1381 Peasant Uprising in England, property damage of the Knights Hospitalier, led by Watt Tyler (title in freemasonry), Bardi fortune in hands of the de Medici's.
1420 Hendrik the Navigator grand master Military Order of Christ, Portuguese successors of templars, headquarters in Tomar, Portuguese imperialist agenda.
1430 Order of the Golden Fleece

1469 Louis XI Order of st Michael
Scots guards Montgomery Sinclairs (st Clara university) and Stuarts (gypsies robin hood pieces, meipole Robinson Robertson) Rosslyn green man Arthur- Osiris Hiram dedication of building or site by sacrifice, skull and crossbones.

1485 Thomas Aquino claims heretics may be murdered, and there is no redemption without shedding their blood.
1498 Vasco di Gama (Order of Christ) travels to India, boost of the Portuguese Empire.

The King of Spain revives the order as the Order of the Jesuits.

The rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem becomes an important concept in rituals of freemasonry.
1917 the British conquer Jerusalem from the Ottomans, promise Israel to the Rothschilds.

Templars in popular culture

The quest for Templars in popular entertainment= quest for grail, inner quest. Star Wars Jedi (djedd eye) Knights, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Minion (1998), National Treasure (2001), Revelation (2001), Christophe Gans' horror movie, Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001), Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven (2005) during Iraq War, The Da Vinci Code (2006), Assassin's Creed,...

Misleading books on the Templars

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