King Arthur

King Arthur is a legendary figure in the mythology of Britain. Arthur represents a solar hero (dying and rising god Osiris=Orion with his sword, the Emperor). Arthur=Arcturus the Bear, close to North Star with Draco (father Uther Pendragon). The Holy Grail bloodline of the Draco-Orion Empire (Draco reptilian, Orion Nordics), the Merovingian and Scottish House of Bruce-Stuart bloodline eventually became the Saxe-Coburgs (Diana saw her son William as modern King Arthur).

Chrétien de Troyes wrote romances like Lancelot the Knight of the Cart. The French Cathars worshiped Lucifer as a god of the north. Their Montsegur castle=Montsegur of Parsifal.

Like the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ, the Knights of the Round Table represent the 12 signs of the Zodiac belt, with the sun in the middle. The lance represents the celestial pole with Draco on top. Merlin represents the Magician mercury performing the alchemical marriage of the king and the queen.

He is associated with Holy Grail symbolism (blood of Christ), the Fisher King (age of Pisces),  Guinevere and mythical island Avalon.

John Dee saw himself as Merlin and Elizabeth I as Arthur.

Because of their Aryan-Atlantean descent, the British and Scottish believed they had the right to conquer North America and build a New Atlantis.

The Arthur tales are linked to Glastonbury Cross and summer solstice (birthday of William V). The sword in the stone represents the Kabbalistic lightning flash. Parsifal represents the Pure Fool. The son of the widow is also a motive in freemasonry (child Horus, Hiram Abiff).

King Arthur in popular culture

1882 Richard Wagner Parzifal.

1889 Mark Twain A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

1952 Andrija Puharich founds his Roundtable Foundation for research on cybernetics. Ron Hubbard develops Dianetics (=cybernetics), based on book Excalibur.

1963 The Sword in the Stone Disney Rickie Sorensen Karl Benson (The Byrds, Judgement at Nuremberg).

the JFK ritual with JFK Jr as son of the widow. The Curse of the Kennedys= the Curse of Cain (child of Lucifer). Frame 313 of the Zapruder film is spread as the iconic image of JFK being shot, a reference to Revelation 13 about a Beast with mortal head wound.

1967 Camelot Richard Harris Vanessa Redgrave Franco Nero.

1968 2001 ASO William Sylvester as JFK archetype (Apollo missions) based on book of Arthur C Clarke.

1975 Monty Python and the Holy Grail Graham Chapman John Cleese Eric Idle Terry Gilliam Terry Jones.

1978 A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Paul Rudd Roscoe Lee Browne.

1981 Excalibur Helen Mirren Patrick Stewart (Stuart) Liam Neeson. Mr Merlin in San Francisco James Frawley (The Muppets).

1985 Merlin and the Sword Malcolm McDowell Candice Bergen Liam Neeson.

1988 Doctor Who Battlefield BBC.

1994 Guinevere Lifetime Sheryl Lee Donald Pleasence.

1995 First Knight Sean Connery Richard Gere Julia Ormond. Kids of the Round Table Malcolm McDowell.

1996 Blazing Dragons Terry Jones.

1997 death of Diana, William V as new King Arthur.

1998 Quest for Camelot Gary Oldman Eric Idle Jane Seymour Celine Dion Pierce Brosnan Warner Bros. A Knight in Camelot Whoopi Goldberg.

1999 plane crash of JFK Jr at Martha's Vineyard (mythical island Avalon).

2000 Merlin the Return Rik Mayall Tia Carrere.

2001 The Mists of Avalon Anjelica Huston Samantha Mathis Caroline Goodall (Peter Pan movie Hook) Freddie Highmore Clive Russell.

2002 Guinevere Jones novels of Elizabeth Stewart (Stuart).

2004 King Arthur Disney Clive Owen Keira Knightley Mads Mikkelsen Joel Edgerton Ray Winstone Til Schweiger Stellan Skarsgard Jerry Bruckheimer.

2006 Tristan and Isolde Ridley Scott James Franco.

fake opposition Project Camelot.

2007 The Last Legion Ben Kingsley as Merlin Colin Firth Alexander Siddig jesuit Valerio Massimo Manfredo.

2008 Merlin and the Wars of the Dragons. Merlin BBC John Hurt Colin Morgan Bradley James (played Damien Thorn).

2010 Avalon High Disney Channel Britt Robertson.

2011 Camelot Joseph Fiennes Eva Green

2014 The Once and Future King BBC Radio David Warner (The Omen) as Merlin.

2019 The Kid Who Would Be King Patrick Stewart.

Holy Grail

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