Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey is a mind controlled actor, used in the media and Hollywood film industry to promote political puppet jesuit Bill Clinton (Left Wing Church), to announce the Covid19-ritual and to normalize the Luciferian sodomy religion and pedophilia (the Jeffrey Epstein psyop). He plays the Beast archetype like Aleister Crowley. Like Wes Bentley, Jessica Chastain, William Hurt and Val Kilmer, he was educated at Julliard acting school. After 16 accusations of sexual abuse, he reacted with a Youtube video, as character Frank Underwood in House of cards.

He went to Chatsworth High School like Val Kilmer, Christine Essel (Paramount Pictures), Brian Grazer (A Beautiful Mind), Linda Hogan (wife of Hulk Hogan).

Astrological chart

born 7/26/1959 =3 (year 11 lust) in South Orange (=33=sodomy), day Cuban revolution 7/26 like Carl Jung, George Bernard Shaw, Helen Mirren, Mick Jagger, Sandra Bullock, Stanley Kubrick and Leon Vitali, fire sign Leo prince of wands, the beast.

Dom: Leo (Lust, sun merc uranus), Virgo (the Hermit knight of disks, venus pluto mars), Aries (the emperor, moon) - Saturn (restriction, old age, monogamy, monotony, domination, like John Cassavetes), Sun (beast Aleister), Mars.

Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio, Moon in Aries, Lilith in Taurus, Sun Merc Uranus (independence freedom) in Leo (Uranus like Crowley, merc like Polanski), Venus Pluto conj Mars (like Hilary Clinton) in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn.


1988 Working girl (the Whore)
1989 Dad Ted Denson Ethan Hawke
1990 Henry and June (Lust) garter
1992 Glengarry Glen Ross by James Foley, as john williamson, broken glass (=split mind), 4 real estate salesmen, Ed Harris Al Pacino
1992 Consenting Adults, adultary Mary Mastroianni as Priscilla Parker (Charles and Camilla Parker)
1994 Iron Will, dog race as Harry Kingsley
1994 the Ref, as Lloyd (the Devil)
1994 Swimming with Sharks movie producer black mercedes like Dodi Fayed also Saturn as dom, with Frank Whaley (born on 4th of july), dominating boss the Devil, red map= red book of Carl Jung two faced shadow, last stage rubedo in alchemy
1995 The Usual Suspects Verbal Kint trickster. Keyser the emperor. Dean Keaton=Michael Keaton Batman, the Devil. Soze=Arturo Sosa, black pope of the jesuits. Alec Baldwin Benicio del Toro Pete Postlethwaite
1995 Outbreak Dustin Hoffman (Covid19 ritual)
1995 Seven John Doe=John Dee in orange (the sun, orange=33=sodomy) as the Beast with seven heads of the Whore of Babylon, decapitation like Antichrist John the Baptist. Brad Pitt Morgan Freeman in desert like Jack Parsons' Babalon Workings, head of Gwyneth Paltrow.
1996 A Time To Kill Matthew McConaughey
1996 Looking for Richard (Shakespeare's Richard III War of the Roses) Al Pacino Winona Ryder
1997 LA Confidential
Kim Basinger (Batman) as the Whore of Babylon, Vicky Vette (Vicky real name of Anna Nicole Smith), Veronica Lake lookalike (the Black Dahlia mystery, Mena Suvari played the Black Dahlia in American Horror Story)

Sunset Strip of Bugsey Siegel=nightclub of Johnny Depp. aries-libra. Guy Pearce Russell Crowe (father of Superman) Danny DeVito.
1997 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil closet homosexual (serpent Lucifer, gay agenda) Clint Eastwood John Cusack Jude Law
1998 The Negotiator Samuel Jackson, Danny DeVito
1998 Hurlbury (pink sky=dissociation) Sean Penn
1998 A Bugs Life beetle Khepri
1999 American Beauty Sam Mendes (Kate Winslet) the rose=Venus=anus, dream of the Whore of Babylon, announced in Metropolis Wes Bentley Anette Benning Thora Birch Mena Suvari (played the Black Dahlia)
1999 The Big Kahuna (burger Frank Whaley eats in Pulp Fiction) looking up, the hierophant taurus big
2000 Ordinary Decent Criminal Colin Farrell Christoph Waltz
2001 Mind Games (album John Lennon, oct 2 bday Jack Parsons)
2001 K-Pax oct 26 scorpio (year virgo the hermit). chiro cross orion. looking up virgo-Crowley's Konx Om Pax, a phrase purportedly used in the Eleusinian Mysteries. Its companion is Khabs Am Pekht, which in the Egyptian language means 'Light in extension' or 'Light rushing out in a single ray', used in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn's Vernal and Autumnal Equinox ceremonies." dog star Sirius, story of Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land, set in Bethesda hospital of Project Bluebird. Jeff Bridges (movie Starman) scene at Hayden Planetarium
2001 The Shipping News (looking up Virgo) Pete Postlethwaite Julianne Moore Cate Blanchett Judi Dench
2001 Ordinary Decent Criminal Colin Farrell Linda Fiorentino
2000 Pay it forward Haley Joel Osment Helen Hunt
2002 Austin Powers Goldmember (James Bond=John Dee the sun phallus) Mike Myers Beyoncé, Danny DeVito. Dr Evil James Bond villain Blofeld based on Aleister Crowley
2003 United States of Leland Ryan Gosling Don Cheadle Jena Malone Lena Olin Michelle Williams Sherilyn Fenn
2003 The Life of David Gale (shadow) professor at death row charged with rape, Kate Winslet (wife of American Beauty director Sam Mendes) as Bitsey Bloom Nicolas Cage Laura Linney
2004 Beyond the Sea (the Star) Bobby Darin present at murder Robert Kennedy John Goodman
2005 Edison the sun phallus, with Morgan Freeman and Justin Timberlake
2006 Superman Returns (the sun) Lex Luther=Aleister Crowley the Beast 666 (replacing Gene Hackman, Set vs Horus) Henry Cavill as Superman.

set in Metropolis (movie with Whore of Babylon) 726 vitriol=kryptonite
2008 21
2008 Telstar the star
2008 Columbus Day Val Kilmer
2009 Shrink (Lust) psychiatrist Carter Hollywood hills
2009 Moon, voice of Gerty, similar to 2001's Hal computer=metropolis (AI transhumanist agenda, lockdown of the Covid19-ritual) Sam Rockwell Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie
2009 The Men Who Stare At Goats (the Devil) based CIA project Stargate psyop, with Russell Targ. George Clooney Jeff Bridges Ewan McGregor.

2010 Father of Invention the magician (Frank Zappa Mothers of Invention) Virginia Madsen Heather Graham
2010 Casino Jack (blue star, Jack Parsons)
2011 Margin Call, wall street bankers (saturn materialism) financial crisis Zachary Quinto Demi Moore Stanley Tucci Jeremy Irons Paul Bettany
2011 Horrible Bosses (poster word Psycho =American Psycho) Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) Colin Farrell Jamie Foxx Donald Sutherland Meghan Markle as FedEx girl
2011 Inseperable batman
2013 House of Cards (the emperor) inverted flag like in house Polanski (Clinton and Hilary) Francis Underwood like jesuit pope-Roman Emperor Francis.
2016 Elvis and Nixon as Richard Nixon Michael Shannon as Elvis Presley the Fool reversed
2016 Nine Lives cat (Leo, Lust) tycoon Me Too
2017 Rebel in the Rye Nicholas Hoult as JD Salinger= red book of Carl Jung, used for mind control of MDC, killer of John Lennon at the Dakota
2017 Baby Driver Jamie Foxx
2018 Billionaire Boys Club (brand of Pharrell Williams, who made the music of Despicable Me 2= Me Too) Rosanna Arquette Emma Roberts


Mind control