The Kennedys are a Scottish-Irish (Aryan) family of Scottish rite masons that settled in Boston, Massassuchets (Patrick Joseph Kennedy). The media rituals about the mysterious deaths of the Kennedy family, the curse of the Kennedys symbolizes the Curse of Cain (Genesis 4:11, child of Lucifer).

Joe Kennedy was a Knight of Malta and film producer for RKO of Howard Hughes. He had a relationship with Gloria Swanson.

John Fitzgerald Kenndy was a Knight of Columbus, actor in the masonic 'murder' ritual of the Order of Malta. Through the Colonna's who control the Knights of Columbus, they had ties to Chicago mafia (John Roselli, Harry Cohn of Columbia).

Jackie Kennedy was trained by the jesuits to play a role in the JFK ritual. She later had an affair with Gianni Agnelli and married Aristotle Onassis on the Greek island Skorpios (Scorpio: death, betrayal). She was played by Katie Holmes and Natalie Portman.

Robert Francis Kennedy was born as the child of Joseph Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald (Rose-mary's baby). He was trained at st Paul school. His wife Ethel Skakel was born 4/11. Robert Kennedy lived in a mansion at Glen Cove (used as location for Eyes Wide Shut, released on day of plane crash of JFK Jr, wich also used Mentmore Towers of the Rothschilds as location like the Dark Knight trilogy).

David Kennedy (DK=411) was the son of Robert F Kennedy and Ethel Skakel, he fourth of eleven children. Like his father RFK, William V and Harry (whose mother died in 1997) he played an Antichrist - Bruce Wayne figure (Damian in the Omen, Bruce Wayne in the Dark Knight trilogy). In a media ritual on 6/4/1968 he nearly drowned in Malibu at the house of John Frankenheimer, director of The Manchurian Candidate, the movie with Jackie's lover Frank Sinatra, that announced the JFK media ritual. 2 days later Frankenheimer drove Robert Kennedy to the Ambassador Hotel in LA, where he was shot in another media ritual.

The Dark Knight (DK) trilogy of Christopher Nolan and jesuit Jonathan Nolan contained many references to David Kennedy as Bruce Wayne, that falls down a pit as a child. He died of a cocain overdose after a stay in St Mary Hospital (name of hospital where Harry was born a few months later).

Robert Kennedy Jr was trained by the jesuits to be used as priest in the Climate Church and as controlled opposition during the Covid-19 ritual (giving a speech at the Siegesaule statue of Lucifer in Berlin). He married actress Cheryl Hines (HBO show 'Curb Your Enthousiasm').

Kathleen Kennedy works at jesuit university Georgetown and is a member of the CFR, Center of American Progress of jesuit John Podesta, Inter-American Dialogue with jesuit Laura Chinchilla and the American Bridge 21st Century of David Brock (funded by George Soros). Her daughter McKean served as the Executive Director of the Global Health Initiative at Georgetown University, died a 'mysterious' death.

Rory Kennedy formed the Climate Emergency Fun with Trevor Neilson (Council on Foreign Relations, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, company with grandson of Warren Buffett, Global Philantry Group with Madonna, Miley Cyrus) and Aileen Getty to fund Extinction Rebellion (the Climate Church).

Kathleen 'Kick' Kennedy had a relationship with Matthew Taylor Mellon and married Lord Cavendish Cecil. She supposedly died in a plane crash in 1948.

JFK Jr had a relationship with Daryl Hannah (Kill Bill with David Carradine) and Carolyn Bessette. On 7/14/1999 he supposedly died in a plane crash on his way to Martha's Vineyard, the day of release Eyes Wide Shut.

Kathleen Kennedy works for Lucasfilm of George Lucas.

Fiona Kennedy is a Scottish singer who played in The Wicker Man (druid sacrifice ritual) with Christopher Lee, Diane Cilento (married to Sean Connery) and Britt Ekland (married to Lou Adler). She is a member of the Order of the British Empire.

Her daughter Sophie Kennedy Clark played in Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp, Black Mirror (Channel 4/Netflix) and Nymphomaniac with Charlotte Gainsbourg and Uma Thurman. She also played Madonna in Madonna and Basquiat.

George Kennedy played in Airport.

Jamie Kennedy played in Scream with Courteney Cox and Rose McGowan (reenacted the JFK ritual as Jackie Kennedy in Coma White of Marilyn Manson).


Robert F Kennedy

Robert F Kennedy Jr