Kabbalism (Qabalism) is a a teaching of mysticism of the Saturn cult, the worship of Saturn (the God/Allah/YHVH program). It is centered around the Kabbalistic Tree of Life with its 10 spheres ('sepiroth'), which is studied with astrology and Tarot as layers of symbolism. The tree is based on sacred geometry and the understanding that the microcosm and macrocosm work the same way. The 11th hidden sphere Daath is on the Abyss, that separates the Supernal triad (Holy Trinity) from the rest of the tree.

The central sphere simultaneously represents the atom, the human soul and the sun. The 22 paths of the tree that connect the sepiroth are associated with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, who also have their own meaning and their corresponding 22 Tarot cards.

The Nordic Aryans studied the Yggdrasil World Tree with 9 spheres. In Egypt, the monotheistic cult of Aten of Akhenaten (Moses), spread by the Habiru, to Palestine/Israel (chosen people, cult of Baal) became Judaism. In the mystical tradition of Judaism the Tree of Life has 10 spheres.

The bible is full of kabbalistic symbolism. Chassidic judaism is influenced by Kabbala. Kabbalistic jews practice gematria (belief everything in the universe can be reduced to numbers).

The sacred geometry pattern known as the Flower of Life (omnipresent in nature) is used as a cliché in the New Age Church.

The kabbalistic Tree of Life and other kabbalistic symbols are normalised in pop culture.

Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Leonardo di Caprio, David Rothschild wear kabbalistic red ribbons.

History of Kabbalism

1353 bc Pharaoh Akhenaten invents the cult Atenism (Adonai in Judaism).

Like the muslims worship Saturn as the cube of Allah (Saturn with a cube on its northpole), jews worship Saturn as Kabbalism. The river Jordan represents the river of life, the serpents of Kundalini energy. The building of Temple of Jerusalem (Hieros Sol o Mon, the sacred marriage of the sun and the moon), Saturn is worshipped in Palestine as El (Isis Ra El). The Star of David hexagon is a symbol of Saturn (death fear, Satan, social order, limitation). The 12 tribes of Israel represent the 12 zodiac signs (Draco in the middle of zodiac, Draco-Orion bloodline, haplogroup J of the middle-east). The Ark of the Covenant represents the vault in the brain that contains the pineal gland.

587 bc Nebuchadnezzar destroys the Temple of Solomon. The jewish priests are deported to Babylon with Zerubbabel as leader, come into contact with Chaldean sorcery (later used in banking techniques), astrology, the creation stories of Enki Adamu, which become the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

539 bc They are liberated and allowed to return by Cyrus the Great (Aliyah=return to Zion). In the Greek Pythagoras mystery school 10 is a holy number, the tree of life with 9 spheres is inverted in kabbalism into the tree of death with 10 sepiroth. The greeks call God the architecton, the master craftsman.

300-600 the Babylonian Talmud, Mishna en Gemara is collected.

900 knowledge of sacred geometry is passed on by the Arabs in Islam. Judaism, filtered through islam reaches Spain with occultists like Ramon Lull.

1200s Moses de Leon publishes the Zohar, commentary on the Torah, in Spain.

Kabbalism gains popularity in South-France (Merovingian bloodline, Carcasonne, Beziers) with figures like Isaac the Blind, Makhir of Narbonne (used by the de Medici in Hermeticism, the cult of Mercury/Hermes). Gnosticism (Paulicianism) spreads from Turkey to France. Medieval kabbalists use a text called the Bahir.

1300's grimoire Key of Solomon, renaissance magic influenced by jewish kabbalists and arabic alchemists, with drawings to prepare magical operations. Book I contains conjurations, invocations and curses to summon and constrain spirits of the dead and demons in order to compel them to do the operator's will.

1453 the Ottomans conquer Constantinople (Byzantium) of the Palaiologos dynasty (double headed eagle emblem). John Argyropoulos translates Greek texts into Latin and moves to Italy where he teaches German kabbalist Johann Reuchlin, Leonardo da Vinci, Pietro and Lorenzo Medici. Marsilio Ficino translates texts of Plato and writes Platonic Theology.

1486 Piero de Mirandola writes the Renaissance manifesto, fuses Christianity with kabbalism.

The Sforza's create the first modern Tarot decks.

1517 Reuchlin writes De Arte Kabbalistica.

The Catholic Church gives their court jews (names with gold, Goldstein, Goldberg, Goldsmidt,..) the task of governing their money. The knowledge of sacred geometry (Golden Ratio, prime numbers) of the Arabs is spread by Fibonacci in Italy and used for administration in the financial system.

When expelled by the Inquisition in Portugal and Spain, the jews flee to the US, Holland and Germany (Antwerp, Hamburg, and Amsterdam). Isaac Luria's kabbalism emphasizes the Shekhinah as manifestation of the Divine Feminine.

1600s Rosicrucian manifesto's in Tubingen Germany. Roman Catholic Henrietta Maria (de Medici), married to Charles I, supports jewish kabbalists. She visits Portugese rabbi Jacob Judah Leon Templo in Holland who made a model of Solomon's Temple, which became the emblem of Antient Grand Lodge of England.

1666 Sabbatai Zevi declares himself Jewish Messiah (biblical Antichrist). In Turkey he is forced to convert to Islam. Sabbatian Qabalah, as developed by Nathan of Gaza, is a continuation of the teachings of Isaac Luria.

1750 Jacob Frank declares himself as successor of Sabbatai Zevi and continues his doctrine of redemption through sin (satanism). He and his followers adore the Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary, The Virgin of Częstochwa or Black Madonna of Poland (=Indian goddess Kali), which Frankists associated with the Shekhinah.

Kabbala Denudata of Christian Knorr von Rosenroth (1636-1689) was as source text for Sabbathaian kabbala (through Kenneth Mckenzie, the concept of the Red Dragon after the fall). The goal of the Adept is to ride upon the back of the Dragon, harness the forces of 'evil' and gain strength therefrom. This concept also has its equivalent in the Zoharic concept of 'The Rider of the Serpent' (Kundalini energy).

1756 the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is studied in Scottish Rite freemasonry.

1776 the Illuminati hoax (Franz Molitor, Friedrich Nicolai,..). They are accused by the jesuits of being kabbalists.

1792 Moses Dubroshka (cousin of Jacob Frank, Order of st John of Asiatic Brethren with Moses Mendelssohn and Ephraim Hirschfeld, Franz Molitor, 1st lodge for jews) travels to Paris in to help the Jacobins start the French Revolution as Junius Frey (family Brutus who killed Caesar). Moses Mendelssohn plays a role in the Heskalah, jewish Enlightenment (rationalism, 'liberalism') and is a friend of freemason Ephraim Lessing and Friedrich Nicolai.

1887 The Cecils create the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn to revive the European kabbalah tradition of the Asiatic Brethren. Dion Fortune and Israel Regardie publish works on kabbalism. Samuel MacGregor Mathers translates Kabbalah Unveiled. The HGOD used the Enochian cryptographic communication system of John Dee.

1888 founding of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose Cross by jesuit Joséphin Péladan in Paris with Papus (also linked to the HOGD, in contact with the Romanovs).

1895 Carl Kellner and Theodor Reuss found of the Ordo Templo Orientis.

1904 Aleister Crowley becomes the prophet of the new Aeon of Horus.

1912 Crowley founds the Astrum Argentum order, designs a new Tarot deck and becomes the head of the Ordo Templo Orientis of Britain and Ireland.

1929 AE Waite The Holy Kabbalah.

1933 Eranos conferences with Gershom Sholem (Frankfurt School, books on Sabattai Zevi and Kabbalism).

1940 the Holocaust ritual. According to kabbalistic symbolism 6 million souls were needed to end the diaspora.

2000s Kabbalah is popularized by puppets of Hollywood film industry and music industry at the Kabbalah Center in LA with Ashton Kutcher, Madonna, Anthony Kiedis, Ariana Grande, Frankie Grande (gay agenda), Marla Maples (2nd wife of Donald Trump), Mila Kunis, Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, Naomi Campbell, Roseanne Barr, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan.