Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar was an Italian general and politician of the Roman Empire, who was part of the first triumvirate with Crassus and Pompey, invaded Britain and conquered Asia Minor (Turkey) and Gaul (France). He wrote Bellum Gallicum about the Gallic wars (historiography as propaganda). In 49 bc he crossed the Rubicon river, which became a popular phrase. He implemented the Julian calendar with 3 extra months (july, august, september) to match the seasons (current western calendar, later replaced by the Gregorian calendar). 

He fought a civil war in Rome with Pompey the Great, interfeared in the civil war in Egypt and made Cleopatra his queen (Dionysian procession with royal barque and 400 ships).

His son with Cleopatra was Augustus, the first Roman Emperor (Julio-Claudian dynasty with Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero).

In 48 bc he burned the library of Alexandria of the Ptolemaic dynasty to monopolize knowledge.

He was assassinated at the Ides of March (spring equinox) in 44 bc through a conspiracy of his son Brutus. It represented the Killing of the King ritual (JC like Jesus Christ, Hiram Abiff in masonry).

He claimed to be a descendant of Venus (Lucifer), to who he built the temple Venus Genetrix. Plutarch wrote about Caesar and Alexander the Great in Parallel Lives.

The Colonna bloodline claims to be descended from Julius Caesar. Marcantonio Colonna married the niece of pope Julius II (de Rovere) who named himself Julius after Caesar and played a role in the Renaissance.

In 1599 William Shakespeare wrote the play Julius Caesar.

The Colonna's created the American Empire with state Columbia, Columbia Records, CBS, Columbia University and Columbia Pictures.

The assassin of Abraham Lincoln (masonic Killing of the King ritual) John Wilkes Booth acted in the play Julius Caesar before killing Lincoln at the Ford theater.

In Thelema 44 is the nr of the Mass of the Phoenix.

Oswald Spengler predicted a period of 200 years of Caesarism in the year 2000 before the collapse of Western culture. Julius Evola played a role in Italian fascism (glorification of the Roman Empire) with Giovanni Colonna di Cesare and Knight of Malta Benito Mussolini (pm of Italy, as the new Roman Emperor, Horus of the Aeon of Horus).

The JFK ritual had many references to Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln ritual.

He plays a role in the French comic books of Asterix.

The engineers of Las Vegas built Caesar's Palace (Apollo Management).

Marlon Brando, James Mason and Louis Calhern played in Julius Caesar of MGM. Jason Robards, Charlton Heston and Diana Rigg played in movie William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (1970).

Douglas Fairbanks Jr played in Little Caesar. 50 Cent played Young Caesar in Get Rich or Die Tryin.

George Clooney played in Hail, Caesar. Stanley Tucci played Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games of jesuit Suzanne Collins (Colonna).

Cesar is the ape who leads a rebellion in The Planet of the Apes franchise.

born 7/12/100 bc.

died 3/15/44 bc.


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