Julian Huxley

Julian Huxley was a British propaganda writer of MI6, the brother of Aldous Huxley. He was related to mason Thomas Huxley, who spread Darwinism. He helped founding the League of Nations/United Nations word government. He was the first Director-General of UNESCO. He founded the World Wildlife Fund with Knight of Malta Bernard Lippe (the Green Church), Philip Mountbatten and Godfrey A. Rockefeller. His mother was a friend of Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland). He was educated at Eton College and Oxford. He pushed the eugenics and population control agenda through the British Eugenics Society and Eugenics Education Society with Oddfellow Winston Churchill, Margaret Sanger, Madison Grant, Arthur Balfour, Cyril Burt, Hans Eynsenck, John Harvey Kellogg, Roger Pearson (Order of Malta), John Maynard Keynes, Frederick Osborn (APS, Pioneer Fund), William Beveride (British Welfare State of the Fabians), Havelock Ellis,..

At Oxford he was a roommate of Corliss Lamont, who later studied at Columbia University under John Dewey and became teacher at The New School and director of the American Civil Liberties Union. Lamont was the son of Thomas Lamont (JP Morgan, Federal Reserve).

He taught at Rice University in Houston Texas and King's College London.

He was a friend of John Bowlby (trauma based mind control research of Tavistock).

He was also a member of the Ghost Club with Dennis Wheatley, jesuit AC Doyle (HOGD), Algernon Blackwood, Charles Dickens, Peter Cushing, CEM Joad (Fabian Society, BBC, New Party of fascist Oswald Mosley).

In 1929 he wrote The Science of Life with Fabian HG Wells (Aldous Huxley as teacher) and his son GP Wells.

He worked for The Brain Trust of BBC Radio with Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley, CEM Joad, Violet Bonham Carter (friend of Winston Churchill), Marghanita Laski (niece of Fabian Harold Laski),..

In 1952 at the World Humanist Congress he co-founded Humanists International.

In 1958 he wrote the foreword of The Phenomenon of jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (Peking Man publicity stunt to impose Darwinism of the Science Church).

In 1961 he co-founded the World Wilde Fund for Nature (WWF), with nazi and Knight of Malta Bernhard Lippe, Philip Mountbatten (married to Dame of Malta Elizabeth II) and Godfrey Rockefeller (S&B), funded by the World Bank. Its first president was Bernhard Lippe, succeeded by John Hugo Loudon (CEO of Royal Dutch Shell of House of Orange, chairman of Chase Bank), Philip Mountbatten, Syed Babar Ali (Minister of Finance of Pakistan), jesuit Ruud Lubbers.

He signed the 2nd Humanist Manifesto with Sidney Hook (CCF), BF Skinner, Betty Friedan (Feminist Church), Corliss Lamont and Isaac Asimov.

Like Margaret Sanger, Betty Friedan, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, BF Skinner, Erich Fromm, Gloria Steinem, Jonas Salk, Ashley Montagu, Bill Nye, Alice Walker, Carl Sagan, Ted Turner, Steven Pinker, Murray Gell-Man, Anthony Fauci, he was named Humanist of the Year.

He published in the New Realist journal of Gerald Heard (Ministry of Information, Esalen Institute) with HG Wells (British Intelligence, Fabian Society), Harold Laski (Frankfurt School), Arnold Bennett of the HOGD and Aldous Huxley.

His half-brother Andrew Huxley was awarded with the Nobel Prize of Physiology or Medicine for his research on neuroscience.

born 6/22/1887.

Sun and Moon in Cancer, Venus in Leo, Pluto and Mars in Gemini, Neptune in Taurus.

died 2/14/1975.

Aldous Huxley

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