Julian Assange

Julian Assange is a media actor, used as controlled opposition in the media industry. He is the PR agent of Wikileaks, a fake whistle blower organization. He is promoted by Forbes magazine (The Heritage Foundation), The Economist (Rothschild), Time magazine, sex slave Pamela Anderson, Hollywood director Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, John Perry Barlow (Mormon Church, The Grateful Dead), Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers ritual with The NY Times and Marcus Raskin of IPS), Noam Chomsky (IPS), Sarah Palin, TED,..

His antagonists are Mike Huckabee (daughter served in the Trump administration).

Assange grew up in an Australian LSD cult The Family of Evelyn Grace Edwards, similar to the Manson Family of Charles Manson (CIA mind control project Laurel Canyon). LSD was manufactured by Sandoz, which bought the company of Carl Lundstrom (The Pirate Bay).

In 2008 Wikileaks played the role of nemesis of the Church of Scientology, releasing fake documents. Alan Dershowitz played the role of his lawyer.

His tv show World Tomorrow was supported by Russia Today. Wikileaks pushed the gay-transgender agenda with transgender Chelsea Manning.

In 2011 Assange gave a speech on the steps of St Paul's cathedral (Charles and Diana wedding). He was given extra media exposure by Jemima Goldsmith (The New Statesman of Fabian Society, wich also promoted Russell Brand), The Washington Times (Unification Church) and in The New York Times. Wikileaks pretended to publish documents of Henry Kissinger, the archetypal globalist.

In 2013 actor Edward Snowden was introduced (6/21 like William V), promoted on CNN, in The Guardian and glorified in Hollywood movie Snowden of Oliver Stone with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The same year Hollywood movie The Fifth Estate was released of jesuit Bill Condon with Benedict Cumberbatch as Assange, Laura Linney (The Truman Show, biopic of Alfred Kinsey), Stanley Tucci and Daniel Brühl by Touchstone Pictures (Disney). Cumberbatch also played Alan Turing and Dr Strange.

Wikileaks was used in a media ritual with actors Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, with rumors of Russian support for Wikileaks and Trump (Pluto: the Shadow, dark secrets, communism).

The fake emails of Wikileaks were the start of the Pizzagate psyop with other controlled opposition David Wilcock, Anonymous, David Seaman, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, to introduce the term 'fake news' and introduce more censorship.

Wikileaks member Daniel Berg is married to Anke Domscheit-Berg (German Pirate Party and socialist party The Left, World Future Council with IPS members Maude Barlow and Vandana Siva).

Astrological chart

born 7/3/1971, day of death Jim Morrison (archetype Charles Manson), date death Brian Jones, Tom Cruise, Franz Kafka.

Asc: Sagittarius, mc: Leo. Dom: Sagittarius (Art), Scorpio, Cancer - Jupiter (truth, justice), Neptune, Saturn.

Houses 12, 7, 1. 12: Moon, Jupiter, Neptune in Scorpio (dark secrets), 7: Saturn and Venus in Gemini, 1: Sagittarius.

Controlled opposition

Donald Trump