Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Scarlet Louis-Dreyfus is a Ashkenazi jewish mind controlled actress of elite family Dreyfus, used in the Hollywood movie industry and comedy scene to play the role of Babalon the Scarlett Woman like Meghan Markle. Like the Javal family, the Dreyfus family worked with jesuit Napoleon Bonaparte. She played in NBC show Seinfeld with Jerry Seinfeld (Scientology) and Jason Alexander (Knight of Columbus as father).

She was educated at Holton-Arms School Bethesda Maryland (location of Project Bluebird, Washington DC area) like Jackie Kennedy, Alex Poon (transgender agenda), Susan Ford Bales (daughter of Gerald Ford, Betty Ford Center), Christine Lagarde (IMF) Beka Economopoulos (March for Science).

She was also educated at Northwestern University in Illinois like Meghan Markle (William and Catherine named their child Louis). She married William Bradford Hall.

She is a Delta Gamma like Lisa Ingram (White Castle=castle programming), Sharen Turney (Victoria's Secret), Lizz Winstead (The Daily Show), Ann Coultier (Fox News), Samantha Harris (Dancing with the Stars), Sabrina Brown (Cheetah Girls of Disney Channel), Channing Dungey (Warner Bros), Cheryl Crawford (Actors Studio), Rita Colwell (National Science Foundation), Carroll Bellamy (UNICEF).

She is the niece of billionaire Marie-Jeanne Meyer (like Katharine Meyer Graham) of the Dreyfus Group (agriculture and food processing) and venture company Florac. Léopold Louis-Dreyfus was a member of the Legion of Honour of the Bonaparte's (Grand Orient of France). The french Dreyfus, Bourbon and Dupont families rule the south of the US with fleur-de-lis symbol (Florida).

Margarita Bogdanova, widow of Robert Louis-Dreyfus (IMS Health, CEO of nazi company Adidas and Saatchi and Saatchi) owned Olympic Marseille (Merovingian bloodline of South of France, Louis is derived from Merovingian name Clovis) until 2016. Her son Kyril is chairman of football club Sunderland. She married Philipp Hildebrand (Swiss National Bank, BIS bank, IMF, British Museum, Group of Thirty, vice-chairman of BlackRock).

Her half-sister is Lauren Bowles (like Camilla Bowles-Parker), married to Patrick Fischler (Mulholland Drive, Lost, Twin Peaks).

She was used in ads of Old Navy (Gap Inc of Donald Fisher, Delta Kappa Epsilon).

She played the role of opponent of jesuit Donald Trump (playing the antisemitism card while she works for the House of Orange=nazi's like Prince Bernhard). She promoted jesuit Joe Biden and attended a White House diner with jesuit Emanuel Macron.

Her son Charlie Hall played in of Disney +.

Astrological chart

born 1/13/1961, date Orlando Bloom, Liam Hemsworth, year of inauguration JFK, birth Diana and Obama.

Dom: Capricorn (the Devil), Sagittarius, Pisces - Saturn, Venus, Pluto.

Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury in Capricorn.


1982 Saturday Night Live NBC Eddie Murphy
1986 Troll Sono Bono
1986 Hannah and Her Sisters (3 witches) Woody Allen Mia Farrow Barbara Hershey Michael Caine John Turturro
1986 Soul Man 
1988 Day By Day NBC Thora Birch
1989 National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (lightning symbolism) Rob Schneider
1989 Seinfeld NBC Jerry Seinfeld Larry David (Tau Epsilon Phi) Michael Richards (mason) Jason Alexander (Duckman with son of Frank Zappa) produced by jesuit Andy Ackerman
1993 Jack the Bear Danny DeVito Art LaFleur (flower programming) Reese Witherspoon edited by Steve Rosenblum
1994 North Bruce Willis Elijah Wood (pink rabbit Alice in Wonderland programming) Scarlett Johansson
1997 Deconstructing Harry (Meghan and Harry) Woody Allen Stanley Tucci as Paul Epstein (=Jeffrey Epstein) Robin Williams Kristie Alley (Scientology) Julie Kavner Bob Balaban Billy Crystal
1998 A Bug's Life
1999 Animal Farm novel of MI6 agent George Orwell
2000 Gepetto (Pinocchio doll programming) Disney as Blue Fairy Drew Carey Usher
2002 Watching Ellie Steve Carrell Lauren Bowles Peter Stormare
2006 The New Adventures of Old Christine CBS Wanda Sykes (AKA)
2012 Veep HBO as US vice-president Selina Meyer
2013 Planes Dane Cook Teri Hatcher Val Kilmer John Cleese Priyanka Chopra Disney
2013 Enough Said James Gandolfini Catherine Keener
2015 Inside Amy Schumer
2020 Downhill Will Ferrell Miranda Otto
2020 Onward (lightning symbolism) Tom Holland Chris Pratt Disney Kori Rae (gay-lesbian agenda)
2021 Black Widow (spider programming)
2022 Black Panther Wakanda Forever Martin Freeman Disney
2023 You People (transgender agenda, BLM) Jonah Hill David Duchovny Lauren London Eddie Murphy Mike Epps Netflix


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