Josh Hartnett

Joshua Daniel Hartnett is a Roman Catholic mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry, to play a role in the James Holmes ritual (jh like James Holmes). He produced the music video of Kid Cudi's Pursuit of Happiness. He promoted political puppet Barack Obama. His partner is actress Tamsin Egerton.


Astrological chart

born 7/21/1978, date Marshall McLuhan, Robin Williams, Charlotte Gainsbourg, leo ruled by sun lust.

Dominants: Cancer (queen of cups/hearts, the Chariot), Leo (lust), Aquarius (the star)- Jupiter (like short, tate), Moon, Uranus. yhvh+shin.joshua and levites crossing jordan=sexual waters.

Sun, Jupiter conj Lilith in Cancer, Saturn and Mercury in Leo, Venus and Mars in Virgo, Pluto in Libra, Neptune in Sagittarius, Moon in Aquarius. Uranus in scorpio.


1998 Halloween H20 John Tate (teth serpent) (orange, death of River Phoenix on Halloween, mask) Jamie Lee Curtis Michelle Williams Janet Lee Joseph Gordon-Levitt LL Cool J
1998 The Faculty Jordana Brewster (Professional Children's School) Robert Patrick Salma Hayek Elijah Wood Tom Wilkinson Summer Phoenix
1999 The Virgin Suicides (Manson Family cult like River Phoenix) virgo ruled by mercury, poster like Rosemarys Baby, Sophia Coppola Kathleen Turner Kirsten Dunst James Woods (Videodrome with character based on Marshall McLuhan) Danny DeVito

2000 Here On Earth Leelee Sobieski (EWS)
2001 Pearl Harbour (pearl=venus) danny walker (george walker bush) Ben Affleck horus, Kate Beckingsale Cuba Gooding Jr Disney
2001 0 (zero the fool) aug 31 death diana queen of hearts Julia Stiles (movie with Heath Ledger, the Omen) Mekhi Phifer
2001 Black Hawk Down horus Tom Hardy (bane) Ewan McGregor Eric Bana William Fichtner Orlando Bloom Ridley Scott
2001 Town and Country (the Hanged Man like Sharon Tate) Warren Beatty cheats on Diane with Natassja Kinski Diane Keaton Goldie Hawn Andie MacDowell
2002 40 days 40 nights (abstinence lust) Maggie Gyllenhaal
2003 Hollywood Homicde hh88 Harrison Ford Lena Olin
2004 Wicker Park lust Diane Kruger Rose Byrne Matthew Lillard

2005 Mozart and the Whale John Carroll Lynch
2005 Sin City Bruce Willis Elijah Wood Jessica Alba Clive Owen Mickey Rourke Brittany Murphy Rosario Dawson Michael Madsen Robert Rodriguez
2005 Stories of Lost Souls Hugh Jackman Keira Knightley Cate Blanchett Paul Bettany
2006 The Black Dahlia
Scarlett Johansson Aaron Eckhart Hilary Swank Richard Brake

2006 Lucky Nr Slevin Bruce Willis Morgan Freeman Lucy Liu Stanley Tucci Ben Kingsley
2007 Stories USA Steve Carell James Gandolfini
2007 Resurrecting the Champ Samuel Jackson Teri Hatcher
2007 30 Days of Night Melissa George Danny Huston
2008 T Takes Josh Lucas
2008 August 911 ritual David Bowie Naomi Harris Emmanuelle Chriqui
2009 I Come With the Rain
2010 Bunraku Demi Moore Woody Harrelson Ron Perlman Mike Patton
2011 Girls Walks into a Bar Zachary Quinto Rosario Dawson Danny DeVito
2011 Stuck Between Stations Michael Imperioli
2013 The Lovers Tamsin Egerton
2014 Parts per Bllion Frank Langella Gena Rowlands Rosario Dawson
2014 Penny Dreadful Showtime
2015 Drunk History as Clark Gable
2015 Wild Horses (the Hierophant) Robert Duvall James Franco

2017 The Ottoman Lieutenant (Hierophant) Ben Kingsley
2017 Six Below: Miracle on the Mountain
2017 Oh Lucy
2019 She's Missing CJ Wallace (son of The Notorious BIG)
2020 Inherit the Viper Bruce Dern
2020 Target Number One Jim Gaffigan
2020 Valley of the Gods (pink sky) John Malkovich Keir Dullea
2020 Paradise Lost Barbara Hershey Nick Nolte
2021 Wrath of Man Guy Ritchie Jason Statham Scott Eastwood Eddie Marsan Post Malone
2021 Ida Red
2022 Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre Guy Ritchie Jason Statham Hugh Grant The Long Home Courtney Love


Mind control